Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

30 mar. 2013

Lo mejor de MATERIABIZ Activos

Repasamos los mejores momentos de esa serie de encuentros entre empresarios de distintos sectores donde los problemas, desafíos, miedos y estrategias de cada uno terminan siendo iguales a los de los demás. ¿Por qué hacemos lo que hacemos? ¿Cuántas cosas sacrificamos por nuestra empresa? ¿Nos bancamos a los diferentes?

29 mar. 2013

¡Me encantaba jugar a la goma!

¡Cómo han avanzado!

Finding Your Purpose - Tapping with Brad Yates

Money is simply the transfer of energy

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of money. Some very common beliefs surrounding money are: “money is evil”, “having abundance means you are a greedy person”, “money and spirituality do not mix”, “those who have money received it by cheating others”, “you must work hard for your money”, “there is never enough to go around”. These are just a few of the beliefs we commonly see. There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of money and it is our intention to share with you our perspective in hopes of “dispelling” some of these limiting beliefs.

Know that we do not view money as either “good” or “bad”, rather it is neutral; just as everything in your reality is neutral. It is only the perceiver who determines the value that is placed on anything in your reality. Many misunderstand what money truly is; an exchange of energy. It is the exchange of one service for another. Money is a valid form of exchange which is equal to any other form of abundance on your world.

Remember that this reality is simply an illusion which allows you to gain a unique perspective which will help your soul to experience a tremendous amount of growth. You all have the ability to choose what you would like to experience by using your own free will. Although your soul will experience growth from every decision you make, you do not have to live a life of lack, much can be gained from a life of abundance as well. The universe which you exist within is infinitely abundant, you can choose to have a lot or a little, it makes no difference.

There are still many on your world who believe that it is more spiritual to live in lack than to live in abundance of material wealth. To this we smile, remember that you are a divine being choosing to have a physical incarnation; and as a divine being, you will always be privy to infinite abundance. Where we often see a misunderstanding is in the belief that material wealth will somehow detract from your spiritual growth. To attract abundance within your physical reality does not make you any “less spiritual” of a person than someone who chooses to block abundance and experience lack. Spirituality is not something that you can gain or lose, it is who you are. Though you may have momentarily forgotten your divinity, your spirituality is eternal. To say it is more spiritual to deprive yourself of material wealth than it is to experience abundance would be similar to saying: it is more spiritual to experience illness than it is to experience an abundance of health. This phrase would strike many as odd, and yet some still find it difficult to integrate the belief that material abundance is equally their divine right.

By judging money as less spiritual than any other form of abundance only serves to block the flow of abundance from coming to you. If it is your desire to live in lack that we certainly encourage you to do so, and if it is your wish to live in abundance then we encourage you to create this as well. We do not see either choice as a mistake, both will result in soul growth. However we do not want you to feel as though you must deprive yourself of abundance and live a life of lack in order to ensure that you will have spiritual growth. You are creator beings and you are free to create whatever you wish to experience.

Where we perceive there to be a bit of confusion is in deciphering between the difference in attracting material abundance as a creator being to enhance the comfort of your physical life and seeking material abundance in order to define your self-worth. Those who allow material wealth to define their self-worth are often the ones who get very little joy from the possessions they continue to amount. The reason being, you are a spiritual being, you cannot be defined by the physical possessions which you create. This is why it is said, “money cannot buy happiness” and indeed it cannot. Some try to fill this empty feeling inside with the acquiring of more “things”, never realizing that it will not satisfy their burning desire to feel peace, love and joy. It’s very much like eating continuously to quench your thirst. You are not going to be able to quench your thirst by consuming food, it will make you full but the need for water still remains; just as material possessions cannot quench your souls thirst for peace, love and joy.

You are living within a physical reality, certainly manifesting physical abundance is well within your capability. Although accumulating money will add to your material wealth, it cannot fill the void that you feel inside which exists because you are trying to fill it with objects outside of yourself. Joy comes only from within. No outside circumstance can create your happiness. You must first fill your being with joy from within, only then can you feel the joy that comes from having “outside” experiences. Many respond by saying that “the lack of money is what is bringing me misery”, and to that we respond, your misery is what is bringing you lack.

Know that we do not see the attraction of excessive wealth as “wrong” or “right”, although there will come a time when it will simply no longer be desirable to possess more than you need at any one time, not because you will learn to settle for less but because you will know you can create what you desire anytime you wish. To have more than what you need in order to “show” others just how much you have accumulated will no longer be enjoyable, as all will be able to manifest everything they desire.

There are some who feel that those who have acquired an abundance of material wealth are in turn “greedy people”. They believe that the abundance of another somehow detracts from their own abundance and adds to the lack they are experiencing. We remind you that the universe is infinite, therefore there is more than enough energy to supply all beings with every desire they have. Know that your attraction of abundance does not in any way take away from the abundance of another. The universe is infinite; there is an endless “supply”. Money is simply energy. It is only the labels that you have given money that makes it seem as if there is a limited supply.

Many are now beginning to understand that the universe is abundant, yet they still fear the lack of material abundance. This of course is what they attract, which further acts to validate their fears of not having enough. Yet money can be manifested as easily as the air that you breathe. Let us offer you a simple example that we often see upon your world. Many feel the need to save and hoard money for fear that they will not have enough when they are in need of it. However you can only use so much at one time. You do not fear that you will not have enough air to breathe; you breathe in and out all day long knowing that your next breath will be there when you need it. You do not concern yourself with worrying about how your next breath will come; nor do you feel compelled to “stock pile” air so that you will have enough when you need it. You expect it to be there in abundance when you need it and so it is. You may find this idea to be humorous; yet from our perspective we do not see any difference. Surely you do not need to “save air”; it will always be there when you need it, just as abundance can always be there when you need it if your beliefs support this.

There will come a time when this form of abundance will no longer be needed on your world; however many new systems, ideas and beliefs must be incorporated before the “need” for money will be removed. You will begin to trade services rather than exchange “money” as a form of payment for your services. You can see the very beginning stages of this now. Yet money is the current symbol for material abundance on your world at this time. It is needed to purchase even your most basic of needs. The symbol which you use makes no difference, money is energy . You could just as easily use chickens, hugs, crayons, or rocks for a valid form of exchange instead of the paper, coins, and plastic that you now use.

We would like to share with you our recommendation on how to welcome abundance in every aspect into your life if it is your wish to do so. Rather than determining exactly how abundance can flow into your life by focusing so intently on only your income, paychecks, clients, and customers you block the infinite flow of abundance from coming to you any other way. The universe is infinitely abundant and it seeks to serve. Allow your heart to open to all possibilities that abundance can come to you. It may be a gift, it may be an idea, it may be a stranger, it may even come in the form of a trade. There are an infinite number of ways which all that you desire can manifest.

We realize that it is very hard for the human mind to simply shut off the need to plan, and know “how” something is going to happen. In the old energy nothing could get done if you did not have a step by step process of how it was going to come about. But that is no longer the energy anymore. It doesn’t take so much work on your behalf. Now you must learn to allow. The problem lies with needing to know how and when rather than simply allowing it to come. Knowing without a doubt that it will manifest is what brings it into being. When you put restrictions and limitations on how and when this manifestation can come to you only hinders the process. Decide what it is you want to manifest, allow and expect to receive it in the path of least resistance, and as each step is made known to you, take the action required to manifest your desires into physical reality.

If you find yourself holding onto beliefs which no longer serve you, we welcome you to call upon us and we will gladly assist you in transmuting these limiting beliefs into one which will support the divinity within. Remember that we cannot change the beliefs for you; however we will gladly remind you how to release any belief with ease if it is your wish. Know that we are not teaching you something new, rather we are reminding you what you already know within.

We have shared our perspective on “money” in hopes that it reaches those who are in need of receiving this message most. We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2013 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://AngelicGuides.wordpress.comblo

Zikr - ( Call of a Sufi ) - Call of The Heart

The New Pope!

¡El Nuevo PAPA!

ROMA, ITALIA (AP).- El papa Francisco lavó y besó los pies de una docena de reclusos en un centro correccional juvenil durante un ritual del Jueves Santo que practicó durante años como arzobispo de Buenos Aires. Dos de los doce eran mujeres, un gesto significativo dado que el rito representa el acto de Jesús de lavar los pies de sus discípulos varones.
La misa fue celebrada en el centro de detención Casal del Marmo en Roma, donde 46 varones y mujeres jóvenes están detenidos. Muchos de ellos son gitanos o migrantes del norte del África, y los doce seleccionados incluyeron también detenidos ortodoxos y musulmanes, según las versiones noticiosas.
Como los detenidos son mayormente menores —la instalación aloja a presos de 14 a 21 años—, el Vaticano y el ministerio de justicia limitaron el acceso de la prensa al interior. Pero la Radio Vaticana transmitió la misa en vivo, y Francisco dijo a los detenidos que Jesús lavó los pies de sus discípulos en vísperas de su crucifixión en un gesto de amor y servicio.
"Éste es un símbolo, es un signo; lavar vuestros pies significa que estoy a vuestro servicio", dijo Francisco a los jóvenes. "Ayudaos los unos a los otros. Esto es lo que Jesús nos enseña. Esto es lo que hago. Y lo hago de corazón. Lo hago de corazón porque es mi deber; como sacerdote y obispo debo estar a vuestro servicio."

Francisco se ha convertido esta tarde en el primer Papa que celebra la misa de la última cena en un centro penitenciario para menores, fuera de la solemnidad de la Basílica de San Juan de Letrán. No sólo eso: el Papa ha lavado los pies de 12 reclusos, incluidos entre ellos dos mujeres. Una de origen serbio y religión musulmana, la otra una italiana de fe católica.
"Lo hago de corazón", le ha dicho el Papa a los jóvenes detenidos antes de lavarles los pies. "Amo hacerlo porque el Señor así me lo ha enseñado", ha añadido. Antes de inclinarse ante los 12 chavales para lavarles uno a unos los pies, Francisco les ha indicado que debían interpretar ese gesto como "una caricia de Jesús. Porque Jesús vino justo para eso, para servirnos y ayudarnos".
El rito del lavado de los pies busca recordar el momento en el que, según cuenta el Evangelio de San Juan, durante la última cena Jesús se arrodilló ante sus discípulos y les lavó los pies, en un signo de profunda humildad en el que se colocaba como siervo de sus seguidores, como el último de la fila.
Han sido varios los Papas que han llevado a cabo ese rito en el día de Jueves Santo, pero siempre en la Basílica de San Juan de Letrán y nunca lavándole los pies a reclusos o marginados sociales. Francisco ha querido recuperar el sentido profundo de ese gesto, acudiendo esta tarde al centro de menores Casa del Marmo de Roma en el que permanecen encerrados unos 50 jóvenes reclusos, de los cuales 11 son mujeres.

Para dar ejemplo

"Es conmovedor: Jesús que lava el pie a sus discípulos", comenzó diciendo el Papa a los jóvenes, en una homilía brevísima pero vibrante, que pronunció espontáneamente, sin leer ningún texto.
Francisco recordó como algunos de los propios discípulos, como por ejemplo Pedro, rechazaron que Jesús se arrodillara ante ellos para lavarles los pies. "Él mismo se lo explico a los discípulos: vosotros me llamáis maestro y Señor, y hacéis bien porque lo soy. Y si yo he hecho esto, también vosotros debéis hacerlo. Os he dado un ejemplo, para que lo hagáis también vosotros. Uno debe estar al servicio de los otros, y lavar los pies significa eso".
El Pontífice señaló a los jóvenes internos del Casal del Marmo que lo que nos enseña el gesto del lavado de pies es que debemos ayudarnos los unos a los otros. "Si me he enfadado con uno u otro, debo dejarlo pasar y si me pide que le haga un favor, se lo hago", explicó el Papa a los jóvenes. "Yo lavo los pies. Lo hago de corazón porque es mi deber. Y amo hacerlo porque el Señor así me lo ha enseñado. Vosotros ayudaros los unos a los otros".
Concluida la homilía, y cubierto por un delantal que le habían confeccionado especialmente para la ocasión los chavales de una comunidad para jóvenes con problemas familiares, Francisco se arrodilló ante 12 internos y les lavó los pies.
No se permitió la entrada al acto de cámaras de televisión, por aquello de respetar la privacidad de los menores de edad. Las únicas imágenes las realizaron fotógrafos de la Santa Sede y con mucho cuidado para no mostrar los rostros de los jóvenes. Ningún periodista asistió a la misa, a excepción de los de Radio Vaticana, que retransmitió en exclusiva la celebración religiosa. Según oímos, fue una misa juvenil, con muchos cantos con guitarra.

El Mundo

Many of you are still asking when the New Age will arrive

Para escuchar el audio:

As amazing changes keep occurring all over the world the mainstream media is becoming less and less able to ignore reporting on them, and that is an excellent sign. Most people rely on the mainstream to keep themselves abreast of the latest news, and now the really important news is beginning to go mainstream which means that everyone will be looped into what is happening.  Information is the key to worldly power.  If you can sequester it you have control; if it escapes, control is lost.  And control is being lost by those who would control humanity, and this will enormously benefit all on Earth.
This explosion in the reporting of corruption and dishonesty in high places is bringing into everyone’s awareness the realization that the old hierarchical methods of running organizations of any kind are latently corrupt and dishonest, and need to be discontinued.  New and transparent methods are urgently required and are being, or will soon be, introduced on a wide front.  They are essential and inevitable aspects of the New Age which arrived rather quietly and discreetly late last year, and this is now beginning to be recognized as many ongoing and essential changes are seen to be taking place in so many areas of human activity.
The era of the old and dishonest ways is over.  Transparency in all relationships at every level of social interaction is the new norm, and, as you can see from the news reports, everywhere that corruption and deceit has been endemic people are rising up, pointing it out, and demanding change.  Their voices are being heard, and their righteous demands for change will be honored.  New leaders of unshakable honesty and integrity are replacing those who have misled and deceived you for so long. Help them by positively offering them your support, because the essential changes that are occurring and that still need to be brought into being require your cooperation.  You do this by supplying and building the inviolable foundations that are to underpin these new and incorruptible systems of civilized interaction which will operate through networks of local communities right through to the international global ones.
Your whole world is changing right before your eyes, so make sure you keep them open, otherwise you might miss the wonders that are being revealed as harmonious cooperation worldwide replaces the activities of committees meeting in secret to make deals that disenfranchise the populace at large.  Secret deals are passé. Undoubtedly they are still happening, but the intention of humanity to become a fully open society in which transparency is the norm will ensure that organizations are no longer able to hide or disguise their plans and activities in order to achieve ends that are not in the highest interests of everyone affected by them.
Many of you are still asking when the New Age will arrive, and I would like to reaffirm for you that it is already here.  The changes occurring all across the planet and the explosion in published information about large-scale corrupt practices in high places demonstrate this most clearly.  Many in positions of authority who had been held in high esteem, and whose corrupt practices and activities have now been exposed, are fighting a rearguard action to justify their behavior and to maintain those positions, but to no avail.  Their lack of integrity has been far too manifestly shown, and retirement is their only option.
It is likely in these initial stages of stunning disclosures, demonstrating the worldwide culture of endemic corruption in which so many have been entangled (which many have suspected but have had difficulty proving), that indictments will be issued and people will be brought to trial.
But, you have entered a New Age, a spiritual age in which Love and Truth have become the guiding principles underlying all planning and all activities.  As more and more of you embrace those principles it will become apparent that although the activities of those indicted were indeed unconscionable, they had been subject, like so many experiencing life in the illusion, to great fear, and threats to their personal safety or that of their loved ones had been made.  They had been deluded into believing that their actions were, in the long run, for the betterment of all.  When feeling severely threatened – of being shamed, rejected, abused, or destroyed – it is very difficult to think clearly let alone reason logically, and so great compassion is essential in dealing with these wrongdoers.
You have all had Earth lives in which you have behaved abominably, even though you cannot recall them – out of great compassion those memories have been effaced – so embrace the new principles enthusiastically, and allow any sense of resentment, blame, or judgment to fall away.  Some of those indicted who are in great pain – demonstrated through their intense anger, their apparent lack of regret, and their continuing insistence that they have done nothing wrong – may need to be restrained in quarters that will provide the peace, quiet, time, and seclusion that will allow them to go within and address the issues that have led them down this unhappy path.
Very compassionate and understanding listeners will need to be available so that they can discuss their issues, their pain, their experiences, and come to understand what they have done, accept their responsibility, and come to forgive those who, in the first place, they believe have abused and mistreated them. Then they will be ready to see clearly, and perhaps very painfully how badly they have also behaved, and after the shock that this recognition delivers, they will be ready to forgive themselves and fully embrace the Love that has been constantly offered to them.  And that will be true rehabilitation.
You are all in a process of rehabilitation; it is an essential part of your awakening process, so do not allow yourselves to fall back into the trap of judging others, however badly they appear to have behaved.  Love, compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation light your path forwards to awakening.  Make sure to follow it, and so find your way Home.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Calling in The One - Katherine Woodward

Calling in "The One": How to Identify and Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love & Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate

Calling in The One

27 mar. 2013

Estableciendo Límites Sanos

Establecer Límites Claros
Por Robert Baker
"Profundamente amados Hijos de la Luz, como ustedes saben somos llamados Gabriel. Y como siempre estamos jubilosos de estar en su divina presencia. Venimos en este momento a hablarles de un tema muy importante - establecer límites. Estableciendo límites es como ustedes contienen sus energías como un individuo en el mundo. Muchos de ustedes han sustituido estos por barreras de defensa. Sin embargo, lo que se necesita es que sanen sus defensas y reemplacen aquellas barreras con comunicación clara y límites.
Deben ser capaces de establecer límites para poder conocer sus necesidades auténticas. Uno de los aspectos más importantes de los límites es la habilidad para discernir y distinguir, basado en sus necesidades. El Discernimiento. Ustedes no pueden fijar límites si no tienen discernimiento, la habilidad para distinguir las opciones que les sirven momento a momento.
Otro aspecto es la habilidad de decir "No" y que realmente signifique esto. El problema más grande con su planeta es que les enseñan que la palabra "no" es insensible. Han sido avergonzados de esta forma. Si se atrevieron a decir "no" desde el tiempo en que fueron niños fueron avergonzados. "¿Qué te pasa? ¡Vete a tu cuarto!" Porque como niño aprender a decir "no" es la forma en que se aprende a fijar límites. Esos son los tipos de límites más primitivos -el identificarse a sí mismos como individuos. Ustedes deben ser capaces de decir "no" sin vergüenza. Para sanarlo deben comenzar a discernir cuando están diciendo "si" y en realidad significa "no".
Ustedes dicen "si" y luego circulan tratando de manipular a la gente y a las situaciones porque ustedes realmente querían decir "no".
Otro aspecto de fijar límites es renunciar a la necesidad de ser aceptado o amado a costa de renunciar a su verdad. Ustedes tratan de ser validados por otros. ¡Renuncien a esto! Esto no les servirá ni a ustedes ni a su individualidad. Porque la expresión de su individualidad y poder personal se va a parar ocasionalmente en los dedos de alguien. Por lo que no pueden estar analizando su ambiente preguntándose si serán aceptados por lo que expresan, lo que dicen y por la forma en que permanecen en su verdad.
Otra forma de establecer límites es decir siempre la verdad - sin importar que pase. Digan la verdad. Porque esa verdad siempre los llenará a ustedes y a sus necesidades. Finalmente, llenará también las necesidades de otros. Esta honrará sus límites del mismo modo. Les ayudará a fijar límites. Así que siempre digan la verdad. Siempre. Siempre.
Renuncien también a toda la co-dependencia. ¡Renuncien a ella! Renuncien a ser los que se preocupan de otros. Los que cuidan de otros renuncian a sus límites. Esta es una de las mayores formas de manipulación y control que existen. Es una de las maneras más graves de renunciar a sus necesidades y de mantenerlas insatisfechas. Deben poner las necesidades de todos los otros primero. Y entonces ustedes no tiene preferencias. Así que renuncien a ser los que cuidan de los sentimientos de otros. Ustedes no son responsables por las acciones y sentimientos de otros. Ustedes no son responsables por sus vidas y sus lecciones. ¡Ustedes solo son responsables de USTEDES!
Una de las formas para identificar y descubrir sus necesidades auténticas es desarrollando compasión. La compasión es una forma de tener límites también. Porque los co-dependientes preferirían experimentar condolencia. Ellos necesitan sustituir esa condolencia con compasión. La condolencia dice "oh pobrecito de ti. Yo soy superior a ti" la compasión dice "Me identifico contigo. Soy igual a ti. No voy a tratar de arreglar tus sentimientos. Te voy a dejar estar en donde estás y solo te apoyaré". Son iguales que la otra persona.
Todos ustedes dicen que quieren ser iguales. Pero cuando se da la oportunidad de serlo su auto-importancia dice "No, yo quiero ser mejor que. Quiero ser visto como superior" Todos aquellos de ustedes que pelean por no ser lo suficientemente buenos. Todo lo que están diciendo es que quieren ser superiores para compensar el sentimiento de no ser lo suficientemente buenos, cosa que no quieren sentir. Quieren ser especiales. Así que renuncien a la necesidad de dar a otros, de ser vistos como valiosos o buenos o correctos o merecedores. No den para ser validados. Esa es la forma en que fijarán límites para no regalarse a sí mismos. ¡Aprendan a valorarse a sí mismos!
Equilibren su dar y recibir. Cuando den, den libremente y sin apego a lo que han dado o a quién se lo han dado. Den libremente. Siempre que haya un apego no hay límites. Siempre que hay apego la otra persona se vuelve deudor y les debe. Ustedes han traspasado sus límites. No han reconocido los límites de esa persona ni los suyos.
Comiencen a recibir sin el sentimiento de deuda. Permítanse recibir, sin el miedo de que van a deber algo. No mantengan un sentido de escalas, llevando registro de quien dio más y quién recibió más. Eso es trueque. No usen el dar y recibir como una forma de trueque. Cuando se les de, reciban sin el sentimiento de deuda o culpa.
Otra cosa a la que deben renunciar para tener límites es la ¡CULPA! La culpa no mantendrá sus límites. Los hará deudores. Y renuncien al control. ¡Todas las formas de control! Porque cuando están tratando de controlar a otros están invadiendo sus límites. Cuando están tratando de controlar a otro están peleando fuera de control. Están renunciando a su poder. Así que aunque estén tratando de darles más poder para obtener lo que quieren también están peleando y renunciando a su poder. No tiene límites.
Renuncien a toda manipulación. La manipulación incluye todas las formas en las que tratan de controlar. Renuncien a la creencia de que ustedes saben lo que es correcto para otro. Renuncien completamente a estar en lo correcto. ¡O equivocados! No les servirá. Expresen libremente sus sentimientos todo el tiempo. Y expresen libremente su verdad. Eso crea límites respecto a quienes son en el momento. Sepan quienes son. Expongan quienes son. Eso crea un límite de su individualidad.
Cuando no exponen quien realmente son, la gente no lo sabe. Cuando piden lo que necesitan, expresándose clara y honestamente, dicen lo que quieren decir. Digan lo que quieren decir. Y sepan lo que quieren decir. Los co-dependientes no dicen lo que quieren decir y no saben lo que quieren. Y entonces ellos manipulan a través de lo que dicen.
Para tener límites deben tener buena comunicación. Así que practiquen la comunicación. Esta responde a sus necesidades en el momento. Y a las necesidades de otros. Así que practiquen esas habilidades.
Otra defensa es la negación. Se crea otro límite al moverse fuera de la negación hacia el reconocimiento de lo que está sucediendo. Así que reconozcan lo que pasa. Identifiquen y reconozcan lo que perciben que está ocurriendo realmente. Esto amplía la comunicación.
Baja autoestima es otra cosa a la que tienen que renunciar. Cuando están en un estado de baja autoestima no pueden permitirse recibir. Niegan el elogio. Degradan a su ser. No honran lo que otros ofrecen. Y renuncien a toda la consciencia de víctima y reproche. Reproche a otros y a sí mismos.
Aprendan cuando es apropiado satisfacer las necesidades de otros en lugar de sus propias necesidades. Esto se hace a través de las preferencias.
Otro elemento a desarrollar es un sentido claro del compromiso. Entonces pueden usar esos compromisos para fijar límites y prioridades. De esto pueden elegir y discernir.
Aprendan el proceso de crecimiento a través de la prueba y el error. Permítanse la retroalimentación que viene del fracaso y el éxito. Sepan que el fracaso es el proceso para crear éxito. Esto también viene al tener un conocimiento sano de sus limitaciones actuales. Y el trabajar en esas limitaciones. Dentro de las limitaciones ustedes tendrán algunos límites. La gente que no tiene consciencia de sus limitaciones no tiene consciencia de sus límites. Por lo tanto no pueden respetar los límites de otros.
¡Tal vez uno de los aspectos más importantes de ser capaces de establecer límites claros es practicar las doce doctrinas del amor a sí mismos! Muy importante. Esto comienza con la auto-aceptación del lugar en donde están en este momento. A través de estas doctrinas, descubrirán cuales son sus necesidades auténticas en cualquier momento y entonces la forma de satisfacerlas. Esto los conducirá a valores, principios y cualidades de ser. Solo utilicen las doce doctrinas del auto-amor. Entonces desarrollarán límites automáticamente, sin siquiera darse cuenta. El auto-amor demanda límites y el que permanezcan en su poder personal e individualidad. ¡Este demanda que se llenen a sí mismos!
Auto-respeto, auto-estima, auto-diciplina, auto-aceptación, auto-conocimiento, auto-confianza y todas las otras.
Uno de los elementos más importantes de estos es el auto-respeto. Porque si se respetan a sí mismos, pueden respetar los límites de otro. Esta es la práctica de la regla de oro.
Así que estas son algunas de las formas que pueden aprender para establecer límites claros. Esto es para ayudarlos a lograr y experimentar sus visiones y sueños. Es el proceso de limpieza del camino del equilibrio del alma y el espíritu en la experiencia física. ¡Así que aprendan a establecer límites!
¡Nos vamos jubilosos. Y les pedimos, como siempre, ya que son capaces de recordar amarse unos a otros!
Robert Baker
Por medio de canalización en trance de ROBERT BAKER
Traducción Claudia Cuesta,
Nota del traductor: Esta traducción está registrada en derechos de autor, se prohíbe su reproducción total o parcial con fines de lucro.

No solutions can be found by joining with the darkness in its conflicts

You can clearly see the collapsing house of cards that the global financial system has become

Personal Power Through Awareness

You will automatically begin forgiving, supporting, acknowledging, and appreciating yourself when you do so for others. Healing others is not just a gift you are giving to the world. It is also a gift to you. What can you do today to support and acknowlege someone?

Personal Power Through Awareness

Spiritual Growth

You have the right not to hear about or become involved with other people's problems. Maintain a level of detached observation; decide if you can truly assist them and if they want or can even use your assistance. If you do decide to provide assistance to someone with a problem, make a conscious decision to do so.

Spiritual Growth

Living With Joy

Balance and stability are achieved by checking with your higher self before taking action, especially on important issues. That means giving yourself the opportunity to view things from many different angles before acting. It means allowing yourself to take whatever time is necessary to do a good job. You can avoid many things that take you off balance by giving yourself enough time to think before you act. There is a saying, “Look before you leap”.

Living With Joy

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance

To magnetize successfully, focus on creating what you want, not on getting rid of something you do not want. Many people do not know what they want, yet they are very clear on what they do not want. If you do not know what you want, you can start by looking at the circumstances in your life you do not like, and ask for an opposite circumstance to appear. For fun, ask your friends what would make them happy or what they want in their lives. You will be surprised at how many people will start by describing the conditions they do not want rather than the ones they want. For every condition you do not want, describe as clearly as you can what you would replace that condition with. State what you want in the present tense. Instead of saying "I do not want to struggle to pay my bills," you could say, "I pay my bills easily each month."

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance

Opening to Channel

There are many of you opening to channel, and it is important to support and encourage others in their openings. Each one of you has a valuable contribution to make. As you open to channeling, you become part of the larger community of all other people who are channeling. As all of you think and act in new ways, you are spreading higher, more loving thoughtforms throughout the world. In the higher realms, many things are accomplished by working together with a group of like-minded people. It is through working together, supporting, and empowering each other that each one of you will be propelled even further in whatever direction you are going.

Opening to Channel

26 mar. 2013

Light, Lightworkers and new earth- Mirabai Devi, Kauai Hawaii

Create a space in which you can hear your spiritual guides

Forgive yourselves for what in truth you have not done

Addiction to Getting Others To Change

Addiction to Getting Others To Change

Daily Inspiration

Anything can become an addiction, depending upon your intent. Today notice, without judgment, your addictions - the things you do to avoid your feelings of loneliness, heartbreak and helplessness over others. Notice substances, activities, and behaviors toward others. Ask yourself, "Am I doing this because it is loving to myself and supports the highest good of my soul's journey, or am I doing this to avoid taking responsibility for feelings?" Awareness gives you new choices. By Dr. Margaret Paul

Soul Love

Watch your inner dialogue today. Catch thoughts or feelings that are judgmental or less than loving about yourself. Then, join with your soul and change any unloving thoughts into loving ones. The more consistently you can love yourself, the more often you can experience consistent love from others.

Soul Love

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance

Money is magnetic; it flows and circulates. The more it flows and circulates, the richer a society is. You do not "create" money when you bring it into your life; you tap into a flow that is already there. When you create wealth you do not take from someone else; you become part of a flow of money. Let it circulate through you. Remember that the more money circulates, the wealthier everyone is, just as the more times inventory turns over, the more prosperous a store becomes. Prosperity comes when giving and receiving are flowing freely.

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance

Spiritual Growth

You are the builders of the new. You are here to assist people in making this transition, and you are starting by expanding your own consciousness, healing yourself, and getting your life's work out to the world.

Spiritual Growth

Personal Power Through Awareness

Go as high as you can with your imagination. Fantasize about your perfect life. The higher you go, the more quickly the images and thoughtforms that do not fit your growth will dissolve. Do not reach ahead just a year or two but ask, "What could be my greatest accomplishment during this lifetime?" Do not worry about the form or how you will do it. Every time you create one picture or vision, you open the door to an even greater picture.

Personal Power Through Awareness

Living With Joy

Laugh and play. It's not the end of the world if something does not go right. The quality of humor is perhaps one of the greatest doorways to self-love. The ability to laugh, to smile at others, and to put your problems into perspective is an evolved skill. Those who come from a high level of self-love are often humorous, have a great wit, and love to bring out the childlike playfulness in others. They are willing to be spontaneous, often find reasons to smile, and are able to make others feel at ease and to be happy themselves.

Living With Joy

No cesaremos de hacer exploraciones

No cesaremos de hacer exploraciones
Y al final de todas nuestras exploraciones
Habremos llegado al punto en que comenzamos

Y veremos el lugar por vez primera...
Una condición de simplicidad completa
(cuyo costo lo es todo)

Y todo estará bien
Todo tipo de cosas estarán bien
Cuando las lenguas de la llama se replieguen
En el nudo coronado del fuego
y la rosa y el fuego sean uno.


25 mar. 2013

Take That - Greatest Day (Official Video)

Today this could be, the greatest day of our lives
Before it all ends, before we run out of time
Stay close to me,
Stay close to me
Watch the world come alive tonight
Stay close to me.

Tonight this could be the greatest night of our lives
Let’s make a new start,
The future is ours to find
Can you see it, can you see it in my eyes
Can you feel it now, can you hold it in your arms tonight
Hold on
Hold on,
Hold on
Hold on (Tonight)
Hold on
Hold on

Oh stay close to me (Hold On)
Stay close to me
Watch the world come alive tonight
Stay closes me

Hold your head high, (Hold On)
Arms open wide
Yea the world starts to come alive when you stay close it me

Today this could be the greatest day of our lives
Today this could be the greatest day of our lives

And the world comes alive
And the world comes alive
And the would comes alive
Oh oh oooooh
Stay close to me (and the world comes alive) hold on
Stay close to me (and the world comes alive)
Watch the world come alive tonight
Stay close to me (Hold on)
Oh stay close to me and the world comes alive
Stay close to me and the world comes alive

Watch the world come alive tonight
(stay close to me) oh oh ohoooo

Love in Silence (video)

Please read the description below the photo and above the video prior to watching. And be sure to watch it all the way through. You can find it here.

20 mar. 2013

The AHA Process for Ending Self-Sabotage

Gregg Braden The 7 Essene Mirrors

20 de Marzo: Día Internacional de la Felicidad

International Day of Happiness aims to inspire 100m people:

The first ever International Day of Happiness encourages people all over the globe to reflect on what really matters, and to have lots of fun doing so.

What a joy!

"Beloved one, from this moment forward, go as the enlightened one. Laugh. Laugh at the foibles of choices you have made. Look at the person you have been and love that person. Laugh at the choices that have maybe led you to a place where you felt that you’ve made a mistake or that you weren’t as good as somebody else or as good as you could have been, should have been, would have been. Laugh at that one and say, “Wow! You are such an expert creator.”

¡Qué tranquilidad!

"¿Qué no ibas a poder aceptar si supieses que todo cuanto sucede, todo acontecimiento, pasado, presente y por venir, es amorosamente planeado por Aquel cuyo único propósito es tu bien? Tal vez no hayas entendido bien Su plan, pues Él nunca podría ofrecerte dolor. Mas tus defensas no te dejaron ver Su amorosa bendición iluminando cada paso que jamás diste. Mientras hacías planes para la muerte, Él te conducía dulcemente hacia la vida eterna."

Un Curso de Milagros

19 mar. 2013

Recovery from Addictions, Part 5

Recovery from Addictions, Part 5

Recovery From Addictions, Part 4

Recovery From Addictions, Part 4

Recovery From Addictions, Part 3

Recovery From Addictions, Part 3

Recovery From Addictions, Part 2

Recovery From Addictions, Part 2

Recovery From Addictions, Part 1

Recovery From Addictions, Part 1

Beyond Fear and Addiction: Six Steps to Healing

Beyond Fear and Addiction: Six Steps to Healing

Compassion Heals our Fearful Self

Compassion Heals our Fearful Self

The Fear of Being in Your Life

The Fear of Being in Your Life

Inner Bonding The Purpose of Fear

Inner Bonding The Purpose of Fear

The Fear of Being Duped

The Fear of Being Duped

Harold and Maude -

Allowing Abundance

I greet you all on this bright and clear day in the heart of winter. I am Mary, reaching out to you from a crystal-clear realm that is truly your home. Feel the light around you, the light that touches the Earth from my realm, but which also pours directly from your hearts.

We are gathered here today with such a beautiful intent, namely to allow your soul to shine forth on Earth. You all are united by this intent, and that makes you beautiful and pure. Look at yourself through our eyes, observe yourself at some distance: you are brave angels in a human form of flesh and blood. Feel our love and appreciation for the path you travel.

Sometimes it seems very lonely and dark, but your light is undeniable – it is so brightly visible to us! Feel it glow in your heart, enfold yourself with it. Allow your light to flow in unison with the light from our side, and shower yourself with it from your crown to your feet. There is healing energy available to you all at this very moment, in whatever form you need. Receive it because you are beautiful and pure in your intent.

Many of you feel called to accommodate others on their path of life, and receiving is something you find difficult. Many of you easily carry your light to others, and spring into action whenever there is pain or suffering, but when it comes to giving to yourself, you are often reluctant. Why is that? Why do you deny yourself so much? You are afraid to receive, and so you make yourself small. It has been taught to you to be of service and submissive to others from a long tradition of authorities and rulers, both secular and religious.

That time is now over. You have come here, in this century, to stand up for your own heart, your own truth, your own light. No more listening to what others prescribe for you, but to be a beacon of light from which others can warm themselves. The world is full of fears and commandments based on those fears; norms and values that do not serve you. You have come here to claim mastery over your own life and break free from the past. You are here to be a flaming angel of light, through your own inspiration! Take a moment to feel the power flowing through you, pulsating like a cosmic heart. This is you! Allow your true greatness to show and dare to stand and be seen.

You have come to the end of a long road of many lives. The emotions and the deep feelings with which you are now struggling are not only from this life. You have been spreading your light for many incarnations; trying to anchor it here in a reality that has become quite darkened and dense. You all are courageous and bold. You have persevered, otherwise you would not be sitting here now, at this time. Recognize your own strength and dignity as the spiritual warrior that you are. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved!

Descending upon Earth always requires that you leave a part of your highest light and knowledge behind. You submerge yourself in ignorance, and from there, bit by bit, facet by facet, you again rediscover your light. That is the real lightwork you have come to do; to take your plunge into ignorance, and to again rediscover your true self. That is something extraordinary we cannot duplicate from Heaven. We radiate light, love, peace, and confidence, because we are in a realm of unity that enables us to do so. But you are immersed in a dense reality, where it takes effort and strength to recognize your own light and to feel the truth when it manifests within you. Because of that, you are very bold and courageous.

In this time, a great transformation process is unfolding on Earth and you all play a role in it. All people on Earth play a role in this, but you are among those who fulfill a pioneering role.

You already sense the new and more harmonious reality that desires to reveal itself on Earth; one that you know from our side and that you have wanted to bring to Earth for so long. You are therefore not untrained and young as you start to fulfill this pioneering role. You have so much that you bring with you in the way of inner wisdom, warmth, and compassion in your heart. And yet you hesitate to fulfill this role, to stand up and to take up the leadership that belongs to you at this time.

Why do you hesitate? From where emerges that fear and uncertainty that you feel? It is there partly because of personal experiences of rejection, and partly because of the massive presence of fear on Earth, a collective fear. Humanity is in a sense lost, and wanders about not knowing what to hold onto. Truly, the world is gone crazy! But now, at this time when there is crisis in many areas – economic, political, environmental – precisely in this time is there a need for new voices and a new energy.

You are so modest, often hiding yourself behind your own doubts and fears, but it is you the world is waiting for – you and people like you. Can you believe this? Shed your false modesty! You came here on Earth with a pure and beautiful intent – believe in your strength! Feel it flow throughout your body. Many times you have felt rejected on Earth because of who you are, because you were different, because you came to bring something for which the time did not seem ripe. Yet there are sprouts growing that have germinated from the tiny seeds that you have sown during your many lifetimes. You have helped make possible this time of transformation.

What is of concern to you now, personally, is to find a balance between your personal self and your task as a lightworker, that which you want to convey to the world. If there is one commandment that you should obey, it is this: take care of yourself! Put yourself as number one! Enfold yourself with warmth and compassion, just as you do for others. You are the channel, the instrument through which a new awareness wants to manifest! How can this channel function properly if you do not take it seriously and do not nurture it? What does it need the most from you now? Let the most spontaneous part of you speak. Feel the child within you cry out. There is something you are holding in that you want the most – allow it to manifest.

Perhaps it is peace and space for yourself. Maybe it is that you let go of all those self-critical thoughts that you “dump” on yourself. Maybe you want to discuss your unresolved emotions with someone and express your feelings to them. Allow the child within you to tell you what it needs most from you, what you can do for it. Believe what that child tells you, for it is the most honestly spontaneous part of you.

Being good to yourself especially implies that you take your own feelings seriously. You must not be guided by “ought” and “should” from the outside, but by the inner voice, the longing that speaks through your heart and your belly. That is the truth for you, and that is the course which will bring you to exactly where you want to be. Take your feelings seriously and you will see that the material reality responds to it.

In many of you lives a fear of scarcity, of a lack of money and material abundance, if you were to actually choose what you really want in this life. You doubt whether there truly is a place for you in this world. And this doubt translates into a fear of lacking financial resources. But the core of this anxiety is not about money, but revolves around the question of whether you may really be who you are. Can you believe that you have the freedom and means to do what really inspires you? Do you trust your soul’s whispers? What holds you back is not the world outside you but your own reservations about truly embracing yourself and receiving whatever you need to flourish and find joy.

Look inside yourself. Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful spot in nature. Spring has begun, the greenery is budding, and the sun shines on your skin. You sit in a clearing in the woods and suddenly there appears a wizard who comes toward you. He comes to you, and out of his sleeve he conjures up gold coins that he smilingly tosses to you. "How many do you want, just say it,” he asks. Look at your response. What is your first reaction to that offer? Can you receive it? Can you tell him exactly what you need? Or do you feel something blocking it in your heart? Do you ask, “Am I allowed to have this? Can I ask for this much?” Do you need to think about it and do you have doubts? Simply register your first reaction.

Then take one of the gold coins and hold it in your hand. Feel its energy. See or feel what is inside that money. In that gold coin is a promise of abundance on Earth, whether it is a nice home in which to live, a pleasant workplace, or enough money for living expenses. It is really about the freedom to explore and discover and create, the feeling of being secure and safe – everything you associate with earthly abundance. Experience the warm golden energy in that coin and see if you can feel it flow through your arms toward your heart – see if you can receive it. Ask the wizard: "How can I better learn to receive?" Or keep it simple and playful and ask him: “Can you teach me this trick?” Let the wizard show you with a word or a gesture how the key to earthly abundance lies within you.

The key to abundance lies within you all. In this phase of your life, the time has come for a stronger manifestation of your higher self, your soul. You secured this intention for yourself when you started this life long ago, and even before that. You have carried this intention with you for a long cycle of lives. Trust then that there is a path ready for you with whatever supports and helps you to maintain it. By constantly listening to what you truly desire, and what nurtures you inside, you keep on course and the path finds you. You do not have to strive for it or fight for it, the path will find you.

En español:

17 mar. 2013

14 mar. 2013

Las emociones reflejadas en el rostro pueden ser percibidas incluso por los ciegos

Las emociones mostradas por los rostros pueden ser percibidas por los ciegos casi de la misma manera que por las personas que pueden ver, según acaba de descubrir un estudio. Si un ciego es capaz de distinguir el lenguaje de una cara que sus ojos no ven, parece claro que en la relación con los demás el cerebro activa una serie de regiones que permiten a cada individuo conocer a la gente que le rodea más allá de lo que pueda distinguir con la vista. Un nuevo indicio de la existencia de un “sexto sentido”. Por Yaiza Martínez.

New Indications of the Existence of a “Sixth Sense”. According to a recent study emotions exhibited by the human face can be perceived by blind people similarly to those who can see. If a blind person is able to distinguish the language of the face without using their eyes it seems possible that the brain is capable of assessing what goes on around it without using sight, smell, taste, sound and feel. This seems to indicate the existence of a "sixth sense".

Un paciente de 52 años de edad, técnicamente “ciego” debido a dos ataques vasculares que dañaron las áreas de su cerebro que procesan las señales visuales, ha sido capaz de reaccionar emocionalmente a ciertas imágenes que no podía ver.

El caso, resultado de una investigación que publica la revista Nature Neuroscience, establece, por encima de toda duda y por primera vez, que existen ciertas funciones de reconocimiento visual que se procesan en un área del cerebro diferente a aquéllas a las que normalmente se les atribuían estas funciones. Asimismo, queda demostrado que la capacidad visual primaria consciente no es imprescindible para el tratamiento cerebral de las informaciones emocionales.

Cuando al paciente analizado, que ve sólo oscuridad y que camina con la ayuda de un perro, se le mostraron en la pantalla de un ordenador 200 imágenes de formas tales como círculos o cuadrados negros sobre fondo blanco y caras irreconocibles, sus conjeturas acerca de ellas no demostraron mayor probabilidad de acierto que el mero azar.

Sensible a las emociones

Sin embargo, cuando al mismo paciente le mostraron caras que exhibían emociones tales como tristeza, cólera o miedo, el porcentaje de acierto de sus conjeturas acerca de las caras que se le aparecían aumentó notablemente. En el caso de los rostros tristes, acertó en un 59% de las ocasiones, en el de los rostros coléricos, en un 61,5% de las veces; y en el de los rostros miedosos, en un 58%.

Para evaluar si el porcentaje de aciertos del paciente eran debidos a las expresiones emocionales de las caras presentadas o a otras características de éstas, se añadieron una serie de pruebas suplementarias.

Una de ellas fue que el paciente debía adivinar el sexo de una serie de caras emocionalmente neutras. Otra, que a partir de imágenes que representaban animales en una situación de peligro o no, los investigadores pedían que el paciente clasificara las imágenes según los criterios de “animal feliz” o “animal encolerizado”.

Por último, algunas imágenes mostraban escenas agradables (deporte, sexo) o desagradables (violencia, mutilación) presentadas al paciente que debía clasificarlas como “imágenes positivas” o “imágenes negativas”.

En estos casos, las respuestas del paciente no fueron acertadas, lo que indica que sólo una expresión emocional puede “verse” más allá del sentido de la vista.

Amígdala activa a pesar de la ceguera

Las imágenes del cerebro de este paciente, obtenidas a través de resonancia magnética, mostraron asimismo que ante alguna de las emociones (cólera, alegría, neutralidad), presentadas en bloques sucesivos, la actividad de la amígdala cerebral derecha aumentaba de manera significativa, y de manera aún más marcada como respuesta al miedo.

Según informa la universidad galesa de Bangor en un comunicado, este estudio ha estado dirigido por el doctor Alan Pegna, de esta misma universidad, en colaboración con el hospital Geneva University. Con él se pretendía demostrar que la emoción expresada por una cara humana se registra en un área diferente a la de la corteza cerebral.

El área implicada en este proceso de reconocimiento es la amígdala, situada dentro del lóbulo temporal del cerebro. Lo que se ha probado con este estudio es que aunque este paciente no podía ver, sí era capaz de procesar la información gracias a la puesta en marcha de procesos inconscientes del cerebro que de alguna manera sigue percibiendo la imagen que está delante del individuo.

Según Pegna, el descubrimiento resulta también interesante para aquellos científicos que investigan los comportamientos, puesto que relaciona la amígdala con procesos subliminales de estímulos emocionales que podrían aplicarse a individuos clínicamente sanos.

Nuevos indicios de la existencia de un 'sexto sentido'
Más indicios de un sexto sentido

El experimento de Pegna señala que existe una capacidad perceptora más allá de los cinco sentidos tradicionales (oído, tacto, gusto, olor, sonido). Aunque no existe evidencia científica del sexto sentido, la capacidad de percibir emociones ajenas al margen de los sentidos tradicionales abunda en esta hipótesis.

No es la primera vez, sin embargo, que la ciencia se cuestiona acerca de la existencia de otros sentidos, además de los cinco universalmente reconocidos. Los neurofísicos investigan al respecto el así llamado sentido del movimiento, el cual, gracias a captores musculares y al oído interno, permite al cuerpo situarse en el espacio.

Otras investigaciones se centran en la nocicepción, término neurofisiológico que se refiere a los mecanismos por los cuales se detecta un estímulo nocivo (doloroso). A pesar de que los umbrales nociceptivos, tal y como se miden en el laboratorio, son constantes entre distintas personas, la experiencia del dolor y la capacidad para tolerarlo varían considerablemente de un individuo a otro según cada circunstancia. Podría ser también una forma de sexto sentido.

Otras investigaciones han descubierto un gen suscetptible de solicitar la captura de feromonas, moléculas químicas inodoras que guían el comportamiento de los insectos, de algunos mamíferos y puede que hasta de las personas. Otras investigaciones se centran en los relojes biológicos internos, que confieren a la conciencia el sentido del tiempo que pasa.

Asimismo, una investigación destinada a explorar la ceguera temporal que en ocasiones impide a los conductores ver un peligro inminente, ha descubierto accidentalmente que algunas personas son capaces de percibir cambios en un entorno segundos antes de que ocurran, tal como publicamos en otro artículo de esta revista. Esta experiencia señala la detección de otro modo de percepción visual, paralelo a la visión ordinaria, que puede provocar formas de experiencia diferentes a la imagen de la realidad que formamos cotidianamente.

También la intuición

Para la mayoría de las personas, sin embargo, hablar de sexto sentido es hablar de intuición, durante mucho tiempo atribuída por la ciencia a coincidencias de la vida cotidiana. Sin embargo, recientemente algunos científicos comienzan a hablar de la intuición como una forma de conocimiento, directa e inmediata, a la que no se le puede negar completamente un fundamento científico. Pueden consultarse al respecto los trabajos de Antonio Damasio, director del departamento de neurología de la Universidad de Iowa.

El experimento de Pegna abunda en esta línea de investigaciones y señala como un posible sentido nuevo la capacidad de los ciegos (al menos del ciego del experimento) de percibir emociones reflejadas en rostros que no puede ver. Una evidencia más de los misterios de la conciencia humana.


Texto publicado por la revista Tendencias21 (

Blind man 'sees' emotions

Scientists at Bangor University have discovered a patient who appears to possess a "sixth sense" that allows him to recognise sad faces.

The 52-year-old "patient X" suffered two strokes which damaged the brain areas which process visual signals.

Although he cannot see, researchers found that that the patient was able to identify angry or happy human faces.

Scans showed that when the man looked at faces with emotion, another part of his brain, the amygdala, was activated.

The small almond-shaped structure is known to respond to non-verbal signs of anger, defensiveness, avoidance and fear.

The results of the study are published in the online edition of Nature Neuroscience on Sunday.

Dr Alan Pegna of the school of psychology at the University of Wales, Bangor, led the research team with colleagues in north Wales and Geneva University Hospital.

They found that when "patient X" was shown images of shapes like circles and squares, he was only able to make wild guesses about what they were.

Nor was he able to identify the sex of "deadpan" male and female faces with any degree of success, or tell the difference between "normal" and jumbled faces.

But when the patient was asked to identify angry or happy human faces, he did so with an accuracy of 59% - significantly higher than would be expected by chance.

Behavioural scientists

There was a similar response when he was asked to distinguish between sad and happy, or fearful and happy, faces.

But pictures of animals which appeared threatening or non-threatening did not give the same kind of results.

Scientists were able to establish that emotion displayed on a human face is registered in an area other than the visual cortex.

The area involved was identified as the right amygdala, an almond-shape structure situated deep within the brain's temporal lobe.

"This discovery is... interesting for behavioural scientists as the right amygdala has been associated with subliminal processing of emotional stimuli in clinically healthy individuals," said Dr Pegna.

"What 'patient X' has assisted us with establishing is that this area undoubtedly processes visual facial signals connected with all types of emotional facial expressions."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/12/12 18:07:33 GMT

Sonia Choquette: A Daily Exercise to Connect to Your Spirit

Sonia Choquette: A Daily Exercise to Connect to Your Spirit from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

How to manifest with ease ? Attracting all your heart desires - Sonia Choquette

Where the Hell are Matt's 2012 Outtakes

Mentalizar es la capacidad que tenemos los seres humanos de darnos cuenta, de explicar, de reflexionar sobre los comportamientos propios y ajenos. Lo hacemos constantemente, unas veces de forma automática e intuitiva, otras, de manera mucho mas reflexiva. Un proceso mental complejo que nos sirve para entender el entorno, a nosotros mismos y, muy importante, a los demás. La terapia basada en la mentalización despierta mucho interés en la practica clínica. Su aplicación obtiene notables resultados en pacientes con Trastorno Límite de Personalidad. Descontrol emocional, impulsividad, dificultades para las relaciones interpersonales, autolesiones, conductas suicidas son algunas de las características más significativas del trastorno límite de la personalidad, una enfermedad muy compleja sobre la que la terapia basada en la mentalización tiene mucho que aportar.

13 mar. 2013

Exercising Your Loving Adult

Exercising Your Loving Adult

Making Choices from Your Wounded Self vs your Loving Adult

Making Choices from Your Wounded Self vs your Loving Adult

Relationships: Control and Resistance - the Relationship Gremlins

Relationships: Control and Resistance - the Relationship Gremlins

Relationship Advice: Controlling Behavior, Loving Behavior

Relationship Advice: Controlling Behavior, Loving Behavior

"How Do I Deal With My Critical Mother?"

"How Do I Deal With My Critical Mother?"

Are you a Change Agent?

o you sometimes find yourself getting bored with your own personal story? Not that you have solved all of your issues, and you are plenty willing to work on them when they arise and are staring you in the face. But do you also feel there is more important work to be done here? Do you sometimes get a sense of the potential of humanity, how we could be living, where we could be moving? Do you sometimes feel a certain inspired sense of responsibility to be a midwife of change?

If you know what I am talking about, you may be what my friend Luis Diaz calls a “Change Agent.”

Luis was born in Argentina. He was fascinated by healing, meditation and human potential from a young age. He moved to America more than 20 years ago with his family.

Everything changed for Luis in the late 1990s when Adrianna, his young wife and mother of his three children, suddenly, out of the blue, developed a blood clot in the brain and went instantaneously into a coma. She died in a few days. Luis was left to raise three young children on his own. Instead of collapsing under the weight of this unexpected tragedy, Luis miraculously shifted into another dimension which culminated a few years later in a very profound awakening. You can hear the exact details of his story in a few days, when he and I talk together on a live call where you can join us.

Since then, Luis has been supporting and training people with a technique he calls Cellular Memory Release. His book, Memory in the Cells is out in several languages.

Luis Diaz

As he has gotten to know more and more visionaries, writers, healers, (all “Change Agents”), he has recognized that so many people today have enormous gifts they want to share. These people have a tremendous sense of responsibility and inspiration to help create a more conscious planet, but they often lack some very fundamental tools to make a significant difference.

Seven months ago, Luis founded the Universidad de Agentes de Cambio Para Nueva Conciencia. It now has nearly 47,000 members in Spanish speaking countries. Last week he founded the Change Agents University in English and today is has 1,500 members on Facebook. Luis is on a roll. He has asked me to join him in creating this global community and my response was a two thumbs up “Yes.” Now we are going to ask you to join us too.

Here are the seven skill sets that Luis has defined, which any effective Change Agent needs to have handled.

#1- Be Clear about your Purpose and Mission.
Recognize and overcome obstacles that do not allow you to express your unique gift or talent.

#2- Find ways to Expand your Influence in the World.

If you have something significant to offer, you need to have channels that allow people to know about it. Without being dishonest, manipulative or greedy, there are principles of “conscious marketing” which allow you to identify and reach the people you can help.

#3- Develop a Healthy Relationship with Money.

In the world in which we all play, money is the medium through which we are able to give and receive gifts. We all of us carry so many messages about why “spiritual” or “conscious” people should not let their work be contaminated by money. It is time to get over it. Your relationship to money is healed when money is simply no longer an issue. You don’t think about it, and it does not influence the way that you give your gifts.

#4- Emotional Intelligence.

An effective Change Agent leaves behind him or her a trail of healthy relationships infused with appreciation, humor, and a spirit of co-creation. We all have a spectrum of feelings that come and go. Knowing how to be with them effectively and to communicate them with honesty is an essential quality of an effective Change Agent.

#5- An easy Relationship with Technology.

Imagine a really great house painter. He does an awesome job every time. He lives off the grid on a beautiful piece of land half an hour outside of town.

He doesn’t own a car.


It doesn’t matter how good his house painting skills. In his situation, without transport, his skills are not going to reach the people who most need his services. The world has changed. Today, being fluent with WordPress, a mailing list, shopping cart and spam laws is an essential part of you doing your job.

#6- Learn principles of Conscious Leadership.
If you have something significant to share with others, whether it is a book or an audio course or a physical training that people show up to, you are probably going to need a team of people who help you out. Knowing how to create relationship that are proactive, fun and empowering is not automatic. It is a skill that needs to be learned.

#7- Get Rejuvenated.
The greatest problem that faces any change agent today is burn out. Knowing how to revitalize yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis is the difference between your message being contaminated by stress, or flowing freely on waves of inspiration.

OK, here is the invitation. I want you to join Luis and myself for a conversation this Thursday, March 14 at 6 PM pacific time. If you cannot make the live call, the recording will be available when you register. We are going to talk more about these seven qualities of an effective Change Agent. We are also going to invite you to join us for the first annual Change Agents retreat and vacation in Greece.

El 'marcapasos' para tratar la depresión

Los implantes de estimulación cerebral profunda (ECP), una técnica que requiere cirugía para enviar impulsos eléctricos a unas redes de neuronas que están hiperactivadas, se han convertido en una prometedora terapia para los pacientes con depresión profunda que se encuentran en un estado grave y no responden a otros tratamientos.

El último estudio publicado sobre el tema en la revista 'Archives of General Psychiatry' demuestra su seguridad y eficacia en personas con depresión grave y en pacientes con trastorno bipolar. La principal autora de la investigación, la psiquiatra Helen Mayberg, ha sido junto con el neurocirujano Andrés Lozano, quien empezó a aplicar esta técnica en la depresión.

Comenzaron en 2003, y el grupo de Lozano es el que obstenta el mayor seguimiento a largo plazo de personas con depresión grave tratadas con la ECP. "Tras seis años de seguimiento a 20 participantes, hemos comprobado que esta técnica es segura y eficaz para un 64% de los pacientes", afirma Lozano.

La terapia consiste en implantar unos electrodos en el área subcallosa del cingulado, o área CG25, del cerebro. Estos electrodos irán unidos mediante un cable por debajo de la piel a un neuroestimulador que se coloca debajo de la clavícula o en el abdomen, también de forma subcutánea. El neuroestimulador actúa a modo de un marcapasos, enviando impulsos eléctricos a esa zona del cerebro para apagar su actividad. Este marcapasos funciona con una pila que dura unos dos años, tiempo tras el cual hay que reemplazar mediante una sencilla intervención. El paciente debe llevar este implante de por vida.

Aunque todavía no se conoce su efecto a largo plazo, el mayor seguimiento que se ha hecho es de seis años a unos 20 pacientes, se sabe que a corto plazo funciona. Pero al ser una técnica invasiva no está exenta de riesgos, el más importante es la hemorragia intracraneal que puede ocurrir al insertar los electrodos, aunque el riesgo es muy bajo, inferior al 1%. Otro tipo de problemas son las infecciones, que de producirse se pueden tratar con antibióticos o retirando el dispositivo. "En nuestros pacientes no hemos tenido ninguna de estas complicaciones", afirma Dolors Puigdemont, psiquiatra del Hospital de Sant Pau i de la Santa Creu de Barcelona, que ha tratado a 10 personas con depresión grave.

La mayor experiencia con esta técnica se tiene en los pacientes con Parkinson, en los que se lleva años aplicando para disminuir los temblores típicos de la enfermedad. En todo el mundo, hay unas 90.000 personas tratadas, la mayoría para este trastorno neurológico, aunque también se utiliza la ECP en otras enfermedades como la epilepsia o el trastorno obsesivo compulsivo (TOC).

Una herramienta microscópica para analizar el cerebro

Se trata de un chip que registra la actividad neuronal y libera fármacos
Es flexible y biocompatible, por lo que se puede usar por mucho tiempo

Ángeles López | Madrid
Actualizado miércoles 13/03/2013 05:02 horas

Cada vez son más los estudios que utilizan electrodos en el cerebro para tratar o evaluar determinadas patologías, como la neuroestimulación para el Parkinson, la depresión o la anorexia. Sin embargo, hasta ahora no había ningún dispositivo que permitiera insertar simultáneamente microelectrodos y canales para liberar fármacos, algo que ha logrado desarrollar un equipo multidisciplinar de varios centros españoles.

Las patologías relacionadas con el cerebro y el sistema nervioso son las más prevalentes en el mundo desarrollado. Además, a medida que va envejeciendo la población, la incidencia de Alzheimer, Parkinson u otras enfermedades aumenta (por ejemplo los problemas mentales ya afectan a unas 1.000 millones de personas).

Debido a esto, el estudio del cerebro se ha mostrado como foco de interés tanto en Estados Unidos como en Europa. Barack Obama anunciaba hace poco un plan para financiar proyectos que desarrollen tecnologías para registrar la actividad neuronal, lo que supondrá unos 2.000 millones de euros en 10 años. De la misma manera, la Comisión Europea ha concedido una dotación de 1.000 millones de euros para el proyecto 'Human brain', en el que participan 15 países de la UE, entre ellos España.

El estudio del 'órgano gris' se realizará desde diferentes ámbitos como la realidad virtual, la computación y la tecnología. Precisamente, en este último es en donde se ubica este proyecto realizado por investigadores del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), del Centro de Investigaciones Tecnológicas Ikerlan y del Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón de la Universidad de Zaragoza. Se trata de una sonda microscópica flexible y biocompatible, menos invasiva que los microelectrodos de silicio usados habitualmente en neuromedicina.

"En muchos casos, la detección de la epilepsia, el Parkinson y el Alzheimer sólo puede realizarse a través de electrodos implantados de forma semicrónica en el cerebro de los pacientes. Las tecnologías empleadas para ello deben ser, por ello, lo menos invasivas posible y garantizar una respuesta biocompatible, así como la integridad de los circuitos neuronales adyacentes al implante", explica en un comunicado la investigadora del CSIC en el Instituto Cajal, Liset Menéndez de la Prida, coordinadora científica del proyecto.
Una revolución

En la actualidad, existen chip de silicio que permiten poner muchos electrodos en el cerebro, pero tienen varios problemas. Por un lado, son frágiles y, al mismo tiempo, son rígidos lo que genera, con el tiempo, un daño en el cerebro que termina creando tejido fibroso a su alrededor. Esto finalmente termina invalidando el dispositivo.

"Nosotros hemos elaborado un sustrato blando, flexible, y biocompatible en el que se pueden meter muchos electrodos y en el que además se incorporan canales que permiten pasar líquidos, como fármacos, que van directamente al cerebro", señala a Rosa Villa, investigadora del CSIC en el Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona.

De momento, sólo lo han implantado en ratones (en el núcleo dorsal del cerebro) a los que además de registrar su actividad neuronal, les han insertado a través de esta sonda fármacos para generarles brotes epilépticos. "Queríamos comprobar que el dispositivo registraba adecuadamente estos focos epilépticos y que el sistema iba bien", aclara Villa, y así lo constataron en un estudio publicado en la revista 'Lab on a Chip'.

El chip se colocará en una zona u otra del cerebro, en función de la enfermedad que se pretenda estudiar. La cirugía es muy fácil, afirma Villa, es como clavar una aguja para lo que hay que abrir mínimamente el hueso. Una vez en el interior, el chip tiene un conector de salida, también de tamaño reducido, en donde se conectarán los cables para recoger la actividad cerebral. "Se está estudiando hacerlo por telemetría, es decir, que se puedan sacar las señales por radiofrecuencia, pero esto no está todavía desarrollado", aclara la investigadora de Barcelona.

El siguiente paso de este proyecto es encontrar empresas que quieran fabricar esta tecnología. De momento, ya hay una interesada en hacer las primeras unidades. "A veces cuando se tienen los primeros prototipos llegan empresas multinacionales y apuestan por ellos. Ya veremos", declara Villa.

11 mar. 2013

The Brain Doesn't Lie

The Brain Doesn't Lie
Neuroimaging reveals whether you're bluffing or telling the truth.
Published on November 22, 2010 by Susan Pinker in The Open Mind

The world of business is littered with broken promises and outright lies – from the promotions that don't materialize, to the agreements that aren't worth the hands they're shaken on, to Madoff-style frauds and scams.

Wouldn't it be handy, then, to have some way to accurately predict who will keep his or her word, and who has no intention of honouring it?

There isn't a foolproof test yet. But a recent study by a team of European economists and psychologists found that, should MRI scanners ever become standard office equipment, the brains of trustworthy people will likely be found to be quite different from the brains of the dishonest.

Thomas Baumgartner, a research economist at the University of Zurich and lead investigator on the team, started with two simple questions. First, what would happen if people were offered the choice of saying whether they would always, sometimes, or never share their profits with future investment partners? Secondly, is there any difference in brain activity between those who say they will always split the profits, and then actually follow through; and those who promise they will, but then renege?

Dr. Baumgartner hypothesized that the misleading promise "should evoke an emotional conflict." This clash between what people say they will do, and what they actually do, should show up on brain scans as increased activity in the neural areas that register feelings of conflict and discomfort in social situations.

And that's exactly what the researchers found.

Nearly every one of the research subjects vowed they would always share future profits with their partners, but their real intentions weren't uniformly virtuous. When tested in an investment game, the subjects divided fairly cleanly into two groups: those who were honest and those who were deceitful. The latter group had publicly declared an intention to share, but then didn't divvy up their earnings.

Although the promise-breakers tried to bluff, brain scans revealed their duplicity. Increased blood flow was clearly visible to three neural areas that register emotional conflict: the anterior cingulate cortex, which monitors our motivations and feelings of guilt and reward in social situations; the insula, which tracks visceral feelings of unfairness and the threat of punishment; and the amygdala, a pair of neuron clusters that process and file away emotional experiences, especially those characterized by fear and stress.

The upshot is that even if we try to pull the wool over the eyes of others, brain imaging lays bare our feelings and intentions.

Of course, expensive MRI scans (and the expertise to interpret them) are unlikely to become features of the average workplace any time soon. But the neural evidence adds a layer of understanding as to how notions of honesty and deceit, guilt and honour, are expressed in our brain.

Without an MRI machine, employers have other ways to try to predict a person's behaviour on the job. Taken together, employment history, personal references and examples of successes or failures show how a person performed in the past. Non-verbal signals, such as facial expressions and body language, can also tell much about a person's true feelings.

And behavioural tests that assess honesty and integrity are increasingly popular in human resources circles. Although many such tests are rather clumsy tools, they're all we have – for now.