Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

5 feb. 2016

Health, Well Being & Self-Love - Jennifer Hadley

Health, Well Being & Self-Love - Jennifer Hadley: My feeling is that nothing affects our health as much as our ability to love ourselves. Love is our true nature, it is the very essence of healing for us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.Over the years, I’ve counseled many people who have had dramatic improvements in their health and well being through having a two pronged approach to their healing: Decrease the unloving thoughts and activities Increase the self-loving thoughts and activities It’s simple, but it might not be easy. I’m a big fan of releasing the negative habit with increased ease and grace by replacing it with a

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