Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

30 nov. 2012

La muñeca JIJI


Funciones del cerebro


You will live for the joy of living instead of to earn a living

Energy — the field of power enveloping all that exists — is something you hardly understand at all as you restrict yourselves to the environs of the illusion. However, that is all going to change very soon.  You will discover that all your energy needs can be met easily, abundantly, and without further damage to the planet – drilling, mining, and burning are quite unnecessary – as those with highly advanced and well-developed technologies come to assist you in repairing the areas that have suffered under those harsh and unsympathetic methods of accessing the materials that provide energy for transport, heating, lighting, manufacturing, and other industrial needs.  A new age of wise and informed thought and creative intent will make life on the planet a joy instead of an unrewarding chore just to ensure your survival.
As the new age of peace and contentment envelops you all in happiness and prosperity, your senses will be much enhanced, furnishing you with a far greater understanding and enjoyment of all aspects of daily living.  An immensely satisfying bonanza in the arts will stimulate your creative juices which will run far more freely and abundantly, giving rise to a vast increase in artistic activities in every field with which you choose to engage.  You will live for the joy of living instead of to earn a living, which makes complete sense, especially in comparison to your present need to work almost unceasingly in order to cover all your commitments and responsibilities.
You have been working your way persistently homeward towards this — your natural state of being — for eons, as you well know, although there have been many interruptions and distractions that have diverted you from your path. Those are now all behind you as you power forwards to complete this arduous venture which has taken you many lifetimes over billions of years in the illusion.  It is very difficult for you to grasp that these seemingly enormous periods of time are as but a momentary instant snatched from eternity — so incredibly brief that they never existed at all.  When you awaken, that will make sense, but for now of course the idea is quite beyond comprehension.  Nevertheless, notwithstanding all of this, the apparent time remaining before you are going to awaken into joy is very short.
During this period of excited anticipation and expectation, continue purposefully with your intent to be the way-showers and Light-bearers that you are, by demonstrating acceptance and compassion in every moment of your daily lives. You have been doing this most effectively for some considerable time (as you experience time), but the push is now on to end this repetitive cycle of karma-driven incarnations for humanity, and I am giving you this reminder because it is all too easy for you to forget the essential task for which you incarnated this time around as you get caught up in the dramas and distractions of daily illusory living.
Make a point of bringing to mind frequently throughout the day the fact that you are spiritual beings having an Earth experience.  In fact, do it whenever your mind goes blank or seems to lose track of what you are doing – that often occurs to bring your attention back to your spiritual purpose – and then you will find that you can recall what you were intending to do or were actually doing far more easily.  Focusing on the spiritual aspect of yourselves frequently and momentarily really does make it easier to cope with the mundane everyday matters that occupy so much of your time, and which often cause you undue stress.
You are all exactly where you are supposed to be – where you planned to be when you designed your life path for this incarnation – at this moment in your evolutionary history.  Accept life as it occurs, and with grace and gratitude, because it is your choice to be here now, having whatever experiences life presents you with.  By being here you are assisting untold numbers of others with their awakening process, even though both you and they may be completely unaware of it.
Your ability to remember the reason for which you incarnated is very severely restricted so that your egos do not attempt to hijack your capabilities for their own devious purposes.  You understood this when you formulated and agreed to your contract prior to incarnating.  Remind yourselves of this when doubts or anxieties arise within you, and ask for help!  You will receive it, though not necessarily in the form you think would be most appropriate.  But you will know that you have been heard and that you have received it because your stress and anxiety will decrease.  When that stress reduction occurs, notice it, give thanks for it, and then you will find that your stress and anxiety reduce even further.
You are never alone without access to all the assistance that you need.  Ask for it, expect it, and pay attention – as I said, it may well not be delivered in the form that you imagined – and as your stress and anxiety reduce remind yourselves that all is divinely taken care of, and that your awakening is therefore ensured.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

28 nov. 2012

What you are having as life experiences makes no sense at all

11/28/2012 by John Smallman

The ride towards home is accelerating as the divine Love field continues to expand exponentially, and more and more humans start to engage with it — as is essential for your awakening.  It is amazing to see the Light from each one of you grow brighter and brighter as you strengthen your intent to be only loving in every situation, and thus become more firmly interwoven into the divine Love field by that intent.
It is impossible to overstress the importance of Love!  As you have frequently been told Love is the life-force, the energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.  You built the illusion to experience life devoid of any connection to that field, but your Father ensured that it would be impossible for you to break that connection.  However, due to your free will, you were able to shut down your awareness of it, and pretend that you were masters of your illusory domain where you thought you had no need for God.
Finally, enough of you have become sufficiently disillusioned with the unreality you created to seek seriously for an alternative to the very real-seeming environment in which you are presently ensnared, and where so many are suffering.
That disillusionment is the key to your awakening.  Previously, you just accepted your environment as the only one available, hunkered down, and did your best to make it work for you, basically on an individual basis.  That has not worked, and cannot work: it only builds further separation and disconnection between you all by ensuring that you each choose to experience different and incompatible personal agendas as humans.  Those lead to almost constant arguments and disagreements, frequently followed by conflict, as you fail to resolve your differences.
Therefore, disillusionment is good.  Deep within yourselves you know that there is far more to life and existence than you can possibly conceive of, let alone experience within the illusion, which is why you have become so disillusioned with it.  What you are having as life experiences makes no sense at all, but for eons you have denied that fact.  Now you are realizing the validity of that reasoning and are turning to love and compassion instead of anger and conflict as the way to interact with each other — and you are finding that it works.
And if Love works, then evidently there must be a loving Source that created you all, because self-creation is not something that could have developed within the illusion.  Your science, however, has always tried to discount the value or the reality of love — let alone God — but it has recently had to accept that everything that exists is interconnected, that in fact there is no such thing as separation, and that such a state is a physical impossibility.  However, in your daily lives that is not immediately apparent, and large numbers of you continue to live as though you were separate self-sufficient beings, who need take very little if any responsibility for your behavior and for its effects on others or on the environment.
Your loving Source is always calling to you, and now that you have, as it were, removed your ear plugs, you are beginning to hear Him through your guides and angels.  That is an inspiring experience which is happening to more and more of you as you acknowledge the insanity and unacceptability of the illusion as an environment in which you wish to continue experiencing life.  That acknowledgment acts as a call to your guides and angels who respond instantly with loving embraces and by sending you unexpected experiences that surprise and intrigue you, and which lead you towards an opening into an awareness of your true spiritual essence.
You Light-bearers and way-showers will often be the catalyst, the unexpected influence that helps a sleeper to seek a spiritual meaning to her life.  And mostly you will be unaware of providing the nudge that someone needed to start them on their path to awakening.  But it is happening now on a vast scale as the momentous event of your awakening draws ever closer, and the rush is on to prepare you all to be part of it.  Your loving attitudes and behaviors are smoothing the paths and paving the ways that the sleepers need to follow, and are providing a lot of the Light by which they can see to do so.
Just remember that within creation — where everything that is real has its existence — there is no separation; all are conjoined.  And therefore whatever you do or intend affects all of creation.  Consequently, whenever you pray and meditate the intent that you hold is for all of creation, for the oneness that we all are.  And because in Reality there is only Love and all its myriad loving aspects, only loving intentions, thoughts, words, and actions are possible.  Anything unloving is as illusory as the illusion.
Nevertheless, within the illusion you can cause pain and suffering that seem very real.  There are therefore two self-evident reasons why you should make only loving intentions (1) any that are not loving cannot occur and do not therefore assist you in any way, but (2) within the illusion one can, and many do, build antagonistic energy fields around themselves with unloving thoughts and intentions that cause severe pain and suffering to themselves and to others.
It is those unloving and basically unreal aspects of yourselves that you are all now in the process of releasing, so that the illusion dissolves and the mists that cloud your vision melt away, allowing you to see the wonders that await you.  So be loving, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving, and look forward with confidence to your glorious awakening.
With so very much love, Saul.

This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down. . .

The last stage in your journey of awakening is beginning as you move down the final stretch on your path home.  It has so far been a very grueling experience, but that is all about to change as you sweep downhill towards the finish. Enormous amounts of spiritual energy have been released into your energy fields to assist you, as the numbers of you meditating and praying with the intent for humanity to awaken continue to increase.  This should help you strengthen your inner confidence in God’s plan for humanity, while providing you with a sense of peace and serenity as you look forward with keen anticipation to your moment of awakening.
It is going to happen, so let go of your doubts, or ask your guides and angels to strengthen your faith, and they will.  This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down through the remaining period, leading to the start of the new age.
Humanity’s long sojourn in unreality is almost over.  There have been a few good moments, but on the whole it has been a painful and depressing experience.  The longer it lasted the more ingrained became your heartless and unfeeling belief in the need to sacrifice some for the “good” of others.  And of course the “good” were those on your side, and those sacrificed were often “unavoidable collateral damage” who unfortunately happened to be in the way!  The senselessness of those attitudes has finally penetrated the minds and hearts of sufficient numbers of you to enable you to stand back a little from beliefs that had become almost completely carved in stone, and to allow yourselves to look at issues collectively through new eyes.
New eyes give a new perspective, and that new perspective has shown that without trust and respect for one another, lasting solutions to issues that divide you can never be found.  Many are now working to revise the practices with which you engage each other (individually, or nation to nation) in discussion and negotiation, so that new and enlightened patterns or models can be formulated that will honor all involved.  These practices will then become normal and standard forms of behavior as you move into the new era that you are collectively building, where those old and outworn attitudes and beliefs have no place.
At present, those showing the way, carrying the Light, or generally working lovingly in the caring professions are sending enormous waves of compassion and acceptance flowing throughout the world, bringing respite to those who are suffering, as a sense of hope for, and anticipation of, the new age begins to permeate their consciousness.  This sense of hope is strong, emphatic, and irresistible, because it carries with it the intention to awaken into a far, far better world where poverty, destitution, suppression, and coercion no longer exist. Many of those experiencing these feelings have never before felt so hopeful or so optimistic, and it is uplifting but puzzling for them.
As the dawning of the new age gets ever closer, the numbers of impoverished or destitute ones that this energy field of warmth and compassion envelops will grow steadily larger until it encompasses even the least spiritually aware, who feel utterly lost and abandoned as they struggle for survival deep within the illusion, assisting them towards awakening, unless they choose otherwise.  There are still a few, even in abject poverty, who are not yet willing to choose awakening, but they will be neither forgotten nor discounted, and when they are ready the path to awakening will be there to lead them home.
Reality is unlimited, undiscriminating, and totally accepting of all whom God has created, because all who have been created were created in Love, which is the eternal state to which all will return.  If any of you have worries or concerns about loved ones whom you think are unaware of the essential spirituality of their nature, or who appear unwilling to give it credence, or whom you imagine for any reason at all will not awaken, release those worries because they are totally unfounded as God always takes care of His own, and all forms of consciousness and sentience are His own.  Those worries just keep you attached or clinging to the illusion when you should be focusing on releasing all those limiting and distracting ties.
God’s Will for you all is that you awaken — and so it is inevitable that you will. Because however you may feel at present, in the grander scheme of things your will is completely aligned with His.  All are free to continue playing games in the illusion, but eventually all will grow tired of them, and, like the prodigal son, all will return Home to a magnificent celebratory welcome.  Everyone is gloriously welcomed on returning Home; there are absolutely no exceptions because all are infinitely loved and honored for who they truly are.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

25 nov. 2012

In the spiritual realms we are far more aware of you than you can imagine

The November 22nd global meditation went very well, with millions holding the intent to awaken into fully conscious living and being.  The enormous changes for which you are all hoping are soon to materialize as the divine field of Love continues to strengthen and intensify in line with your collective free-will choice to awaken.  In the spiritual realms — where we are far more aware of you than you can imagine — our exhilaration and joy continues to intensify as we see you making great efforts to bring in the new age in which all humans will experience loving acceptance, a fruitful abundance that will fulfill all their needs, and the peace and harmony that only Love can provide.
There has been a great opening to the divine field of Love that surrounds you at all times, and when you do open yourselves to it, as increasing numbers of you have been doing for the last two or three decades, the results are amazing.  Your joy will soon match ours as you awaken into the divine Reality where all that exists is eternally present, open, transparent, and utterly loving.
Your ongoing journey has demanded much from you because, when you became embodied as humans, the various cultural imprints of the area in which you were born were, so to say, seeded into your growing human forms.  This has had the effect of closing down or at least severely weakening your awareness of your eternal spiritual heritage, and following on from that, the cultural codes of belief and conduct of your human home environment became firmly etched into your personality, thus supplying you with your human identity.  Some of you realized very early in your lives that you were most definitely not the person or identity that had been assigned to you or was being imposed upon you, but the vast majority of you succumbed to the constant environmental pressures to conform. Yes, you may have rebelled a little as you grew up, but basically you accepted your cultural imprinting by modifying it very slightly to give yourselves a sense of individual identity, a sense of specialness.
Every sentient being that God has created has an eternally present God-given individual identity.  All are one, but each also has an individual divine creative talent or aspect that is unique.  And while you all always remain Whole — one with each other and with God — there is a part of the divine in each of you that can and does express itself individually.  So, while growing up as humans, you had within you, at a much deeper level of yourselves than you can normally access within the illusion, an intense sense that occasionally broke the surface of your consciousness, that you were far, far more than you were given credit for by your human companions and by the culture within which you were living.  And of course your egos often took that sense and ran with it, frequently causing chaos and mayhem.
The illusion is really a very strange and confusing environment where nothing seems to make much sense.  You are all human, you can cooperate very successfully together to achieve common ends if you choose to, and yet most of the time you only partially cooperate while at the same time trying to improve your own personal situation at the expense of everyone else.  And yet within each one of you there is a sense that this does not make sense!
And so you seek out loving relationships with another – maybe countless others – or with religious, political, cultural, corporate, or any number of other organizations that seem to offer you something special or enticing, and which, in return for your loyalty, seem to offer you some kind of security and acceptance.  But if you break the rules you are out, ostracized, abandoned.  This fills you with a deep sense of insecurity and anxiety which you are forever attempting to relieve.
That insecurity and anxiety, if it did not drive you to maintain an extreme egoic passion for personal power and control, eventually induces you to seek more meaning, more fulfillment, more creative possibilities in life, and this leads you towards a longing for your spiritual destiny.  You start to uncover the hidden depths within you where the divine and inextinguishable flame had been established to assist you at this precise point in your ongoing evolution.
What is happening now on Earth is that more and more of you are, in every moment, uncovering these inner hidden depths and longings and responding to the love that they offer.  In truth they can no longer be suppressed.  As they bubble up to the surface of your consciousness they are bringing with them the many deeply buried emotions of anger, fear, resentment, injustice, and betrayal that, for a variety of reasons, you have been unable to express.  For most of you this upwelling is shocking, uncomfortable, and painful!  You thought you were reasonable, kind, honest, and caring people — how could you have all this stuff coming up?  It could not possibly be yours!
Again, it is all part of the illusion!  Do not let it worry you; it just needs to be released.  Some of it may well not be yours personally, but it is part of the enormous negative karmic energy field that humanity has built up over the eons. Do not engage with it or try to make sense of it.  Instead, let it flow through you and dissolve into the field of divine Love surrounding you, as it will.  It is uncomfortable, but it has to be released, and if you are experiencing it, it is yours to release – your task as you assist in humanity’s grand awakening.
This discomfort and the confusion it causes you will be short-lived.  It is like the intense pain before the bursting of a massive furuncle filled with poisons that has been causing fevered disharmony.  It has to burst to release all that toxicity – and afterwards there is great relief and healing occurs.
A great healing of humanity is in progress, and the conflicts and suffering that are being reported worldwide are indications of the release of all this accumulated toxicity.  It is very painful for those directly involved, but they are not accidentally involved, and the relief that they will experience when it is complete will more than compensate for what they are presently undergoing.  You can all help enormously by intending to send love, compassion, and healing to where it is most needed every time you are meditating.  Remember, all is divinely taken care of, and each one of you has an essential and intensely loving part to play as the moment for awakening approaches.  Focus your attention on the field of Love surrounding you all.  Intend to engage with it, and allow the awakening to unfold as divinely intended by holding on high the Light you are bearing for this purpose.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Without you, the mass awakening could not happen

The intensity of this now moment is intensifying even further as the actual moment for your awakening moves ever closer.  The excitement and enthusiasm mount, and restraint is becoming increasingly difficult because this magnificent event, which has been planned for so long, is almost upon us.  Yet, to most of you on Earth at this time, it in many ways appears to be business as usual as reports of scandals, conflicts – on many levels of society and in many areas of the world – and disasters of various kinds continue to occupy the mainstream media.
The wonderful changes that are occurring in many areas are barely noticed, let alone reported on – but that is most definitely set to change!  The changes are of a spiritual nature, but they are very visible because they are demonstrated by the changes in attitude, thought, dialogue, and behavior that have already occurred. They have occurred because of the spiritual changes that so many of you are undergoing, as your spiritual evolution advances rapidly due to your intent for this to happen, and because of the limitless assistance that you are receiving from those in the spiritual realms.  You have asked for help, you are receiving an abundance of it, and the results are indeed phenomenal.
You, who are reading or listening to this message, know that enormous changes for the benefit of all humanity, and for the Earth that supports your human existence, are happening at an increasing rate as the assistance necessary to bring them into effect strengthens and intensifies.  The more you focus on bringing your own spiritual essence into action on behalf of the human awakening process the more powerful and effective your efforts to bring it about become. This is your task, this is why you are on Earth at this time.  You all chose to be involved in this mass awakening, and without you it could not happen.  Do not underestimate the importance of your presence or the significance of the task that you have so willingly and lovingly undertaken.
Without you it could not happen, which is why you are so honored in the spiritual realms – even though some of you occasionally even doubt the existence of a loving God!  You chose to be on Earth to help, and being on Earth means that you have accepted an enormous memory loss to enable you to experience the same kind of confusion as the sleepers you have come to help.  Like them you feel lost and confused, but with a deep underlying sense that you have a divine purpose, which of course you have.  That sense of purpose is breaking through most positively into your conscious awareness at precisely the most appropriate moment so that it can assist you to assist others.  And with it comes a more conscious knowing that you are most definitely on the right path and doing what you came to do.
The full understanding of what you are on Earth to do is still not clear to you because the illusion is a very foggy place!  Rest assured that you are responding magnificently to the demands that are being made on you, and that progress towards the awakening is moving rapidly and most effectively forwards.  Keep on keeping on!  You are doing a most fantastic job, and a successful conclusion to your demanding endeavors on the Earth plane is inevitable.
Remind yourselves regularly that what you are presently experiencing is illusory, and one sign that is highly indicative of that is the fact that every single one of you perceives life differently.  No two of you have exactly the same views, beliefs, or opinions, and that fact, when expanded to the whole planetary population, explains why you have such an impossible task ahead of you in trying to establish peace on Earth.  The ego is the stumbling-block, and what a block it is!  It was the first step in building the sense of separation, of aloneness that the illusion provides.  That naturally led to intense fear which in turn led to mistrust.
Being loving – which is an act of will – in every situation is the way to disarm the ego.  However, the ego resists . . . sometimes very forcefully indeed.  What is happening now on Earth is an enormous inflowing of Love which is affecting every human, and breaking through into their conscious awareness, and insisting that they question and reassess all their opinions and beliefs.  And for most of you that is extremely unsettling.  The ego has been your home, your castle, the place to which you retreated when threatened, and from which you judged and blamed others for your fear, pain, and misery.  The Love entering your hearts is showing you very clearly that this is not so, that your problems, anxieties, and fears are all self-imposed.
You see it quite clearly demonstrated when you observe small children who have become excessively overtired and then throw a temper tantrum.  Nothing you can offer to appease or pacify them has the least effect.  They have retired into their egoic fortress from which they attempt to repel all invaders.  When they have slept and recovered from their overwhelming tiredness they are once again the adorable beings that you recognize and delight in.
But, as adults, you still retain that inner egoic fortress – although the majority of you no longer throw temper tantrums – to which you retreat when a situation overwhelms you.  The divine Love field enveloping the planet is penetrating all those egoic fortresses, and for those who remain deeply asleep it is very unsettling indeed.  Nevertheless, Love will embrace and then dissolve those stalwart fortifications behind which you have hidden yourselves for so long, and when that happens each of you will be amazed at the beautiful and enticing prospect that It displays before you.
Love is your savior, your guiding Light, your ticket home to Reality.  So embrace It — as It offers you “the Peace of God that passeth all understanding.” It is what you have all been seeking since the moment of apparent separation.  Reach out and joyfully accept your Father’s loving embrace which is offered to you constantly in every moment of your eternal existence; discover that there is absolutely nothing more that you desire, and sink into that wondrously calm and soothing state as all your fears, worries, and anxieties just dissolve.
With so very much love, Saul.

23 nov. 2012

UNED - Congreso de Innovación Educativa - 04/05/12

El Congreso organizado por El colegio Areteia y la Fundación Excelencia, los pasados días 20 y 21 Abril, ha conseguido reunir a prestigiosos profesionales del ámbito de la medicina, de la psicología y de la educación, especialistas en temas de dislexia, hiperactividad y adopciones para arrojar luz y conseguir la mejor comprensión de los alumnos con estas características. Con ello, permitirá que reciban la mejor atención ajustada a sus necesidades en las aulas.
El congreso va dirigido a docentes, padres, médicos, psicólogos, psicopedagogos y a todos aquellos interesados en buscar áreas de mejora para tratar estas dificultades.
José Antonio Marina, Filósofo;
Silvia Álava Reyes, Psicóloga;
Lila Larrondo, Psicóloga especializada en adopciones;
Carmen Castelló, Pedagoga especialista en Orientación Escolar y en Dirección de Centros Educativos;
Luís García Carretero, Licenciado en Filosofía.

Problemas conductuales y emocionales en los niños

Feel the embrace of Home

Pamela channels Jeshua

Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I am your brother. Receive me in your midst. I am your family and I want you to recognize me as your brother, a human being who was among you.
I am so happy to be here with you. I see your beauty and your radiance. You know, I do not really want to teach you, to tell you how to act, or what to believe. More than anything else, I wish to remind you of who you are. I want you to recognize your own greatness, so allow me to touch that greatness in you. Imagine I am standing in front of you and you look me in the eyes. Do you feel our oneness? You are moved by my energy because you recognize it as the energy of Home. And my message to you is that you can come Home now. Home for you is here, and I am here to welcome you Home.
So imagine you are Home and now you can relax. You can be completely who you are; you do not have to hide anything. You do not have to hide your fears, your doubts, your anxiety, and more importantly, you do not have to hide your greatness.
You have travelled throughout the universe – you are Eternal Beings. How is it possible that you think so little of yourself? Especially at this time on Earth, it is of great importance that you remember who you are. You are ready to move on and to let go of the past. Yes, it is true that you all carry inside you deep pain and hurt from the past, but often you become blinded by that pain. You do not recognize who you are beyond that pain and fear. You are hypnotized by it, and often this is reinforced by fearful beliefs in your environment and society. What happens then is that you remain stuck in low vibrations, while in your heart and in your soul, you are vibrating at a high level. It pains me to see this happen to you, because I see clearly your wisdom and your high vibration. I wish to hold a mirror in front of you because truly, all your life, questions are answered not by any knowledge or authority outside you, but by your own innate wisdom. By remembering your true being, your soul, you have all the knowledge you need available to you.
When people desire to channel, what they truly want in their heart is to connect with the energy of Home, of their true being. They yearn for that energy and it is natural to have that yearning. It is not natural to live in a tense, fearful state of mind, so I strongly encourage you to follow this desire that is inside you. What you truly want is to manifest your soul on Earth. To enhance your channeling skills, take a look at your everyday life and observe when you feel relaxed and are going with the flow, when you feel peaceful and inspired. At those times, it is easier for your soul and your guides to reach you. The challenge for you is to keep that flow going, to keep that state of high vibration intact when you are faced with lower vibrations, such as fear or anger.
Some of you feel you want to withdraw from this world of low vibrations, because then it would become easier to stay in a peaceful vibration, which is more natural to you. And I understand this desire you have. But for you to truly become whole, you have to recognize that the low vibrations that you see in the world are also inside you – you also have fear, anger, sadness. So the real challenge for you as a human being here on Earth is to embrace these lower vibrations with your soul's Light. To escape from the world would be to escape from yourself, and at this time on Earth, it is extremely important that people who channel their soul also remain very grounded and in the world. We need you here.
The beautiful message I have for you today is that now it is possible to be on Earth who you truly are. You carry so much anxiety and bad memories about truly expressing yourself on Earth. You often have felt that you were different; you felt a stranger or an outsider from society. But if now you look at human society on Earth, there is a crisis going on. Seen from an energetic level, there is a lot of density on Earth in which there are fearful patterns. But in this layer of density, there now are open holes, so to speak. People are generally opening up for something different, a guidance of another kind, because they realize they cannot hold on to any external certainty. Humanity as a whole desires and needs a leap forward in consciousness. It is important that you know your place, your natural place within this field of energies.
It is true that you are different. In your heart you are listening to a different song, so to speak, and you can remain true to that. But, nonetheless, your place is in this world. And it is especially when you embrace your lowest vibrations with your Light that you gain a true understanding of what other people are going through. This will enable you to look at other people with compassion, even if they are very different from you. This does not mean that you have to suffer with them. You can be an inhabitant of the New Earth and still remain present in the midst of old energies. You can remain true to your own highest vibration and yet live among lower vibrations. This is a sign of true maturity as a soul: that you recognize who you are; that you do not feel rejected by society; that you understand you are here to bring in a new type of consciousness; and that now you are so very welcome on Earth.
So my message tonight is twofold. On the one hand, I am full of happiness and a sense of celebration, because I see your beauty so clearly and I see that you are ready to take a leap forward. But to the extent that the past still has a hold on you and you feel that your fear and doubt wear you down, I want to speak to you very directly. It is so easy to be weighed down by these lower vibrations, because there is still a lot of density on Earth, but I truly want to wake you up, especially in those moments when you feel so down. Remember in those moments: you are ready, you are mature, you are whole.
I will end by asking you to look at yourself through my eyes. I see your beauty and your vulnerability at the same time. I have no judgement whatsoever about your lower vibrations, your emotions of fear. Feel that acceptance; feel that I accept all of you, and feel the embrace of Home.
© Pamela Kribbe


22 nov. 2012

Ataque de risa en el metro de Berlín

Message from Matthew 11-20-12

Message from Matthew 11-20-12

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You are physically and emotionally feeling the effects of energy surges more so than seeing their remarkable results. We are feeling and seeing the grand forward thrusts the surges have given the planet and most of its residents: Gaia, Earth’s soul, is joyous about her planetary body’s nearness to the threshold of fourth density; hope for better times is being restored within people whose living circumstances are desperate; and newly awakened souls are sparkling all over Earth.
A world full of other marvelous happenings is on the way, but in the days at hand, the in-pouring of high vibrations also is having some unwelcome effects, like the roiling intensity at the negative end of duality’s spectrum. Perhaps at this moment it is most noticeable in the tense Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. We hasten to assure you, the time for a full blown new war is past, today’s enemies will evolve into peaceful, cooperative relationships, and any country waging war against another will be unthinkable.
On a different front but also due to increasingly high vibrations, many are experiencing conditions such as weakness, disorientation, forgetfulness, fatigue, sudden mood swings and other uncustomary sensations. In healthy bodies that have absorbed light, the anomalies are few and brief as these bodies’ crystalline cells adjust more easily to energy fluctuations than can the carbon-based cells of bodies with less light.

Please do not use any of those symptoms as a barometer for assessing how much light is within you! Chronic maladies and forms of mental illness still affect bodies in Earth’s atmosphere, and souls who are radiant with light may continue to experience those discomforts until they’re well within fourth density’s strong healing vibrations.
To lessen the severity and duration of the temporary anomalies, get sufficient sleep, avoid stressful encounters, drink a lot of water, have solitary serene time as often as possible and eat wisely. Vegetables and fruits are especially beneficial and less meat, sugar, starchy foods and fats in the diet also will help to lift energy levels, reduce fatigue and stabilize a positive outlook.
We strongly suggest that you not resort to antidepressants or other prescription drugs or the many that are lining store shelves. Particularly in the prevailing energies, the chemicals in drugs can suppress or destroy bodies’ own healing mechanisms. If you are on a medically-prescribed regimen, consult with your healthcare giver about safely reducing dosage.
Another effect of Earth’s proximity to fourth density is that linear time is passing more and more swiftly. If you are reaching day’s end feeling frustrated because there was no time to handle all responsibilities, set your priorities and please don’t fret about foregoing what could not be fit in.
The prevailing vibratory levels contributed substantially to quite a different kind of matter, too. The Illuminati, who thought that not only could they cling to their remnants of control, but rebuild their former worldwide power base, now know that their situation is hopeless. They had pinned their hopes and put their money on Mr. Romney winning the US presidency.
That country’s people and the rest of the world see President Obama’s re-election as the voters’ choice. It was that indeed, but his victory is more than the vote count—it is a manifestation of science, a reflection of the energetic flow of the universe. The president’s vision of a peaceful world restored to its former health and beauty and his goals to achieve this are aligned with Earth’s vibratory field. The goals of Mr. Romney are to keep the world’s resources and vast fortunes in the same few hands, and this is not in alignment with Earth’s vibratory field.
Like all other sources of negativity, the low vibrations of greed and control are incompatible with the high vibrations of love that are flowing ever more abundantly throughout the world and bringing Earth back into a healthful state of balance. The energy within balance is love-light, and nothing with low vibrations can coexist with this most powerful of all energies in the universe.
The fact that the election outcome was in consonance with the universal flow, as the Golden Age master planners long ago knew it would be, did not diminish one iota the free will choices of the United States citizens. Each voted in accordance with his or her reaction to the energy emanating from the candidates.
Please understand that this is neither criticism nor judgment of the voters or the candidates—it is explaining the election result in the context of laws that govern life in this universe. The same holds true for the congressional elections in that country and all elections in every other country where the citizenry have a choice of candidates for leadership roles.
The laws are affecting not only national governments and governing bodies from village level on up—wherever negativity still has a foothold, high vibrations are causing shake-ups to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to say. This can be as close to home as family, neighbors and co-workers and as seemingly remote as multinational corporations, the United Nations, military forces, religions, education, law and justice systems, and information outlets around the globe.
High vibrations are overpowering the low vibrations of everything that has adversely affected life in your world. This had to happen so Earth could regain her balance after almost dying from long ages of imbalance due to humankind’s brutality to each other, animals and the planet itself. The massive infusion of light from far distant sources seventy-some years ago enabled Earth to embark upon a journey back to life-sustaining balance—you know this journey as ascension.
This is an appropriate place to address an email that recently was sent to my mother: “I just found your site but I’ve known about Disclosure for quite a while. What are we supposed to do until our ET family gets here, just continue to wait patiently and hope they really will come? Can they decide not to? If so, would that mean that it is our responsibility to end all wars and other violence, repair the environment and fix everything else that is wrong in the world? Doing that without any help from advanced civilizations seems like an impossibility.”
There is so much to say about this, it is hard to know where to begin.
Perhaps it is best to start with the universal law that no civilization has the responsibility—much less the right—to go into another world and make changes as they see fit even when it would immensely benefit that world’s inhabitants. Civilizations with a core of darkness have violated this law and destroyed other peoples and their homelands, but this never has happened to Earth and only lighted civilizations are anywhere near your solar system.
So yes, it is the responsibility of a civilization to right its own wrongs, but there is a loop hole there, you could say. Conditions in your world from severely damaged environment to the state of perpetual warring and unconscionably lopsided distribution of resources are products of your civilization’s successive generations’ bellicosity, brutality, greed, corruption, deception, negligence and abuse. Righting all of those wrongs is indeed a formidable undertaking, and to any third density civilization, it surely would seem an impossible task.
No doubt that is why God authorizes assistance to civilizations that request it. Gaia asked for help so her planetary body could survive, and the response was what we mentioned above, the infusion of lifesaving light from many civilizations. But it is not only by Gaia’s request that assistance is being lovingly given. The desire in your collective consciousness to live in a world at peace and in harmony with Nature is your request for help to accomplish this.
From the first moment of intensive light-beaming, many years ago, civilizations that the majority on Earth don’t know even exist have been helping Earth and you in numerous vital ways. Thus clearly their assistance is not dependent upon “Disclosure,” your governments’ public acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence.
In accordance with universal laws and as part of the Golden Age master plan—prior to birth, everyone in your world knew the plan’s details and clamored to participate—all of our universal family who have been helping you are way-showers, not over-takers.
Many thousands are living right there with you, working alongside you. They have adapted an appearance that looks no different from you, and their superior intelligence and highly developed skills have given them entry into fields where darkness held sway.
Some work quietly researching and documenting the truth that the darkness has kept hidden from you, and others—you call them whistleblowers—tell the truth to the world.
Others are initiating or influencing reforms in such diverse areas as governing, economic and legal systems, energy, transportation, healthcare, sports, education, mining, logging, agriculture, computer technology, species preservation, the media, scientific research and metallurgy.
A few are in the entertainment field, and even though you regard them as such, their feats that amaze you stir thoughts about what underlies their extraordinary abilities. They exemplify what you, too, can do when you expand spiritual and conscious awareness.
Many brothers and sisters came from other worlds to befriend, enlighten, guide and inspire the individuals who share with them the same ancestry civilizations.
The protection of invisibility by “cloaking” or an impenetrable shield of Christed light is given to people whose lives are at risk at the hands of Illuminati henchmen.
None of the highly publicized “feared” pandemics occurred because family members working in your laboratories neutralized the toxins in vaccines that were designed to cause illness and death.
The damage that has been done to Earth is much too severe for you to manage yourselves. Even when technologies long-controlled by the Illuminati are released, they are not sufficient to speedily handle the extensive restorative aid the planet requires, and technologies in nearby spacecrafts, some of which is mind-powered, do have that capability.
While passengers and crews have been waiting to land and work with you on site, all along they have been helping from the skies. Foremost is preventing more than a dozen attempts by the Illuminati to use nuclear warheads in terrorist acts that would have caused more deaths and destruction than “9/11.”
Radioactive releases from Japan’s damaged nuclear facility would have killed or sickened millions if the crews had not dramatically reduced the lethal levels.
No marine life within miles of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico would have survived if the crews had not kept clearing away the gushing oil’s toxic components.
They also have been reducing the toxicity in weaponry, industrial waste, stored nuclear waste, chemtrails, and other pollutants in inland and ocean waters.
Crews far and near disintegrate or deflect the course of celestial bodies and manmade debris in space that could cause serious damage if they hit the planet.
By laying an electromagnetic grid above Earth, they reduce the effects of earthquakes insofar as death toll and destruction, yet permit the same amount of negativity release.
They steer severe storms away from land unless the target areas need the cleansing and purifying that water imparts.
And those vast, powerful, far distant civilizations will continue to direct intensive light to Earth until she is securely within fourth density.
Can you imagine the state of your world and all who live there if none of those measures had been undertaken by countless numbers within our universal community?
This brings us to a point we wish to emphasize about “just continue to wait patiently” for Disclosure. Beloved souls, you are not just waiting! Innately you know that the responsibility for cleaning up the mess is yours because it is your homeland, and in one way or another, all of you have contributed to its condition. That’s why many millions of you have been serving for years to bring about benevolent changes that are generating light and uplifting your world.
Let us give you some examples. Local and international rallies and meditation services for peace. Participation in a variety of environmental conservation measures. Monetary support to organizations that are providing life essentials to refugees and others in impoverished circumstances. Community and individual efforts to assist those who are most needy. Demands for justice and humane treatment where those are being denied. Efforts to preserve and uplift the lives of domestic and wild animals. Ingenuity, perseverance and cooperation to overcome financial adversity and other hardships.
And please do not overlook the power of your prayers! Prayer is not reciting familiar words in church or personal messages to God, by whatever name you call the Supreme Being of this universe. Prayer is the energy sent forth by your every thought, feeling and deed, and you have been sending out “peace, prosperity, health and harmony” energy in great abundance!
We want to mention other factors that also pertain to “waiting patiently.” In previous messages we have explained what has prevented mass landings for the past decade or so, and it is most unfortunate that much confusion and disappointment has arisen due to blatantly false information given to some channels by dark entities that claimed to be well known respected sources. The dark ones do this specifically to cause negative reactions because they feed on the energy of negativity and to survive, they must keep creating it.
It didn’t help that the very few actual plans for a small number of ETs to make a public appearance had to be postponed—we assure you that the fleet commanders’ decisions were wisely made for your safety and theirs.
Because of that and the many instances of deliberate falsehoods about extraterrestrials’ arrival and intentions as well as claims of imminent planetary disasters, Hatonn has asked us to expound on his statement in a previous message: “If our making an appearance becomes pivotal to Obama keeping his position, we’ll do that in sufficient time before the election. If we see that his reelection is certain, we’ll show up soon afterwards.”
“We” refers to members of the off-planet contingent that has been negotiating with some of your government leaders and others in the vanguard of paving the way for the Golden Age. This visiting group would be introduced prior to the arrival of our family who will bring technologies and remain as long as you want and need them to work with you.
The decision about timing of that momentous day is the province of the highest universal council, and it acts upon God’s mandate. Only at that ultimate peak of awareness can soul contracts of everyone involved, individual and global karmic completion, and your population’s reactions be known.
There is still another aspect to the “waiting game,” if you will. Animals whose soul contracts provide sufficient longevity have a free ride into fourth density with the planet, but humankind does not—you have to earn your ticket, so to say. Whether your contract choice is to live in Earth’s Golden Age or to enjoy its full panorama from Nirvana, it is prudent to use this time to prepare spiritually. Live from your heart—love is the key!
Only in the United States is one day each year designated Thanksgiving Day. Should not every day be a time of thanks-giving throughout your world?
Thanks to our universal family who are in your midst or in your skies, and all who are beaming intense light from afar to you and your world.
Thanks to Gaia for crying out for help so her body and all of its resident life forms could survive.
Thanks to God for His unconditional love and for never judging what you do or don’t do.
And thanks to each other for providing the opportunities for experiences that you needed for spiritual and conscious growth.
Always and in all ways, the respect and love of lighted souls throughout this universe are with you, our dear Earth family.
Suzanne Ward

21 nov. 2012

Deseos humanos - Anónimo Sufí

This is a “heaven-sent” opportunity to short-circuit the wheel of karma

We have often talked about Love — capital L — and yet the meaning of that word is really not only very difficult for you to understand, it is quite impossible for you to understand.  We have said that It is the life-force, the divine creative intent, the field in which all of creation has its existence, and to attempt to speak of any of those concepts is to immediately put a limit on That which is utterly limitless.
When you awaken, you will understand.  But until then you might find it helpful to think of Love as the space in which all the galaxies that you might refer to as the “known universe” have their existence, along with all that is invisible and immeasurable at your present level of spiritual and scientific awareness.  And that idea only makes it possible for you to think that you have a handle on It, when in fact It is beyond comprehension.  Here in the spiritual realms we have a better notion or perception of It, but even our understanding of Love, of God, of our Father, is nowhere near complete because it is impossible to understand the ineffable, the limitlessness that is God.
He shows us constantly that we are loved, cherished, and of inestimable value, because we are constantly enveloped in and embraced by His energy field, His Love, where we want for nothing, and anything that we can conceive of is instantly present.  It is a state of sublime joy and happiness which can only be experienced.  It is beyond comprehension, except by Itself — God, the Source of all being — because of Its nature which has always been.  As the Bible states, “Before Abraham was, I am . . .” There was no beginning, there is no end, God Is.
With humanity’s love of puzzles, and its delight in solving them and in working things out by reason and logic, many have spent lifetimes attempting to understand and explain God instead of just sinking into the warmth of His loving embrace.  Working things out and attempting to understand them is part of the game of separation that has enthralled and mystified you for so long.  But it has also constantly set you against one another in your endless struggles to be right, to be first, to be best.
Now that is all changing as you allow Love entry into your hearts, bringing with It increasing awareness that the way you have been living and relating to one another (or not) throughout your known history — and way before that — is and has always been a recipe for disaster, which is why humanity has experienced so many of them.  And while this new awareness, this new way of perceiving, is causing you pain and anguish as you look around and see so much of humanity suffering horrendously in its never-ending struggle for survival, your awareness is what is enabling you to change your intent, your collective intent, and bring all this insanity to an end.
Increasing awareness indicates the initial stages of awakening, and for that be glad.  You are changing yourselves and the world, and you are, therefore, bringing in the new age for which all have been longing.  You are not alone as you each work your way through this process of increasing awareness, heart-opening, and, finally, awakening, because you have abundant assistance available to you on every step of the path you have each individually chosen to follow on your way Home.
True, there is only one path, but to each one of you it appears in a different form that is tailored to your individual needs and choices, and for that it is totally appropriate.  As I have mentioned before, your path is your path, and either to envy another’s or to gloat over the apparent pain that another’s is causing him is not only unloving, it is a time-wasting distraction that seriously delays your own spiritual evolution.
Within the illusion you can, and many have, spent lifetimes doing just that. However, at this moment in humanity’s history there is a “heaven-sent” opportunity to short-circuit the wheel of karma, to obliterate it from your lives, and, by embracing loving attitudes and behaviors, awaken once more into your natural state as a divine being ablaze with the Light of God.  That Light desires only to shine forth through you, as you and your Father have always intended, bringing sublime peace and happiness to all who experience Its loving warmth, which of course includes you!
Your task remains one of discarding old attitudes, behaviors, and excess emotional baggage as you open your awareness to the true meaning and purpose of human life — which is to awaken into the Love that surrounds you, waiting for you to accept Its loving embrace.  The way to acceptance of what is constantly divinely offered to you is by relaxing into a prayerful or meditative state, even if only for a moment, frequently during the day.  It is your assured path to your awakening.
With so very much love, Saul.

Transiciones y orientación a lo largo de la vida (I)

El efecto del azar en la carrera, como sacar provecho de la indecisión y las contradicciones; la conciliació n de la vida personal y profesional; la mentoría y el coaching como estrategias para el desarrollo de la carrera; la orientación en los centros para la vertebración de un sistema integrado de orientación, son algunos de los ejes que se han desarrollado en las sesiones de las Jornadas Internacionales de Orientación, sobre las que seguiremos hablando en un programa posterior. Participantes: María Fe Sánchez García, presidenta de AEOP, profesora de la Facultad de Educación (UNED). Beatriz Malik Liévano, profesora de la Facultad de Educación (UNED). Beatriz Álvarez González, profesora de la Facultad de Educación (UNED). Nuria Manzano Soto, profesora de la Facultad de Educación (UNED).

The Basic Principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy By Judith Beck, PhD

Although therapy must be tailored to the individual, there are, nevertheless, certain principles that underlie cognitive behavior therapy for all patients. I will use a depressed patient, “Sally,” to illustrate these central tenets and to demonstrate how to use cognitive theory to understand patients’ difficulties and how to use this understanding to plan treatment and conduct therapy sessions.

Sally was an 18-year-old single female when she sought treatment with me during her second semester of college. She had been feeling quite depressed and anxious for the previous 4 months and was having difficulty with her daily activities. She met criteria for a major depressive episode of moderate severity according to DSM-IV-TR (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision; American Psychiatric Association, 2000). The basic principles of cognitive behavior therapy are as follows:

Principle No. 1: Cognitive behavior therapy is based on an ever-evolving formulation of patients’ problems and an individual conceptualization of each patient in cognitive terms. I consider Sally’s difficulties in three time frames. From the beginning, I identify her current thinking that contributes to her feelings of sadness (“I’m a failure, I can’t do anything right, I’ll never be happy”), and her problematic behaviors (isolating herself, spending a great deal of unproductive time in her room, avoiding asking for help). These problematic behaviors both flow from and in turn reinforce Sally’s dysfunctional thinking.

Second, I identify precipitating factors that influenced Sally’s perceptions at the onset of her depression (e.g., being away from home for the first time and struggling in her studies contributed to her belief that she was incompetent).

Third, I hypothesize about key developmental events and her enduring patterns of interpreting these events that may have predisposed her to depression (e.g., Sally has had a lifelong tendency to attribute personal strengths and achievement to luck, but views her weaknesses as a reflection of her “true” self).

I base my conceptualization of Sally on the cognitive formulation of depression and on the data Sally provides at the evaluation session. I continue to refine this conceptualization at each session as I obtain more data. At strategic points, I share the conceptualization with Sally to ensure that it “rings true” to her. Moreover, throughout therapy I help Sally view her experience through the cognitive model. She learns, for example, to identify the thoughts associated with her distressing affect and to evaluate and formulate more adaptive responses to her thinking. Doing so improves how she feels and often leads to her behaving in a more functional way.

Principle No. 2: Cognitive behavior therapy requires a sound therapeutic alliance. Sally, like many patients with uncomplicated depression and anxiety disorders, has little difficulty trusting and working with me. I strive to demonstrate all the basic ingredients necessary in a counseling situation: warmth, empathy, caring, genuine regard, and competence. I show my regard for Sally by making empathic statements, listening closely and carefully, and accurately summarizing her thoughts and feelings. I point out her small and larger successes and maintain a realistically optimistic and upbeat outlook. I also ask Sally for feedback at the end of each session to ensure that she feels understood and positive about the session.

Principle No. 3: Cognitive behavior therapy emphasizes collaboration and active participation. I encourage Sally to view therapy as teamwork; together we decide what to work on each session, how often we should meet, and what Sally can do between sessions for therapy homework. At first, I am more active in suggesting a direction for therapy sessions and in summarizing what we’ve discussed during a session. As Sally becomes less depressed and more socialized into treatment, I encourage her to become increasingly active in the therapy session: deciding which problems to talk about, identifying the distortions in her thinking, summarizing important points, and devising homework assignments.

Principle No. 4: Cognitive behavior therapy is goal oriented and problem focused. I ask Sally in our first session to enumerate her problems and set specific goals so both she and I have a shared understanding of what she is working toward. For example, Sally mentions in the evaluation session that she feels isolated. With my guidance, Sally states a goal in behavioral terms: to initiate new friendships and spend more time with current friends. Later, when discussing how to improve her day-to-day routine, I help her evaluate and respond to thoughts that interfere with her goal, such as: My friends won’t want to hang out with me. I’m too tired to go out with them. First, I help Sally evaluate the validity of her thoughts through an examination of the evidence. Then Sally is willing to test the thoughts more directly through behavioral experiments in which she initiates plans with friends. Once she recognizes and corrects the distortion in her thinking, Sally is able to benefit from straightforward problem solving to decrease her isolation.

Principle No. 5: Cognitive behavior therapy initially emphasizes the present. The treatment of most patients involves a strong focus on current problems and on specific situations that are distressing to them. Sally begins to feel better once she is able to respond to her negative thinking and take steps to improve her life. Therapy starts with an examination of here-and-now problems, regardless of diagnosis. Attention shifts to the past in two circumstances: One, when patients express a strong preference to do so, and a failure to do so could endanger the therapeutic alliance. Two, when patients get “stuck” in their dysfunctional thinking, and an understanding of the childhood roots of their beliefs can potentially help them modify their rigid ideas. (“Well, no wonder you still believe you’re incompetent. Can you see how almost any child—who had the same experiences as you—would grow up believing she was incompetent, and yet it might not be true, or certainly not completely true?”)

For example, I briefly turn to the past midway through treatment to help Sally identify a set of beliefs she learned as a child: “If I achieve highly, it means I’m worthwhile,” and “If I don’t achieve highly, it means I’m a failure.” I help her evaluate the validity of these beliefs both in the past and present. Doing so leads Sally, in part, to develop more functional and more reasonable beliefs. If Sally had had a personality disorder, I would have spent proportionally more time discussing her developmental history and childhood origin of beliefs and coping behaviors.

Principle No. 6: Cognitive behavior therapy is educative, aims to teach the patient to be her own therapist, and emphasizes relapse prevention. In our first session I educate Sally about the nature and course of her disorder, about the process of cognitive behavior therapy, and about the cognitive model (i.e., how her thoughts influence her emotions and behavior). I not only help Sally set goals, identify and evaluate thoughts and beliefs, and plan behavioral change, but I also teach her how to do so. At each session I ensure that Sally takes home therapy notes—important ideas she has learned—so she can benefit from her new understanding in the ensuing weeks and after treatment ends.

Principle No. 7: Cognitive behavior therapy aims to be time limited. Many straightforward patients with depression and anxiety disorders are treated for six to 14 sessions. Therapists’ goals are to provide symptom relief, facilitate a remission of the disorder, help patients resolve their most pressing problems, and teach them skills to avoid relapse. Sally initially has weekly therapy sessions. (Had her depression been more severe or had she been suicidal, I may have arranged more frequent sessions.) After 2 months, we collaboratively decide to experiment with biweekly sessions, then with monthly sessions. Even after termination, we plan periodic “booster” sessions every 3 months for a year. Not all patients make enough progress in just a few months, however. Some patients require 1 or 2 years of therapy (or possibly longer) to modify very rigid dysfunctional beliefs and patterns of behavior that contribute to their chronic distress. Other patients with severe mental illness may need periodic treatment for a very long time to maintain stabilization.

Principle No. 8: Cognitive behavior therapy sessions are structured. No matter what the diagnosis or stage of treatment, following a certain structure in each session maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. This structure includes an introductory part (doing a mood check, briefly reviewing the week, collaboratively setting an agenda for the session), a middle part (reviewing homework, discussing problems on the agenda, setting new homework, summarizing), and a final part (eliciting feedback). Following this format makes the process of therapy more understandable to patients and increases the likelihood that they will be able to do self-therapy after termination.

Principle No. 9: Cognitive behavior therapy teaches patients to identify, evaluate, and respond to their dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs. Patients can have many dozens or even hundreds of automatic thoughts a day that affect their mood, behavior, or physiology (the last is especially pertinent to anxiety). Therapists help patients identify key cognitions and adopt more realistic, adaptive perspectives, which leads patients to feel better emotionally, behave more functionally, or decrease their physiological arousal. They do so through the process of guided discovery, using questioning (often labeled or mislabeled as “Socratic questioning”) to evaluate their thinking (rather than persuasion, debate, or lecturing). Therapists also create experiences, called behavioral experiments, for patients to directly test their thinking (e.g., “If I even look at a picture of a spider, I’ll get so anxious I won’t be able to think”). In these ways, therapists engage in collaborative empiricism. Therapists do not generally know in advance to what degree a patient’s automatic thought is valid or invalid, but together they test the patient’s thinking to develop more helpful and accurate responses.

When Sally was quite depressed, she had many automatic thoughts throughout the day, some of which she spontaneously reported and others that I elicited (by asking her what was going through her mind when she felt upset or acted in a dysfunctional manner). We often uncovered important automatic thoughts as we were discussing one of Sally’s specific problems, and together we investigated their validity and utility. I asked her to summarize her new viewpoints, and we recorded them in writing so that she could read these adaptive responses throughout the week to prepare her for these or similar automatic thoughts. I did not encourage her to uncritically adopt a more positive viewpoint, challenge the validity of her automatic thoughts, or try to convince her that her thinking was unrealistically pessimistic. Instead we engaged in a collaborative exploration of the evidence.

Principle No. 10: Cognitive behavior therapy uses a variety of techniques to change thinking, mood, and behavior. Although cognitive strategies such as Socratic questioning and guided discovery are central to cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral and problem-solving techniques are essential, as are techniques from other orientations that are implemented within a cognitive framework. For example, I used Gestalt-inspired techniques to help Sally understand how experiences with her family contributed to the development of her belief that she was incompetent. I use psychodynamically inspired techniques with some Axis II patients who apply their distorted ideas about people to the therapeutic relationship. The types of techniques you select will be influenced by your conceptualization of the patient, the problem you are discussing, and your objectives for the session.

These basic principles apply to all patients. Therapy does, however, vary considerably according to individual patients, the nature of their difficulties, and their stage of life, as well as their developmental and intellectual level, gender, and cultural background. Treatment also varies depending on patients’ goals, their ability to form a strong therapeutic bond, their motivation to change, their previous experience with therapy, and their preferences for treatment, among other factors. The emphasis in treatment also depends on the patient’s particular disorder(s). Cognitive behavior therapy for panic disorder involves testing the patient’s catastrophic misinterpretations (usually life- or sanity-threatening erroneous predictions) of bodily or mental sensations[1]. Anorexia requires a modification of beliefs about personal worth and control[2]. Substance abuse treatment focuses on negative beliefs about the self and facilitating or permission-granting beliefs about substance use[3].

Excerpted from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Second Edition: Basics and Beyond by Judith S. Beck. Copyright © 2011 The Guilford Press.
[1] Clark, 1989

[2] Garner & Bemis, 1985

[3] Beck, Wright, Newman, & Liese, 1993


Beloved one, the joy and the innocence and the knowing of invulnerability; in other words, not being vulnerable to anyone else’s thoughts or their suggestions or their belief systems, that is 5th dimension.

10 steps to lifelong happiness

WHY does happiness come so easily to some people? Here’s how to join them.

Happiness begins with a choice. So many people are waiting to feel happy. They think they will be happy when they have done this or achieved that.

But the truth is, enduring happiness is not a result of the things you have done, but the person you have chosen to be.

As a success coach, I have had the chance to examine the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of people seeking happiness. I have found that many people are so focused on changing themselves that they lose themselves in the process.

When I share this observation, all too often the response I receive is, “I’m just trying to be the best that I can be.” But what does being the best you can be really mean?

Here are 10 guiding principles to help bring you lasting happiness and fulfilment.

1 Take charge

The first and most important step in becoming the best you can be is to simply decide to be that person. Of course, that’s much easier said than done.

Most people find plenty of excuses to avoid being honest with themselves about who they are and what they really want from life. Make the choice to own up to your true potential and step into your brilliance.

2 Let it go

Don’t waste energy trying to change or alter things that are well beyond your control. Instead, focus on the things that are in your influence and find a peaceful acceptance of the rest.

3 Live for now

Don’t live in the past, blaming your current reality on experiences from childhood, early adulthood or even last week.

At the same time, don’t be so busy dreaming of your future that you overlook or waste the opportunities that are presented to you today. It’s important to accept the past, dream of the future, but live in the moment.

4 Expect the best

If you believe things will turn out well, they usually do. Likewise, if you expect to be disappointed or let down, it’s highly likely that will be your experience. Being optimistic is not about being naive or ignorant about potentially negative outcomes. On the contrary, optimism is about expectation: expect the best from life and it will deliver.

5 Back yourself

One of the most important ingredients in creating any success in life is to believe in it. You need to learn to believe in your dreams, your ideas and yourself.

Other people will always try to lead you away from your dreams, not because they don’t want you to be happy, but because they are governed by their own fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs. When you truly believe, it’s amazing what becomes possible.

6. Give all you can

Be generous, not just with the gifts you give, but also with how you give of yourself. To be generous you need to give your time, energy and spirit. Be generous in your assessment of others. What you give will determine what you receive.

7 Get out of the way

So many people don’t take ownership of the myriad possibilities in their lives. They constantly blame other people, other times and other situations for their circumstances. The only person who can really hold you back in life is you. Overcome your limiting beliefs, ideas and attitudes and give yourself permission to truly shine.

8 Be grateful

Very few people genuinely don’t have enough money to get by and yet so many affluent, healthy people constantly
talk about all the things they don’t have.

A poverty mentality is a serious affliction. When you focus on how much you already have, your true desires will be easily met and you will also discover how little you genuinely need.

9 Keep it up

It won’t always be easy to do, be or have everything you want in life, but if your desires are genuine, over time these things will begin to come to you with ease.

Don’t give up or choose a more complacent path should this take longer than you might have wished. If you are committed to being the best you can be, then you’re already becoming that person.

10 Be brave

If you want to be the best you can be, you need to do the right thing, not the easy thing. I don’t mean right or wrong in a black or white, moralistic sense; rather the principle of courage revolves around doing the right thing for you and having the courage to do it, even if at the time it feels like the hardest thing in the world.

+ This is an edited extract from The Happiness Code by Domonique Bertolucci (Hardie Grant, $19.95).

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20 nov. 2012

Jadal - Omr Jdeed

Henrik Scwhartz - L'abeille (Guem et Zaka)

Relationship Deal-breakers

Relationship Deal-breakers

Dating: Why Are People Rejecting Me?

Dating: Why Are People Rejecting Me?

Balada del Loco Amor- José Ángel Buesa

Balada del loco amor recitada por Alfredo Azabal from Casa de Melilla en Madrid on Vimeo.



No, nada llega tarde, porque todas las cosas
tienen su tiempo justo, como el trigo y las rosas;
sólo que, a diferencia de la espiga y la flor,
cualquier tiempo es el tiempo de que llegue el amor.

No, amor no llegas tarde. Tu corazón y el mío
saben secretamente que no hay amor tardío.
Amor, a cualquier hora, cuando toca a una puerta,
la toca desde adentro, porque ya estaba abierta.
Y hay un amor valiente y hay un amor cobarde,
pero, de cualquier modo, ninguno llega tarde.


Amor, el niño loco de la loca sonrisa,
viene con pasos lentos igual que viene aprisa;
pero nadie está a salvo, nadie, si el niño loco
lanza al azar su flecha, por divertirse un poco.
Así ocurre que un niño travieso se divierte,
y un hombre, un hombre triste, queda herido de muerte.
Y más, cuando la flecha se le encona en la herida,
porque lleva el veneno de una ilusión prohibida.
Y el hombre arde en su llama de pasión, y arde, y arde,
y ni siquiera entonces el amor llega tarde.


No, yo no diré nunca qué noche de verano
me estremeció la fiebre de tu mano en mi mano.
No diré que esa noche que sólo a ti te digo
se me encendió en la sangre lo que soñé contigo.
No, no diré esas cosas, y, todavía menos,
la delicia culpable de contemplar tus senos.
Y no diré tampoco lo que vi en tu mirada,
que era como la llave de una puerta cerrada.
Nada más. No era el tiempo de la espiga y la flor,
y ni siquiera entonces llegó tarde el amor.

José Ángel Buesa

Inner Bonding Dating: Date Lying

Inner Bonding Dating: Date Lying

Effective Communication: Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner

Effective Communication: Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner

Inner Bonding Why do People lie?

Inner Bonding Why do People lie?

Relationship Advice: What Is A Boundary?

Relationship Advice: What Is A Boundary?

The Art of Setting Boundaries

The Art of Setting Boundaries

Hay que confiar en la gente con la que trabajas

Hay que confiar en la gente con la que trabajas: confianza y responsabilidad social empresarial - 08/11/12

08 nov 2012

La crisis económica actual puede llevar a las empresas y a sus gestores a centrarse en los resultados económicos exclusivamente. Ello supondría poner en riesgo algunos de los logros más recientes en el ámbito de la responsabilidad social empresarial, como es la llamada RSE interna. Dentro de esta faceta, destaca la importancia de las actitudes de las personas en el trabajo, que aunque no son "tangibles", su influencia sobre los resultados en productividad y excelencia, son indudables.
Gabriela Elba Topa Cantisano, profesora Dpto. Psicología Social y de las Organizaciones (UNED);
José Luis Caeiro García, profesor de Geografía e Historia en el IES Antonio López de Getafe y tutor del C.A. Madrid-Sur (UNED);
Sergio Antonio Pérez Martínez, licenciado en CC. Económicas y experto en Responsabilidad Social Corporativa.

19 nov. 2012

Big changes have been planned which will permanently alter the way you live

https://mail.googl11-18-2012 Saul audio for Sunday Nov
Click on the link above to hear John reading Saul’s message for Sunday November 18th 2012.


Big changes have been planned which will permanently alter the way you live

Awakening is on the minds of all you Light-workers and way-showers as the end of this earth year draws ever closer.  You want action, impressive action, something very startling or at least uplifting.  Well, you will get it.  Keep holding the intent to awaken; it is the driving force that is moving you homeward, and trust in God’s Will that you are going to awaken and in His promise that you will do so.  Even if you are experiencing doubts, release them — because deep within yourselves you know that they are unfounded, that they are just an aspect of the illusion that causes confusion and unnecessary anxiety.
Your homeward journey is nearly over, and your destination is clearly beckoning you onwards.  All is progressing as divinely planned and intended.  And as you have been told many times you just need to maintain your own individual intent, and when doubts or anxieties arise ask for assistance from those who are always on hand for that purpose – your guides and angels from the spiritual realms. Love is the life-force; you were created from It and within It.  But in the illusion, because of the barriers to Its presence that you erected, you do find it hard to connect to It in a positive way, one which makes you really aware of your unbreakable connection with It.  And so you have to trust; and your angels or guides will confirm for you the validity of that trust.  Just ask them.
As you pay attention to the unfolding dramas in world affairs – international, domestic, economic, and religious, and to the almost constant flow of new information being promulgated — you cannot truly imagine that nothing of major importance is occurring!  Your doubts most likely arise from your knowledge of human history, where you can see that there have always been wars, intrigues, political shenanigans, betrayals, and corruption, while also being aware of prophecies from a large number of sources offering the hope of better times ahead, but which so far have never materialized.
However, the numbers of prophecies, both modern and ancient, referring to this point in your human history as a moment for great change to occur far outnumber any of the vague and inept ones that were received or perhaps invented by those misguidedly seeking influence and fame, whose failure to occur disappointed so many.  Much research has been done by scholars all over the world that indicates pretty clearly that big changes are due and are essential for the benefit of the planet and all the life forms she supports — and that they are due very soon.  And, of course, many spiritual channels of impeccable honesty and integrity are also reporting that change is in the air.
You are not being misled: big changes have been planned and are most definitely underway, which will permanently alter the way you all live and relate to one another.  The signs are apparent everywhere.  Pay attention to them because it eases your doubts by giving you indications in the physical environment that your hopes, what you have been praying for – a new age of enlightened thoughts, communications, and activities – is shortly to come into being.
The changes that are occurring across the planet are the forerunners, signifying that the new age is almost upon you.  They will enable new systems that have been prepared for this time to come into effect.  Troops will be called home from wars that need to be terminated quickly, safely, and effectively.  Political organizations are in the process of being reinvented to deal with and provide for humanity’s real needs.  International business conglomerates will no longer be able to sidestep the law and shirk their responsibilities to humanity and the planet, and nor will religious organizations.  You will all be involved in running and maintaining these new systems for the benefit and satisfaction of all.  The small and extremely powerful groups with separate, self-serving agendas, which have wrought so much damage on the planet and on humanity, will collapse as their support is removed.
The massive and powerful intent that the majority hold for peaceful, harmonious living and for respect for all life forms will bring these visions into being, because the collective intent of humanity is enhanced by the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and intensifying daily.  Nothing can stop, prevent, or delay the new age from birthing.  It is a done deal.
Light-holders and way-showers, remind yourselves frequently each day that this is God’s Will, and that you are in perfect alignment with It.  Your assistance is an essential part of this divine Renaissance, which is why you chose to be on Earth at this moment.  When you pray and meditate you strengthen your own awareness and intent to make this happen, and you enormously help those who are still deeply asleep but who have a sense that something of huge importance is about to occur.  Everyone on Earth has a part to play and will play it perfectly, even though this may not appear to be the case.  Do not get distracted by the fear-mongering that those in authority and in the media are encouraging because it is without foundation.  You are moving forward as one, in peaceful cooperation, and the events that suggest otherwise are but the last futile writhings of a failed set of systems whose time is past.
Love is invincible, all-powerful, all-encompassing, and all-embracing, when It is freely accepted by open hearts, and the hearts of humanity are now opening in acceptance of their divine destiny to awaken into their natural and fully conscious state.  Trust the divine plan and know that all is taken care of.
With so very much love, Saul.