Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

31 ene. 2014

Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Friday January 31, 2014

A very common question we get asked is, “How do I know I’m in the flow?” The greatest indicator that you are in the flow is a sensation of greater ease. If you are trying to force anything, are feeling frustrated, blocked, resistant, or feeling that things are requiring monumental effort, it is a sure sign that you are not in flow. The flow is staying out of your own way and choosing the path of ease and supported movement. And while the flow may have times of tangible movement and other periods of lull, you will always get signs from the universe that you are exactly where you need to be. Watch for them. The coincidences, the angel or number signs, finding information or items that are exactly what you needed with little to no effort, the knowingness of being in the right place at the right time – all are wonderful indicators that you are in the flow. More than anything else, though, your intention to stay surrendered and move with the loving support of the universe, along with the feeling of greater ease, are sure signs that you are in the wondrous and divine flow of creation. ~Archangel Gabriel  

30 ene. 2014

How to open our heart: Sonia Choquette's tools

Meet Amanda Van Der Gulik from Teaching Children About Money

~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Thursday January 30, 2014

Dear Ones, do you put off your enjoyment, your passions, what will bring you joy, until later? Do you think work takes precedence and enjoyment will occur if you have time afterwards? Have you noticed that the time for fun never happens? Are you so exhausted from all your obligations that you simply fall asleep before you can even think about what would bring you pleasure, only to wake up and do the same thing all over again?
Your joy is absolutely vital to your life expression. It is through your interests and pleasures that you find balance, connection, enjoyment and beauty in your life. It is through those interests you embrace the Now moment and align with Source. There is nothing noble about ignoring those things, in fact, to do so will ensure your falling out of balance and will lead to a life of drudgery, discomfort and unhappiness.
Making time for yourself to rejuvenate and find pleasure is not frivolous in any way! It is essential to your wellness and your life expression. It supports balance and wellness for yourself, and creates a wonderful model for your children to follow. It also anchors a higher vibrating energy that not only serves you, but your beloved planet as well. It is time to release the old model of no pain, no gain and embrace the path of passion and joy. It is what your soul craves to do and is the way of the New Earth. It is time. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 28, 2014

Imagination is a wonderful gift of the human being. Many of you have been taught to put away your imagination, to be mature, to not be frivolous. This is such a disservice to you, because the imagination is one of your most powerful tools! The imagination has flow. It creates and moves energy through its focus. When you are in that state of flow and creation, you are aligned with Source. It is from that space that your divine inspirations are discovered. Imagination allows you to experience many different things. It leads to a far greater excitement about life. When you create through your imagination, you are able to experience your own creator self, your own mastery, your own authentic power. You are able to create beauty through your own lens, which will always be a delightful demonstration of your own unique energies. It is through the use of imagination that children create magic in their Now moments and experience joy. Dear Ones, just because you are an adult do not think your imagination has lost its purpose! It is a fantastic and vital creation tool, so dust it off and enjoy the fun and magic it has to offer you. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Monday January 27, 2014

Trust is one of the most difficult elements for enlightening human beings. They tend to be able to demonstrate faith and trust for short amounts of time, but struggle to stay in those elements consistently for longer amounts of time. Trust is not just an act of faith in spirit. Trust also involves recognizing your own divinity and your worthiness as part of the whole. What you will find is the more you can practice self love and embrace your own authenticity, the easier it will be to work with the universe and stay in the energies of faith and trust because you will finally accept your worthiness as honoured and beloved part of the entire system. Do you see? Trust is not just about having faith in the existence of something more. It is also about believing that you are worthy of that love and assistance. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Sunday January 26, 2014

Many people read our teachings and think they would like to surrender but, because they haven’t figured out exactly what their beliefs are, they stall because they are not sure who to surrender to. Dear Ones, you do not need to have your spiritual beliefs nice and organized and tied up with a fancy bow in order to surrender! You may simply surrender to “more” if you are not sure what to name it. It is ironic because so many avoid surrender because they do not know exactly what they believe, but it is through the act of surrender, and the experience of the magic that comes with it, that people start to further define their faith and experience it tangibly in their lives. So rest assured it does not matter whether you have the name correct. Source contains all of the possible energies you could call on, so you simply cannot make a mistake. The universe will always respond, in an incredibly loving and supportive way, if the act of surrender is heartfelt. ~Archangel Gabriel 

People who recognize your beauty see you truly.

People who recognize your beauty see you truly.
                                              ~ Alan Cohen

29 ene. 2014

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth does not have to be a step-by-step process; it can be instantaneous. Think of some quality you would like to have right now, such as inner peace, greater focus, or more self-love. How long do you think it will take for you to acquire it? You do not have to wait a year, five years, or a lifetime. You can increase your experience of this quality right now. Say to yourself, "I accept more of this quality into my life. I am now more peaceful, focused, and loving to myself," or whatever fits the quality you choose.

Personal Power Through Awareness

You are most affected by other people's energy when you are judgmental or critical. If you look at people and think, "They ought to work harder, get their act together," these thoughts pull their negative energy into you. Get in touch with that gentle loving part of you, your higher and wiser self, that guides you into being more loving, and send people love and positive thoughts.

Personal Power Through Awareness

Living With Joy

Tonight, make a list of everything you received during the day. It may be something you bought, a smile from a stranger, a good feeling or extra energy, a car that got you where you wanted to go or money You will be amazed at all the gifts that the Universe sends your way every day. By acknowledging what you receive, you create a connection with the Universe that will allow you to have even more.

Living With Joy

"Words Can Change Your Brain" by Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman

Art of Noise: Moments in Love

One to One: Erica Jong "Fear of Flying" 40th Anniversary

28 ene. 2014

Fidel Delgado presenta "Cómo Reciclar la Basura Emocional"

Happiness: Reaching Forgiveness

Happiness: Reaching Forgiveness

Forgiveness: Forgiving Your Parents

Forgiveness: Forgiving Your Parents

Happiness: Reaching Forgiveness

Happiness: Reaching Forgiveness

Controlling Behavior: How Do You Attempt to Control?

Controlling Behavior: How Do You Attempt to Control?

Self Improvement: The Poison of Resentment

Self Improvement: The Poison of Resentment

Relationships, Love Advice: Mysteries of Attraction

Relationships, Love Advice: Mysteries of Attraction

"Why Do I Seem to Attract Rejection?"

"Why Do I Seem to Attract Rejection?"

Who Are You Attracting to Yourself?

Who Are You Attracting to Yourself?

Forgiveness: Acceptance and Letting Go

Forgiveness: Acceptance and Letting Go

Prevention is so much better than healing.

Prevention is so much better than healing.

—Thomas Adams

CONAN EL BÁRBARO - Banda de Música des Migjorn Gran

Raise Your Happiness and Emotional Set-points

Raise Your Happiness and Emotional Set-points from Dr. William K. Larkin on Vimeo.

In a study, lottery winners turn out to be no happier than they were 18 months before winning the lottery and paraplegics have recovered the state of happiness they had 18 months prior to their accidents. Happiness does not correlate with health, wealth, education or status. But it does correlate with the some things we can now identify and grow in our everyday lives. You can raise your happiness set-point and your emotional set-point. The neuroscience of happiness and joy lead us to new revelations about how the mind/brain connection can naturally elevate state of mood and keep at a place where "feeling good" is a way we can live. Dr. Willliam Larkin, a neuroscience researcher can tell you how.

27 ene. 2014

Dr. Wayne Dyer and his brother David L. Dyer

I Can Do It! 2012: Toronto - Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughter, Saje Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer and Skye Dyer with a song by Alex Woodard


Today I sat behind you in Ephesus, Turkey, while you gave a lecture to a few hundred people who had traveled from all over the world to hear you speak. I was overcome with emotion as I saw you standing there, fulfilling your dharma while touching the lives of so many. I know you as my father, but you have always been a teacher to me as well. You have taught me that the solutions to all of life’s problems are inside of me, and that I only had to go within, be silent and present, and know that all is well.

You never told me how to live or what to think or what to believe in. Instead, you showed me how to make each step a prayer and each word a word of love. You taught me to believe in magic and miracles, and you showed me how to be in awe of the awesome world we live in.

Since the time I was brought into this world, I knew that I was safe to be exactly as I was, and that whoever I was, I was a perfect creation of God. You told me that I was God, and that it was God that looks out from behind my eyes. I learned from you that I was master of my own fate, the creator of my destiny.

Of all the lessons I have learned, the thing that hit me hardest was when you said that I am God. Could I really be a spark of God, a perfect creation put here on Earth with a purpose? You say this all the time, but I have always struggled with it, especially since school and society were telling me otherwise. I doubted myself, felt inferior, and worried that I needed to apologize to someone for even contemplating this idea. I have felt unworthy, undeserved, and unsure. Although you gave me great tools, I still had to figure out how to use them on my own. Now I understand that God is love, God is beauty, and God is truth. You told me I came from an infinite space of perfection and that I will return to it one day, too. Slowly I am beginning to understand.

People love you so much and yet to me you have always been Dad. You drove me to school each morning, you taught me how to swim and ride a bike, you read me stories, and you came to all my plays. As I have grown, you have encouraged me to follow my dharma and go after whatever it is that excites me. You believe in me, Dad, and I love you so much for that.

What do you say to someone who gave you life and then showed you how to live it?

You say thank you, thank you, thank you.


this gift
By Alex Woodard

first steps walking
first words talking
those times i don't recall
every stage at
every play i know
you were there for them all

and i know sometimes
people thank you
for God's gift you showed they had
but this time
i want to thank you
for this gift of being my dad

as i got older
if dreams would smolder
you helped bring back the fire

to warm my cold night
through the firelight
my spark of God flew higher

i know sometimes
people thank you
for God's gift you showed they had
but this time
i want to thank you
for this gift of being my dad

i know as time goes by
you will be watching
from my first steps
to my last

but they won't be our last

because we together
walk forever
now from future into past

so i love that
people thank you
for God's gift you showed they had
but this time
i want to thank you
i want to thank you
i love you dad

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. 
                                   ~ Gloria Steinem

24 ene. 2014

~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Friday January 24, 2014

Did you ever realize that the flow that we speak of is unconditional love? It is unconditional love because it comes from surrendering into Source, from working with your team of guides, the angels, your helpers, the masters, your highest self. Because of that, the flow is love without judgment, love that accepts, love that supports, love that uplifts, love that encourages and gently leads? Do you see? The flow loves, and love flows. Surrender to it, Dear Ones, because it contains everything you seek and it feels simply wonderful. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 22, 2014

When you surrender and flow with trust, you are demonstrating faith in action. You are activating your entourage of helpers. You are choosing divine alignment, supported movement and highest outcomes. You are navigating with the new supported operating system for empowered living. There is no need to go it alone, Dear Ones! Surrender and flow and enjoy the grace and ease that comes from working with the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 21, 2014

We understand that a great deal of you are continuing to struggle with your monetary abundance. There are a few key points we would like to address on that topic today.
Do not expect that money can only come from certain sources. For example, if you only make so much a week at your job, do not presume that is your only source of money. Money can come to you in a myriad of ways. If you expect money is limited to a certain amount from a specific stream, you completely restrict how the universe can deliver to you. Be open to money finding its way to you in many different ways and you will greatly assist the universe in it’s desire to assist you. Make it a fun game of expectation and discovery!
Do not think money is the only answer. Money is a fantastic tool that you can turn into many things. The universe also enjoys giving to you exactly what you seek without the “middleman” of money. Be open to the many ways the universe can deliver to you, and don’t be surprised if the exact items you desire start to appear without the use of money at all!
Do not underestimate the path of joy as being a vital abundance tool. When you are in joy, you are in your highest alignment. From there, you are best able to create the life of your dreams, because you are connected to your greatest power Source! (smile) When you are in that alignment, you are in flow, in movement, in connection. That is where the divine inspirations come from that can change your life in the most wonderful ways. That is where you connect with your inner guidance system, to help you know how to proceed in the most empowered ways.
The idea that joy was frivolous is directly responsible for the lack many humans have experienced in their lives. Hard work does not guarantee abundance, as a great many of the working poor can attest to. Alignment is what brings all of the love, beauty, health, ease and delight you seek. If you cannot release the idea of hard work is necessary for your abundance, we suggest you “work hard” at your alignment and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel 

20 ene. 2014

~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Monday January 20, 2014

We observe a curious phenomena in some human beings. We will often see a person experience deep disappointment when another person cannot fulfill their emotional needs. Rather than just accept that the person does not offer what they need, they will become all the more determined to get it from that person. They try, time and again, only to be disappointed over and over when they do not get a different result. They seem to believe that the person has some secret storehouse of loving, emotional support and is just steadfastly being too mean, stubborn, or selfish to show it.

This would be no different than someone walking into a men’s clothing store, asking for bananas, and then experiencing deep disappointment when they were told they did not offer bananas. Rather than accepting that fact, the person returns, day after day, asking for bananas and experiencing greater and greater disappointment and frustration because they wouldn’t produce them. Do you see? The person could easily have their needs met if they would simply go to a store that offered what they desired, allowing everyone to have a far more pleasant experience.

Dear Ones, are you being perpetually disappointed? Are you frustrated on a regular basis? The vast majority of people will show you exactly who they are, the problem lies in not accepting that truth. If you are having the same hurt, over and again, hoping for a different result, it may be time to love yourself enough to move on. As you become your own hero and give yourself everything you need, you will effortlessly draw more of the same to yourself and start to enjoy far more fulfilling relationships. ~Archangel Gabriel 

True nourishment by Geneen Roth

Fitz and The Tantrums--Breakin' The Chains Of Love

Ron Finley: Un jardinero guerrillero de LA Centro Sur

19 ene. 2014

~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Sunday January 19, 2014

Would you be surprised if we told you that you are incredibly powerful? Human beings have been conditioned for centuries to believe they are powerless, but nothing could be further from the truth. Each and every one of you have the ability to shift energy and create with your intention and focus. That is exactly what is driving the remarkable shift that is occurring on your planet! You are finally starting to recognize your abilities and step beyond your fear of using them. What glorious and magnificent creatures you are, discovering, embracing and celebrating your divinity and your readiness to create anew. We are spellbound by your courage, your resiliency and your mindful natures as you collectively step forward in ways that have never been seen before on your planet. We are endlessly surprised and delighted by you and love each and every one of you beyond measure. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Saturday January 18, 2014

Dear Ones, when you are caught up in DOing you are distracted away from BEing. BEing allows you to connect with Source, to recharge, to rejuvenate, to hear your inner guidance system, and to feel your divinity. The ego self, the part that seeks to keep you small, will endlessly try to keep you from that place of authentic power. This is why, for many of you, the second you sit down, you immediately start to feel like you should be doing something, you should be productive, that to rest is lazy and a waste of time. Because of that nagging voice of the ego self, so many in modern society are stretched to exhaustion, living lives that are less and less satisfying, less fulfilling, and having their health break down.
It is vitally important that you allow your heart, your spirit to be heard. Make time for you. Treat yourself like the precious and delightful treasure you are, giving yourself tender care and doing things that bring you joy. Understand that BEing is more than enough, in fact, it is the most important thing you can learn to do and embrace as an enlightening human being on the planet. It is from that place of alignment that you will find yourself, your truth, and live your highest life expression. Your success, your glory, cannot not achieved by running yourself ragged. It is found by venturing within, and realizing that it was sitting there all along, in your truth and divinity. ~Archangel Gabriel 

18 ene. 2014

True silence is not really silent. It is filled with divine presence.

True silence is not really silent.
It is filled with divine presence. 
                             ~ Alan Cohen

How to know if you are settling

17 ene. 2014

~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Friday January 17, 2014

Acceptance, true and complete acceptance, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. Acceptance works hand in hand with unconditional love. It recognizes your divine perfection, exactly as you are and where you are on your life’s journey. It does the same for others. When you truly embrace the diverse mosaic of divine perfection all around you, you cease to see anything as wrong and can let down your guard and start to celebrate the rightness of it all, which leads to joy and appreciation. Once you only see the perfection all around you, you settle into a calm and beautiful energy that supports healing, expansion and growth. Do you see? Acceptance and unconditional love create the foundation for everything else because they are essential components of the unity consciousness model you are evolving into. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Thursday January 16, 2014

Trust is an aspect that the vast majority of people struggle with. They often have great faith, secure in their belief that their higher power exists and is a source of love and assistance, yet their trust falls apart if their assistance doesn’t arrive exactly as they expect it or within the time frame they think it should. Dear Ones, how can you have faith with no trust? If you stop and really think about it, does that not seem silly? So many of you surrender to Source for assistance and then immediately take it back from your lack of trust before the universe has a chance to deliver to you! If you look at faith and trust as a magnificent team who work together to create miracles in your life, perhaps you will allow them the time to spin their magic for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 15, 2014

The idea that you are powerless in any way is completely false. This is an old belief system that was perpetuated long ago when leaders sought complete and total control over the masses. It was a fear based structure that sought to keep people disempowered and small. This is based in the old separation consciousness that is no longer being supported and that you are evolving beyond.
Because of this old misuse of power, many of you dislike the idea of power, thinking it will launch you straight into ego, that you are not worthy of it, that you may misuse it, or you do not want the responsibility. It is not your authentic power you fear, it is the old false power model, which you are in no way aligned with.
Your authentic power, your truth, has nothing in common with the old power structures. Authentic power seeks to empower all. It supports growth, unity, fairness, equality, harmony, peace and unconditional love. It holds the space for everyone to grow and to bloom. It encourages and uplifts.
Embracing your authentic power allows you to step into your divine truth and to become an empowered creator of all you wish to experience. It holds your healing, your abundance, your balanced love relationships, your highest visions of what you would like to see on your beloved planet.
Do you see? Do not shy away from your authentic power, your enlightenment, Dear Ones! The whole world is waiting for each and every one of you to embrace it because it is from there true and lasting change will occur. You are more than ready. ~Archangel Gabriel

Curacion emocional: Acabar con el estrés, la ansiedad y la depresion sin farmarcos ni psicoanalisis

16 ene. 2014

When you extend Love to everything you become aware of...

When you extend Love to your thoughts, feel your love going out to them, or visualize the light of your love going to them. This process of extending love to your thoughts is very simple and eliminates any fighting or struggle you might have with your thoughts when you close your eyes. Extending love to your thoughts eliminates the effort of trying to control your thoughts and your inner experience, and puts you right into the part of your heart and mind where Love unfolds within you-the place within yourself where God's Voice resides.

When you extend Love to everything you become aware of, it is very simple and easy to join with the Love that you are. It is very simple and easy to join with God and see the circumstances of your life clearly through God's eyes. When you are in your Right-Mind, you see the innocence of what appears to be arising in front of you or within you. You see that the things that are arising within your mind are just thoughts, nothing more and nothing less. When you extend love there is no conflict with what appears to be arising within you.

Take a few minutes now to close your eyes and go within. Imagine extending love to anything and everything that you become aware of. Allow yourself to get out of conflict in your mind, and into a loving state that instantly connects you with God. Notice the simplicity, the quietness, and the peace that unfolds effortlessly and joyfully. When your thoughts have quieted down, ask God a question and see what you hear.

DavidPaul Doyle