Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

31 oct. 2012

Addiction: Eating for Comfort

Addiction: Eating for Comfort

Eating Disorders: It's Not About the Cookie!

Eating Disorders: It's Not About the Cookie!

Overweight and Miserable

Overweight and Miserable

Daily Inspiration

Anxiety and control are intricately linked. When our intent is to control that which we cannot control - others and outcomes - we will always feel anxious. Our anxiety is telling us that we are off base - that we need to take loving action for ourselves rather than continue to try to control others. By Dr. Margaret Paul

Any loving thought or word creates an eternal effect

There is no one presently experiencing life on Earth who is not to some extent feeling the changing energies that are enveloping you.  They are growing powerfully each day and increasing in intensity, because they need to, as the moment of awakening draws ever closer.  You are not alone!  You are in receipt of enormous help from the spiritual realms because you have asked for it, and we always deliver.  Keep talking to us because it helps you enormously in your task by reminding you that you are being constantly helped and are never left alone to sort things out on your own.  It would make no sense to try as it would be engaging in illusory and meaningless activities, because as we are all one — always — to do something alone is impossible.  Engage with us through prayer and meditation and we will ensure your awakening.
When you do so you are opening your hearts to receive the abundance of God’s Love for you in a most creative and uplifting way, raising your spirits and sparking your enthusiasm to work with Him through us to bring this stage of the ongoing divine plan to completion.  This is why you are on Earth right now, and you do know this even though your awareness of it is not as clear as you would like it to be.  You are aware of the importance of being loving, accepting, and forgiving in every situation in which you find yourselves, and that must show you that you know that all are one.  If you truly believed in the separation of individuals, one from another, as the illusion would have you believe, then you would be content to soldier on in the old ways, just looking after number one.  Not only are you not doing that, but you are very much aware of how unsatisfactory a way to live that is, which is why you no longer behave in that fashion.
Humanity has already advanced a great distance along the collective path to awakening, and the rate at which you are continuing your progress is accelerating daily.  Pay attention to this fact because it helps you to be optimistic and positive in preparation for the final release of all negative thought-forms that hold you back and attempt to delay your awakening.  Obviously, in Reality, your eternal Home, there are no negative thought-forms.  The divine Presence is an all-encompassing energy field of infinite, positive potential, offering limitless, creative opportunities for your constant enjoyment.  No lingering doubts about the wisdom of your actions will ever again assail you, as you delve ever deeper into the wonders that Heaven displays in an infinite selection of entrancing and beautiful activities for you engage in, using your marvelous creative abilities, because in the celestial realms nothing can occur that is not in complete alignment with the divine Will for the supreme happiness of all.
Love and life are one in the abundant and eternal outpouring of the divine energy field that embraces all of creation.  The fulfillment of all your hopes and desires is its purpose because your Father wants only your infinite joy and satisfaction to complement His own.  At present you can have only the haziest of ideas as to what that could possibly mean, but that hazy idea is the motivating force that has enabled you to follow your paths through numerous lifetimes as humans on planet Earth, as you incarnated again and again to continue the process of learning the divine lesson: All you need is Love.
When you truly embrace, share, and extend love as individuals the effects are eternal and quite magnificent.  Any loving thought, word, intent, or action in which you engage creates an eternal effect that is forever shared unconditionally and indiscriminately with all sentient life.  If it is not completely free from egoic ambition and self-serving agendas, then your loving Father purifies it because He knows you, He understands you, and He divines your true loving intent which your egos often attempt to subvert.  You are truly far more loving than you give yourselves credit for, and you frequently try to hide that truth from yourselves and from others.  Remember, you are perfect divine beings having an illusory experience of a very temporary nature, and nothing within the illusion can in any way change that.
Continue to fully engage in your task of bringing your individual energy fields into alignment with your Father’s, and by doing so assist all the unawakened ones, including those who seem to be in a state that is far deeper than sleep – the ones who are utterly committed to maintaining the old, outdated order through deceit, betrayal of all ideals, fear, and conflict – and whose path to awakening is proving somewhat longer than your own.
Your Father loves all of His creation infinitely, and He knows that His Love is returned by every sentient being He ever created.  He is infinite Love, infinite Patience, infinite Acceptance, infinite Harmony, and infinite Peace.  No part of creation will ever be lost or destroyed; all will be brought lovingly Home to eternal joy.  Knowing this, as you most certainly do, let go of all your fears, doubts, and worries.  Look forward expectantly to your awakening, and remind yourselves frequently that all is divinely taken care of.
With so very much love, Saul.

Peace can only prevail when peaceful means are employed to obtain it

Your Father’s Love for you is total, infinite, and constant, He never forgets even one of you for as much as an instant.  You are permanently enveloped in His divine embrace, safe, secure, and at peace, needing nothing and desiring nothing because you have everything – He gave you everything when He created you.
One of the many unfortunate aspects of your illusion is your inability to clearly perceive and understand the oneness of all that exists.  Because all is one in God there is absolutely nothing to fear.  Within the illusion things appear in a totally different light, and a seemingly defensive action against another is inevitably an attack on oneself (the word light is perhaps not the most appropriate one to use in this context).
Many of you have read stories of people’s near-death experiences (NDEs), which demonstrate quite clearly that Reality is all that exists and that it is a place of total Love and Acceptance, in which you have your eternal existence.  When your own doubts or anxieties about the truth of this arise remind yourselves of the uplifting, inspiring, and comforting NDE stories that you have read because they give you a very good overview of what to expect when you eventually choose to lay down your human bodies, as you know you will, releasing yourselves into the infinite freedom of Reality.  When that occurs total comprehension will dawn on you with a sense of amazement and wonder.
The illusion, in which you have been having such unpleasant and painful experiences for so long, is approaching its point of termination — the moment for its dissolution — because you have all become quite disenchanted with it.  You have been in the process of changing your minds about it because the “dog eat dog” or “winner takes all” philosophy that has intrigued and motivated you for so long is no longer appealing, and you are finally understanding its insanity.  As a result numerous organizations based on it are collapsing, as support is withdrawn from them and their members leave to join new ones that are forming with compassionate and loving infrastructures, designed to accommodate the needs of all on the planet.
These enormous changes in progress are part of humanity’s awakening awareness that war and conflict — the eon’s old methods of gaining political advantage — do not work, cannot work, and need to cease.  Moves have been afoot since the end of World War I to attempt to bring peace to the planet, but the old ways have been so firmly ingrained in humanity’s consciousness that it has been very difficult to bring effective changes into being.  Fear of the “enemy,” whoever that happened to be, encouraged politicians and the military to continue developing ever more efficient killing-machines as they convinced themselves, and persuaded you, that by having the latest in weaponry they were protecting you all from the dire consequences of being caught unprepared by an enemy’s attack.  And your history does seem to support that point of view.
But of course the end result of that philosophy has been an escalation in the variety of weapons available, and an escalation in the numbers of military forces that are armed with them.  An ongoing state of war has prevailed in many places because armies expect to be employed, and their commanders are always on the lookout for theaters in which to deploy them – supposedly to maintain the peace.
Recognition is now being given to the simple fact that peace can only prevail when peaceful means are employed to obtain and maintain it.  There is never a valid reason to engage in warfare.  A war can never be “just” because war, by its very nature, is unjust and indiscriminate in the suffering and damage that it causes to all involved — both those who choose to take part in it and those who had no choice in the matter because they live in the area in which it is being waged.  Nevertheless, despite the wars presently in progress on the planet, the conscious intent of the collective to cease all war and to disengage from those presently occurring is gaining a very powerful momentum.
As Light-bearers and way-showers your expanding individual energy fields, strengthened and further empowered by their integration with the divine energy field, are having an enormous influence on the unawakened members of human society, who, like you, are here at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution to assist in the awakening process.  You are all involved; you all have your place in this exhilarating and unfolding drama – Humanity’s Awakening!  Attend to your spiritual intent to assist humanity to awaken with persistence and confidence, knowing, as you most certainly do, that it is God’s Will as well as yours — and that therefore success is assured.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

30 oct. 2012

Pim van Lommel

Tras aprobar el liceo (Gymnasium) en Hilversum van Lommel cumplió con su servicio militar desde 1961 hasta 1963. Luego estudió medicina hasta 1971 en la Universidad de Utrecht, Países Bajos. Desde 1971 y hasta 1976 se desempeñó como médico en el Hospital Antonius en Utrecht, donde hizo sus estudios de la especialidad, convirtiéndose en cardiólogo. A partir de 1977 y hasta el año 2003 trabajó como cardiólogo en el Hospital Rijnstate-Krankenhaus en Arnhem, permaneciendo en esta función durante 26 años. A partir de 2003, Pim van Lommel ha trabajado principalmente en el área de la investigación de las experiencias cercanas a la muerte y los temas científicos aledaños o afines.

Es mejor conocido por su trabajo científico sobre las experiencias cercanas a la muerte y la conciencia, incluyendo el famoso estudio prospectivo publicado en la revista médica The Lancet.

Es también el autor del best seller holandés de 2007 titulado Eindeloos Bewustzijn: een wetenschappelijke visie op de Bijna-Dood Ervaring (Consciencia sin fin: una aproximación científica a la experiencia cercana a la muerte), que ha sido traducido al alemán, inglés, francés y castellano (traducción al castellano: Consciencia más allá de la vida. La ciencia de la experiencia cercana a la muerte. Ediciones Atalanta, 2012).

NDEr Dr. Eben Alexander: The Butterfly Girl

Dr Eben alexander: Vida después de la muerte

28 oct. 2012

How to Attract Positive People in Your Life

How to Attract Positive People in Your Life

How to stop absorbing other peoples energy - Dr. Judith Orloff

Carla Pelossoo- Fulfillment Institute- Coaching

The illusion is but a trick of your collective perception, soon to be dissolved

Humanity is poised on the edge of the illusion, preparing to move out of it, so that it may collapse back in on itself and into the state of non-existence from which you imagined it.  However real it may seem to you, and some of you see it as far more real than others, it really is but a trick of your collective perception, soon to be dissolved.  Collectively gathering together to make it seem real is no longer going to work because so many have realized that it is an illusion and they are no longer prepared to give their power away to the collective to further prolong humanity’s unnecessary suffering within its narrow, unappealing, and illusory confines.
Confinement is not a state in which it is appropriate for God’s beloved children to be held, and He most certainly could never have conceived of such an unloving and restrictive state.  Your decision to build and maintain it has presented you with many difficulties and problems that have grown bigger and seemingly more insoluble despite your increasing assortment of technical tools and devices to assist you in controlling your environment.  The reason for this is that you have engaged with fear and closed yourselves off from love.
When you are guided and empowered by love no issues or problems are insoluble, but the state of separation that the illusion upholds, and would have you believe is real, encourages a state of fear so that you can plan for and protect yourselves from the dangers with which it surrounds you.  And of course it does not work, as you are constantly discovering — because you are the dangers from which you are striving to protect yourselves!
When you embrace love and trust you cease to be dangers to anyone, but you are at present having a hard time believing that, as you observe disagreement, confrontation, and conflict all around you from which you remain convinced that you need to protect yourselves.  The divine field of Love enveloping the planet is encouraging you to change your perceptions, and many of you are allowing it to influence you most positively.  One aspect of this is your increasing determination not to accept the dishonesty and corruption that has for so long been endemic all over the world.
For quite a few years many of you truly believed that “your side” was basically honest and that it was those “others” who were causing all the problems.  Now that the reality that no one is totally honest – the illusion is itself a dishonest state of being in that it does not really exist – has been recognized and accepted, steps are being taken by many wise and influential Light-holders to encourage and reward honesty and integrity, and as a result great strides have been made in exposing those who attempt to take advantage of their position in the short term, knowing that when their misdeeds are discovered they will have moved on. Their attempts to avoid being held accountable for inappropriate actions by devious planning and the spreading of disinformation are no longer effective because those with information about such tactics are speaking out and demanding to be heard.
There is a widespread and outspoken uprising against dishonest codes and practices that is growing stronger and more effective daily.  The tunnel vision perspective that “my side is right and the other wrong” is being rapidly dispelled as honesty starts to prevail and people begin admitting that they have made mistakes.  The next step of course is “we can fix those mistakes.”  And that too is happening.
All across the planet people are deciding to behave responsibly and compassionately to address and resolve issues that have been bypassed or ignored because they conflicted with the vested interests of a few.  This is a remarkable change of heart that is leading to all sorts of wonderful and unexpected consequences.  And you Light-bearers and way-showers are extremely effective in helping this process along as you intend to practice being loving at all times.  Obviously you do not always succeed because your emotions can and do get the better of you from time to time, but the intent remains.  You are conscious of and admit to your failings, and therefore the assistance on offer from the spiritual realms can flow powerfully through you, helping you to be strong, loving presences who are changing the world.
Keep up your good work.  Do not be discouraged by reports of dishonesty, corruption, and criminal activity, because those reports are an indication that the world is indeed changing as the unruly and selfish behavior of the influential and authoritative few is publicized instead of being discreetly ignored.  The world is ready for change, and so it is happening, right before your eyes.  Focus on that and take joy in it, because it is going to get even better.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Whenever you feel attacked, you are allowing the unreal to affect your mind

One of the many delightful things that you will discover when you awaken from your rather long sleep is how bright, clear, and enthusiastically alive everything appears to be, and this will not just be due to appearances, for those are of the illusion.  And as you become more in alignment with being fully awake, fully conscious, the strength of those sensations will intensify as your ability to experience them grows.  It will not be an instantaneous awakening into the full brilliance of God’s Presence because that would be overwhelming for you at first; instead the brilliance will increase gently at the pace that is most suited to your growing abilities to align yourselves with them.
You will know that you are Home because you will know and experience the Reality of creation as part of yourselves, and yourselves as part of creation — eternally inseparable, one with your Creator — and the joy of that is beyond description.  Reality is a truly amazing experience from which you have collectively shut yourselves off for far too long, and that is about to be put permanently to rights.  You were created one with God; His Will and yours are eternally in alignment; misunderstandings of any kind are therefore utterly impossible; and your awakening will return you to that magnificent state.
Your path Home has been arduous because with your powerful collective imagination you were able to build into the illusion a vast selection of distracting “attractions.”  They only seemed attractive at first, until you began to discover the enormity of the chaos and confusion in which you had decided to envelop yourselves by immersing yourselves within it.  Now your collective desire to return Home has become far stronger than the desire to play at being deluded, and so that is where your are headed.
The state of delusion has long been one of the most distracting and confusing conditions that the illusion has imposed upon you.  You have all known someone whom you would happily describe as being at times deluded because you observed him behaving in ways that made no sense.  But, within the illusion, most of you have spent incredible amounts of time in a deluded frame of mind. Whenever you feel attacked, misjudged, or offended you are allowing the unreal to affect your mind.  It is a fact that you are each eternally one with God, utterly inseparable from Him or from each other, but you have become unaware of that because you chose to enter the illusory state, where nothing is as it seems.  Being one with God you are perfect divine beings, fully alive in Love, where nothing assails you or could even conceive of doing so.  The fact that you do not experience that state demonstrates quite clearly that you must be deluded.  And your awakening will put a permanent end to that unhappy condition.
Everything that disturbs your peace and causes you anxiety or fear will be gone because they are all totally unreal.  The suffering that you have been experiencing has played a major part in distracting you, and in making the illusion seem so real, because you could for the most part only experience happiness momentarily before some thought broke into your awareness and distracted you.  In the illusion you live in an almost constant state of “what if?” and worries and anxieties cloud your every moment and influence your every decision.
If you watch young children playing and completely absorbed in their games you can see that they are at ease and at peace; no anxieties disturb their focus.  As they grow, your various cultures impose increasing restrictions on them, leading them also to start worrying.  And how often have you told your own children not to worry, that they are worrying unduly, because to you their issues seem so inconsequential and unimportant?  Who is fooling whom?
You are divinely loved and cared for.  The illusion is just that — and you will awaken.  Focus on that truth; remind yourselves of it every time anxiety invades your peace and contentment.  When you do, it does bring you some peace because you know it is true.  Yes, while you remain within the illusion its distractions will continue to arrest your attention, but by reminding yourselves of its temporary and insubstantial nature you prepare yourselves for your awakening and your energy field has a peaceful and calming influence on those with whom you come in contact.  They see you as you are – a warm and loving soul offering comfort and stability in a world gone mad – and to be who you are is your reason for being embodied at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution. And for this, as you know, you are greatly honored.
With so very much love, Saul.

27 oct. 2012

Memory and the Brain Taught by Dr. Jeanette Norden Vanderbilt University Ph.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

It's almost impossible to accurately describe the power and importance of memory. Whether you're fondly reminiscing over an event from a childhood vacation, quickly memorizing a phone number or address, or learning a new skill on the job, memory is so interwoven into our everyday lives that we can sometimes take it for granted. So how does memory actually work?
Modern neuroscience has uncovered a wealth of new insights into the fascinating ways our brains create and harness the power of memory, so that understanding this process is no longer a mystery. The key to memory lies in the dynamic nature of the synapses in our brains—a feature known as synaptic plasticity. Far from being static structures, these synapses are able to be continually shaped and reshaped by everyday experiences.
In Memory and the Brain, you explore
  • the different categories of memory;
  • the areas of the brain involved in creating and shaping memories; and
  • the ways that our synapses change based on experiences in the world.
Watch this free video lecture and delve into the fascinating science behind how your brain works to create and use memories.
Memory and the Brain is delivered by neuroscientist and award-winning Professor Jeanette Norden of Vanderbilt University. Dr. Norden is Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at the university's School of Medicine, and Professor of Neurosciences at the university's College of Arts and Sciences. Nationally recognized for her innovative approach of integrating humanity into basic science courses, Professor Norden has been honored with numerous teaching awards by Vanderbilt University, including the Teaching Excellence Award, the University Chair of Teaching Excellence, and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.
Feel free to send the link to this free video lecture to family or friends who might enjoy it; the lecture is free for them as well!
Brandon C. Hidalgo
President and CEO
The Teaching Company
P.S. Explore the courses on the right to discover even more insights into the fascinating ways our minds and bodies work.

24 oct. 2012

Access to the inner depths of your being are opening up

Access to the inner depths of your being are opening up

The reason that you have so many doubts about humanity’s awakening is because the illusion encloses you in a veil of darkness that hides Reality from you. Reality is everywhere; it is everything; it is all encompassing; and within it you have imagined into existence an unreal, closed, divided, and lonely environment – seemingly very real to you – where you experience yourselves as separated and alone, disconnected from all but your individual human bodies.  And these very limiting bodies can enjoy only a very short and limited lifetime.  The shortness of your life in the illusion is frighteningly emphasized by the vastness of the visible universe and by the very lengthy duration of its existence in comparison with your own bodily existence.
From a perspective that engages only scientifically, and not spiritually, with its environment life is a puzzle and a disappointment – “What on earth is its point.” Things grow and die in an endless and painful cycle of birth, development, and decay, and the awareness of this that humans have offers absolutely no hope of real meaning.
And yet life and consciousness of it are not something you want to lose.  You want this state to last, because despite all the problems it presents to you, there remain sensual, physical and intellectual pleasures and satisfactions that can make it worthwhile – life just for its own sake, like the enthusiastic way that small children engage with it – and you hold on to it ferociously.  Also, each of you has within a sense, an ineradicable hope that there must be a meaning to it, that it should not just end after such a brief passage of time, and you wish that you could discover what it is.
So, for as long as you have been experiencing human life you have been searching for its meaning, and also searching for the cause of the disasters that befall you – illness, earthquakes, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, and death – and inventing terrible gods whom you believe choose to punish you and whom you must appease.  Some still believe in these kinds of gods and use them as justification for the killing and maiming of others!
Always, however, there have been hidden, deep within each one of you, the glowing embers of the inextinguishable fire of God’s Love for you.  To find it you have to go within and distance yourselves from the egoic distractions surrounding you.  And that is not easy for you, even though there are many who would teach you how, because the majority of those teachers are themselves almost as lost as you are, and are trying to find themselves through your success, should it occur.  All of you have been seeking but very few have been finding, because the distractions of the illusion discourage openness to anything that is not of it, anything that its scientific reasoning and logic is unable to prove and disclose.
Rugged persistence and determination are not enough; in fact they act as a block.  To access these inner depths you have to surrender to the emptiness or space that appears between your thoughts as you watch them passing while not engaging with them.  As all your cultures encourage constant engagement with the contents of your minds, it takes much practice to reverse that habit and disengage for any length of time.  A few have managed it and have written about the wonderful experiences that occurred when they succeeded, but for most of you it remains inaccessible.  You may well achieve a sense of peace, a quietness that brings stress relief, but those inner depths have remained for the most part hidden and, to all intents and purposes, unknowable.
Now, as the divine field of Love encompassing and enveloping Earth intensifies, access to those inner depths of your being are opening up for you.  The quiet sense that you all have, that there is indeed a powerful and mystical meaning to your lives is seeping into your awareness and demanding your attention.  Those glowing embers within are being breathed into flame and your desire to join with their Source is becoming irresistible.  It still seems unreal, indefinable, and yet you are no longer able to disregard the inner promptings encouraging you to allow your inner world to open up and show you how dearly you are loved, and how inseparable you truly are from the Source of all life.
That Source, God Himself, intends that you become aware of Him because He knows that experiential knowledge of Him will bring you infinite joy, and that is what He wills for you.  To know Him is to be one with Him, and the dissolution of the illusion will remove the veil behind which you have been shielding yourselves from Him for far too long.  Your awakening is near, and is assured.
With so very much love, Saul.
[FYI. A new book was published yesterday (October23rd) called “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” It was written by Eben Alexander, M.D. It tells the story of his quite amazing NDE – a scientist who did not believe in heaven visited there while in a coma. It is most uplifting and inspiring. I read about on The2012Scenario web site where a review of it from Newsweek had been posted. I ordered it and received it and read it yesterday. For me it was a “WOW” experience. John.]

Improving Relationships, Mental And Physical Health By Not Telling Lies

Improving Relationships, Mental And Physical Health By Not Telling Lies

Vulnerability, The Secret To Intimacy

Vulnerability, The Secret To Intimacy

Personal Growth: Defining Self-Worth

Personal Growth: Defining Self-Worth

23 oct. 2012

Anxiety, Depression, Stress: Self-Abandonment

Anxiety, Depression, Stress: Self-Abandonment

La ceguera ante el cambio

Daniel Simons y Daniel Levin  realizaron un experimento en 1998 para determinmar en qué medida las personas eran conscientes de lo que ocurría a su alredero mientras andaban por el campus de la Universidad de Cornell. Un actor se acercaba con un mapa del campus a los peatones, que no sabían nada del experimento, y les preguntaba si podían indicarle cómo llegar a un edificio cercano. Los psicólogos dispusieron que en pleno encuentro dos personas pasaran entre el actor y los peatones cagando una gran puerta. Con mucha habilidad, en ese preciso instante, un segundo actor ocupaba el lugar del primero. Era una persona distinta: con diferente ropa, diferente altura, diferente voz.

De las personas engtrevistadas sólo el 47% advirtieron el cambio enun primer estudio y sólo el 33% en un segundo estudio. Claramente, muchísimas personas no se percataron de algo que estaba ocurriendo justo delante de sus ojos: la persona que les estaba preguntando era otra. ¿Cómo era posible? Cuando se nos interrumpe y se nos pide que respondamos a una pregunta que requiere cierta capacidad para resolver problemas, instantáneamente nos encerramos para centrarnos en el objetivo de resolver el problema, ya que cuando la mente funciona en el modo orientado a la accion, selecciona sólo la información que es importante para alcanzar ese objetivo. Sin ser en absoluto conscientes de ello, eliminamos gran parte de lo que está a nuestra disposición por medio de los sentidos, hasta el punto incluso de no darnos cuenta de con quién estamos hablando. El modo orientado a la acción restringe el ámbito de nuestra atención a los asuntos en los que está absorto, creando un velo de ideas que generalmente nos impide estar en contacto con la experiencia directa.
El hecho de  centrar la atención de una forma tan restringida en la información relevante para conseguir el objetivo fue  lo que hizo que el actor fuera percibido como una persona genérica que me pregunta cómo llegar a un lugar y, por lo tanto, a la que, en realidad, no se la ve en absoluto.
La mayoría de nosotros no somos conscientes de lo mucho que nos perdemos en la vida como consecuencia de esto.

Finding The Partner Of My Dreams

Finding The Partner Of My Dreams

Neurofeedback to help with insomnia and other sleep disorders

21 oct. 2012

To assist the sleepers you needed to walk in their shoes

To assist the sleepers you needed to walk in their shoes

The Earth date December 21 2012 is on many people’s minds as they look forward to humanity’s awakening, and wonder what will actually happen, if anything, on or before that date.  Despite all the inspiring channeled messages addressing the importance and significance of this date many are but hoping for the best, while wondering if anything much will really change – they are preparing themselves to handle a big disappointment.  And the mainstream media continues to focus on the same old stuff – “new” bad news on the economy, on politics, on threats of terrorist plots or wars, on climate change, on earthquakes, and on and on – so where, you ask, is the Good News?
The illusion does hide from you your eternal spiritual connection to God.  You believe in it, it makes complete sense to you, but you have no experience of it – no sense of the feel, taste, smell, sound, or sight of God’s Presence in your lives. You have prayed, meditated, read inspiring spiritual books by a few mystics who have experienced the divine, and by people who have had personal near-death experiences.  But the majority of you have had no personal experience through which you know God.  Bodies can only experience through those five main senses, so you have to rely on your faith, on your hope, but as the due date draws ever closer your doubts tend to intensify.  If you are not experiencing doubts then maybe you are not being honest with yourselves — perhaps you are in denial of them.
This is a very demanding time for you as you wait apprehensively for the moment of your promised awakening.  The divine field of Love surrounding the planet and all of humanity is sensitive to your anxiety.  Take comfort in the knowledge that however unreal or inadequate your experience of your divine nature may be, the fact remains that you are, always have been, and always will be divine beings, the beloved children of God.  That is the Truth.  It is eternally true, even within the illusory reality in which you are presently experiencing life in such an exceedingly limited form.
Your unreal unknowing is a heavy burden that you willingly chose to bear when you reentered the illusion to be Light-bearers and way-showers to those who remain deeply asleep.  To help those who are so deeply asleep you had to leave behind your memory of Reality so that you could experience what they are experiencing and fully understand their fearful and confusing predicament, which makes no sense at all unless you are enclosed within it.  From outside it, from Reality, there is nothing there; it does not exist.  But from within, it seems totally real, and all the issues, problems, pain, and suffering with which it presents you are very threatening and convincing.
To assist the sleepers you needed to walk in their shoes.  Although you left behind your memory of Reality, your knowledge of It is held deep within you, as it is with the sleepers, but you, unlike them, do have an awareness of it.  This awareness is the tool you use to guide yourselves unerringly homeward, and by doing so, you show others the way.  But the effect of the illusion is to raise doubts in your minds as to its efficacy, especially when you, too, become bogged down in the worries and anxieties of daily illusory living.
This is why we constantly remind you of the absolutely essential need to spend quiet time — down time, time alone praying or meditating — in order to renew your strength, and to renew your awareness that you are Light-bearers and way-showers with a very important mission: the awakening of humanity, for which we in the spiritual realms are providing you constant and unfailing assistance.  If you were to succumb to the belief that you were doing this enormous task unaided, you would be overwhelmed.  You cannot possibly do it alone.  Therefore you must make time and space, each day, to connect with us, so that you constantly maintain awareness that you are never alone.  Doubts you will have, but you will also know that you most definitely are not alone.
What you agreed to do and are doing is truly amazing.  You reentered the illusion freely and willingly to aid your brothers and sisters as they struggled to find their way Home.  It is not the first time that you have voluntarily chosen to assist the sleepers seemingly trapped in the illusion, and your determination and persistence as you go about this task is divinely acknowledged and honored.  It is a task in which success is inevitable because it is God’s Will that this be so.  Remind yourselves again and again, especially when your doubts assail you, that you are divinely loved, protected, and guided in every moment of your existence, and that failure is not an available option because your success is divinely assured.
With so very much love, Saul.

Pruebas psicológicas que permiten detectar la existencia de una demencia de forma rápida

Algunas de las más utilizadas son el Mini Examen Cognoscitivo, el Test del Reloj, o el Pfeiffer, entre otras. Son pruebas, que requieren entre 5 y 10 mintuos para su aplicación y permiten evidenciar que la persona, a nivel cognitivo, está por debajo del nivel esperado para su edad y nivelo de estuidos, y eso constata, al menos que su rendimiento es deficiente.

19 oct. 2012

Love is invincible, inevitable, irresistible

The rapidity with which essential changes are now occurring on Earth is truly amazing.  Humanity is on a roll as the divine Love field penetrates and permeates the consciousness of every sentient being on the planet.  This has always been your Father’s intent, but first it was necessary for you, of your own free wills, to allow it to happen.  Love is invincible, inevitable, irresistible, and all will succumb to the wonder of Its divine beauty and perfection.  Fear, hatred, betrayal, and violent confrontation offer it absolutely no competition, except momentarily in your nightmares.  And, of course, you are soon to awaken into the infinite joy and oneness of immersion in Its ever-present embrace.  That is all that awaits you.  It is the provider of everything that your hearts could ever desire; nothing else is conceivable, necessary, or possible; your utter satisfaction is guaranteed.
Love, to use yet another analogy, is like water: It tries to seep in everywhere, and if It cannot find a way in then It undermines foundations and washes them away, thus providing an alternate entrance.  It never ceases in Its attempts to warmly embrace all, and, like water, It eventually wears down all resistance and sweeps in harmoniously, integrating, melding with, and enveloping all that had opposed It.  It will enfold within Itself anything or anyone who appears to be in any manner unloving or in opposition to It, making them one with It — because, in truth, there is nothing in existence that is not of Love.
Resistance to Love – all unloving beliefs, attitudes and behaviors – is illusory, and humanity has actually been slowly realizing that this is so.  It has taken eons to reach this stage in your spiritual evolution, but now there is nothing — because there is only Love — that can prevent the completion of that evolution into your natural and eternal, divine state.
The realization that this is the case is dawning on you all, and it is raising your spirits and helping you to focus your intent far more precisely on being loving, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving, as you adjust your attitudes and practice the behaviors that move you inevitably forwards towards the moment of your awakening.  Your previously irresistible attraction to judgment, blame, resentment, and anger is fading as you recognize that the sky will not fall if you choose not to insist that you are right.  When you make that choice your levels of stress reduce enormously, allowing you to have fun, enjoy the moment, and “smell the roses.”
Stress reduction enlarges your personal areas of awareness because you are no longer entirely focused on protecting yourselves from all the dangers that you thought constantly threatened you and your loved ones, your teams of friends or associates, your cultures, your political and religious persuasions, in fact, all that you believed in and supported.  You can begin to appreciate the values and the insights that the thoughtfully considered opinions of others have to offer instead of rushing to the assumption that they are attacks on your personal honesty and integrity.  When you experience this increase in openness your automatic reflex reactions – shoot first, then ask questions – will no longer control you.  You will find that confrontational situations occur far less frequently and that your lives flow far more smoothly and peacefully.
Many in the illusion are still experiencing the most extreme and terrifying nightmares, but the shock and terror of a nightmare can shake you out of your slumbers.  And this is occurring as more and more of you open your awareness and acknowledge the absolute insanity of responding immediately to confrontational and threatening situations with overwhelming and unconscionable violence.  For eons families, tribes, nations, and groups of the same religious or political persuasion have again and again traded insults and threats with opposing groups until the threats became promises that had to be acted on.
At last, above the tumultuous cries for preemptive action to be taken against those your governments, or their advisors, fear may be a threat to you, cooler and calmer voices are being heard.  The insatiable desire to rush to war over every insult that a power hungry Mogul deems has been directed personally at him is being contained.  The influence of cooler heads is being acknowledged because it has finally become obvious that mutually assured destruction is just that – no one survives.
Although massive disharmony continues to bring untold suffering to many across the globe, major attitudinal changes are occurring which are helping to bring to these situations the wisdom and opportunities necessary to alleviate the suffering and to enable resolution of the differences that are causing the disharmony. Keep bearing your Light on high by constantly holding the intent that Love prevail in every situation where divisive agendas appear to be driving people apart and turning them into enemies on a personal or global scale.
Making that intent, reminding yourselves of it, and encouraging others to do likewise is an amazingly effective way to move your global society closer and closer to the peace for which you all yearn. Do not forget that every time you renew your loving intent it is magnified exponentially by the energy of the divine energy field that is surrounding the planet to assist in your awakening.  Your awakening is approaching, inexorably, so focus on the present moment, reminding yourselves that Love is the divine energy supporting you constantly, and offer nothing but love to all with whom you interact, and that most definitely includes your individual selves.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

17 oct. 2012

All has to be revealed publicly to help people understand the reason for massive changes

The intensity of your expectations continues to increase as do the energies of Love surrounding you in preparation for your awakening.  Do not be discouraged by the negative news – of wars, of dishonest politics and economics, of corporate disregard for the environment, and of general corruption – because it is merely bringing out into the open what many of you have long known.  All this has to be revealed publicly to help people understand the reason that massive changes in the way you live on Earth are essential to the general well-being.
And major changes are starting to occur as those with vision and integrity increase their efforts to alert humanity to some of the more egregious damage that has been inflicted on the planet and on humanity, purportedly in the name of progress and economic necessity.  The time for willful dismissal of the best interests of humanity, by those who have taken unto themselves the right and the power to make and put into effect policies and practices whose scandalous intent is hidden from public view, are at an end.
An age of peace and abundance, when humans can truly uncover, develop, and expand their enormous creative abilities, is almost upon you.  As it dawns the wonder of all life and the fashion in which it expresses itself will disclose itself in myriad displays of astounding beauty and interwoven complexity.  When you begin to understand en masse the divine creative potential that has always been available to you, and of which you are all fully integrated and irreplaceable germinal collaborators, the dazzling array of possibilities that open up before you will provide you with endless delight and enchantment.
God’s Will for His creation is that it endlessly and joyously expand to provide in abundance every possible opportunity of which its participating communities could conceive for yet further enjoyment.  Creation is a state of infinite and ever-expanding joy, in which all its participants are fully consciously engaged, eternally.  Joy is the natural state of creation.  It is to that state that all who chose to experience separation will return when they choose to terminate their collusion with the illusion, and all its concomitant pain and suffering, and open their hearts to accept, enter into, and fully engage once more with the infinite field of God’s Love.
God’s Will is inevitable and unavoidable, and because all life forms are divine creations of absolute perfection they clearly understand that while they have free will to engage with any concept of which they can conceive, nevertheless, nothing of which they can conceive on their own without Him will ever measure up to, let alone surpass, the beauty and perfection of God, and the absolute joy that being one with Him provides.
Your will is truly in perfect alignment with His Will.  You have just temporarily forgotten this while you have hidden yourselves behind a thin and practically transparent veil to investigate whether the possibilities and opportunities contained within an illusory environment there could offer anything that might please or amuse you.  You are discovering that it cannot, and you are preparing to let it dissolve back into the infinitely small pool of nothingness from which you imagined it, so that you can once more know Reality.
Reality is where all that God creates has its eternal existence; there is nowhere else.  But there is a paradox here, in that with your free will it seems that you constructed some other reality in which you could have experiences that differed enormously from what is actually possible.
Those experiences became darker and darker as you let your imaginations run riot, until you reached the level of darkness that now seems to envelop you, by shutting your selves almost completely off from the Love of God.  To do that is of course impossible, but you have been able to dramatically reduce your awareness of It as you entered into an imaginary realm of fear, deceit, and betrayal that has caused you much pain and suffering.
The desire to end that ridiculous experience has finally moved firmly into humanity’s collective field of consciousness, and you are now opening yourselves up to allow the divine field of Love, which has always enveloped you even though you chose to be unaware of it, to gently and irresistibly influence your thoughts and feelings to show you the way to your awakening.  The effects of this are becoming unmistakable as you see people everywhere, who have lived for so long in fear, releasing their inflexible beliefs in the need to be able to protect themselves from the violence of others with all sorts of weapons, and seeking instead to engage lovingly with one another.
A sea-change in human relationships is under way, which will lead you out of the darkness of your illusion and Home to the warmth and joy of oneness with your Father and of all creation.  An exhilarating and magnificent welcome awaits your return.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

There is no longer any need for you to continue the cycles of reincarnation

There is no longer any need for you to continue the cycles of reincarnation

The divine schedule for humanity’s awakening was established the instant your apparent separation from Reality occurred.  Your Father could not let you delve into the mysteries of the unreality that you had invented, and presented as real to your collective mind, without ensuring that you could never get permanently lost there.  The Light of His Love was securely installed in each individual who chose to go with the collective into the illusion, and the timescale for your return was laid down, but with an enormous degree of flexibility built in to allow for any diversions or distractions which you might choose to engage with as you journeyed along your homeward path.
Over the eons of illusory time and place, you have all without exception endured much personal suffering and needless to say, you have also imposed much suffering on others.  It was illusory, it was self-inflicted, and it never happened. But the power of your collective imagination is enormous, and you have succeeded in convincing yourselves that your history of deceit and betrayal of, and violence to one another is absolutely real.
So real in fact, that to enable you to awaken from the illusion it is essential that you completely change the attitudes it formulated and encouraged, and release all beliefs that in any way conflict with your innate ability, desire, and intent to offer indiscriminate and unconditional love to all sentient beings.  It is innate because, like all of God’s creation, you were created in Love with Love as the energy that empowers and motivates you in every moment of your eternal existence.
To forgive yourselves for all the offenses and suffering that you seem to have caused to yourselves or to others is the first step that you need to take.  Then you need to forgive all without exception whom you believe have in any way hurt or offended you.  Many of you have been working on this for numerous Earth lifetimes, and are now also working as Light-bearers and way-showers because, having gone through much of what the majority of humanity needs to address individually, you are ideally suited and qualified to assist others in their awakening process — simply by demonstrating love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness in your daily living.
With the intensifying field of divine Love surrounding the planet and enveloping each one of you, there is also an overabundance of assistance available and constantly offered to you from those in the spiritual realms to ensure that you succeed in releasing all those inflexible beliefs that have served you so dismally.  If it is your intent to awaken — and it is the intent of each one of you to do so, even if that intent is presently hidden below your level of conscious awareness — then you will succeed, because it is divinely ordained.  Only a few, who still feel that they are not ready or willing to step out of the illusion, will remain asleep. However, when they are ready to take that step they, like you, will be afforded every opportunity to awaken, and will then do so.  No one will fail to awaken, no one will be lost, because Reality allows no loss.
Knowing, as you indubitably do, that you are divine beings having an illusory experience, then it is also impossible for you not to know that your existence is eternal.   Death is just an illusory concept that you have invented to describe the situation that occurs when you make the decision to lay down your physical vehicle and re-enter the spiritual realms.  Until very, very recently this normally then involved a self-assessment of the life you had just lived in the illusion, in the presence of your loving and compassionate guides, to enable you to choose and plan a further Earth life that would provide you with the lessons that you chose to have presented to you.
Always, within the illusion, you have had abundant opportunities to explore and examine the beliefs and opinions that are part of the life path that you had chosen, prior to your incarnation on the earth plane, to experience, and they constantly present you with the appropriate experiential lessons.  But frequently you were unable to take full advantage of these learning opportunities because the energy of the illusion is so dense and so dark.
Now, because of all the work you have done over the eons, and because of the intense and abundant help you are receiving from the divine energy field enveloping the Earth, and because your Father – Who has never ever required, demanded, or imposed suffering of any kind upon you – wants to see your suffering come to an end, there is no longer any need for any of you to continue those cycles of reincarnation that have been an obstinate, intractable, and painful part of the whole illusion.  You will finally be completely free — free from the exile you chose to endure within the nightmare that the illusion became — when you awaken, as you most assuredly will.
With so very much love, Saul.

Addicted to Porn? By Dr. Margaret Paul

I received the following question when I was conducting a webinar on sexual addiction:
"I have had a pornography addiction since I was a teenager. I am now in my mid 30's. For the past four months I have abstained through Inner Child work, but two days ago I visited a porn site and masturbated. I feel really sad about this. What is the best way to address this?"
Pornography addiction is quite common. At one of my Five-Day Couples’ Intensives, one of the men was working on his porn addiction and was feeling embarrassed about it. In an effort to help him, I asked, "How many of you are addicted to porn?" Among the six couples there, four of the men raised their hands.
If I was working one-on-one with the questioner – I will call him Lance – this is what I would ask:
"Lance, there must be a very good reason you started to look at porn as an adolescent. What was going on for you then that led to this?"
The following dialogue is a compilation of many such sessions.
Lance might have said: "I was awkward and shy and afraid of getting rejected, but my hormones were over the top. Pornography offered me a way of managing my sexual feelings without having to risk rejection. It was very available and more fun and erotic than fantasy."
"Lance, tell me about your sadness."
"I feel like I let myself down. I had made a decision to abstain and I went back on it. My inner child doesn't like it and doesn't feel good about it. It feels like I violate myself and my values when I use women this way, but sometimes the adolescent part of me acts out."
"Lance, please go inside and ask yourself what you were feeling before you masturbated to porn."
"….I was feeling lonely."
This is almost always the answer I receive when I ask what someone was feeling before acting out with pornography – or most other addictions.
Loneliness is a very hard feeling. This is likely what Lance was feeling as an adolescent, as loneliness is a very common feeling during adolescence. Unfortunately, most of us never learned how to manage loneliness, and many people judge themselves for feeling lonely, so they have learned turn to various addictions to avoid the feeling.
Loneliness is a fact of life. Feeling lonely is not an indication that there is something wrong with you. We feel lonely whenever we want to connect with another person and no one is available to connect with – either because no one is there or because the person there is shut down and unavailable for connection. Lance needed to learn how to manage loneliness in order not to resort to his addiction.
"Lance, right now, see if you can find that place of loneliness inside your heart and soul. Embrace the loneliness with compassion toward yourself – with kindness, gentleness, tenderness, caring and understanding. Can you do this?"
"Now continue to hold that feeling with compassion until it starts to subside. Then be willing to release it to the universe, saying, 'I release this loneliness and replace it with acceptance and peace."
Lance does this. "Now what do you feel?"
"Much better! The sadness is gone and so is the loneliness. I feel lighter."
"Lance, this is what you need to do with all your deeply painful core feelings -  loneliness, heartache, heartbreak, helplessness over others, grief and sorrow. When you embrace these very painful feelings with compassion rather than with judgment or by numbing them with addictions, then your inner child doesn't feel alone inside. You can manage these painful feelings when you do this kind of Inner Bonding process."
We all need to learn to manage the deeply painful feelings of life. This is what is necessary in order to not use addictions to numb our feelings.

Daily Inspiration

The ego wounded self never wants to give up control, believing it knows more than your higher self. Today, notice who you are putting in charge - your wounded self or Spirit. When you put your wounded self in charge, you will feel anxious and stressed. When you surrender to Spirit being in charge, you will feel peace and joy. By Dr. Margaret Paul

Peter Gabriel- Secret World Live

15 oct. 2012

Be Happier in Business and Life: 10 Things To Stop Doing Right Now By Jeff Haden

This post is in partnership with Inc., which offers useful advice, resources, and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners. The article below was originally published at
Happiness–in your business life and your personal life–is often a matter of subtraction, not addition.
Consider, for example, what happens when you stop doing the following 10 things:
1. Blaming.
People make mistakes. Employees don’t meet your expectations. Vendors don’t deliver on time.
So you blame them for your problems.
But you’re also to blame. Maybe you didn’t provide enough training. Maybe you didn’t build in enough of a buffer. Maybe you asked too much, too soon.
Taking responsibility when things go wrong instead of blaming others isn’t masochistic, it’s empowering–because then you focus on doing things better or smarter next time.
And when you get better or smarter, you also get happier.
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2. Impressing.
No one likes you for your clothes, your car, your possessions, your title, or your accomplishments. Those are all “things.” People may like your things–but that doesn’t mean they like you.
Sure, superficially they might seem to, but superficial is also insubstantial, and a relationship that is not based on substance is not a real relationship.
Genuine relationships make you happier, and you’ll only form genuine relationships when you stop trying to impress and start trying to just be yourself.
3. Clinging.
When you’re afraid or insecure, you hold on tightly to what you know, even if what you know isn’t particularly good for you.
An absence of fear or insecurity isn’t happiness: It’s just an absence of fear or insecurity.
Holding on to what you think you need won’t make you happier; letting go so you can reach for and try to earn what you want will.
Even if you don’t succeed in earning what you want, the act of trying alone will make you feel better about yourself.
4. Interrupting.
Interrupting isn’t just rude. When you interrupt someone, what you’re really saying is, “I’m not listening to you so I can understand what you’re saying; I’m listening to you so I can decide what I want to say.”
Want people to like you? Listen to what they say. Focus on what they say. Ask questions to make sure you understand what they say.
They’ll love you for it–and you’ll love how that makes you feel.
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5. Whining.
Your words have power, especially over you. Whining about your problems makes you feel worse, not better.
If something is wrong, don’t waste time complaining. Put that effort into making the situation better. Unless you want to whine about it forever, eventually you’ll have to do that. So why waste time? Fix it now.
Don’t talk about what’s wrong. Talk about how you’ll make things better, even if that conversation is only with yourself.
And do the same with your friends or colleagues. Don’t just be the shoulder they cry on.
Friends don’t let friends whine–friends help friends make their lives better.
6. Controlling.
Yeah, you’re the boss. Yeah, you’re the titan of industry. Yeah, you’re the small tail that wags a huge dog.
Still, the only thing you really control is you. If you find yourself trying hard to control other people, you’ve decided that you, your goals, your dreams, or even just your opinions are more important than theirs.
Plus, control is short term at best, because it often requires force, or fear, or authority, or some form of pressure–none of those let you feel good about yourself.
Find people who want to go where you’re going. They’ll work harder, have more fun, and create better business and personal relationships.
And all of you will be happier.
7. Criticizing.
Yeah, you’re more educated. Yeah, you’re more experienced. Yeah, you’ve been around more blocks and climbed more mountains and slayed more dragons.
That doesn’t make you smarter, or better, or more insightful.
That just makes you you: unique, matchless, one of a kind, but in the end, just you.
Just like everyone else–including your employees.
Everyone is different: not better, not worse, just different. Appreciate the differences instead of the shortcomings and you’ll see people–and yourself–in a better light.
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8. Preaching.
Criticizing has a brother. His name is Preaching. They share the same father: Judging.
The higher you rise and the more you accomplish, the more likely you are to think you know everything–and to tell people everything you think you know.
When you speak with more finality than foundation, people may hear you but they don’t listen. Few things are sadder and leave you feeling less happy.
9. Dwelling.
The past is valuable. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the mistakes of others.
Then let it go.
Easier said than done? It depends on your focus. When something bad happens to you, see that as a chance to learn something you didn’t know. When another person makes a mistake, see that as an opportunity to be kind, forgiving, and understanding.
The past is just training; it doesn’t define you. Think about what went wrong, but only in terms of how you will make sure that, next time, you and the people around you will know how to make sure it goes right.
10. Fearing.
We’re all afraid: of what might or might not happen, of what we can’t change, or what we won’t be able to do, or how other people might perceive us.
So it’s easier to hesitate, to wait for the right moment, to decide we need to think a little longer or do some more research or explore a few more alternatives.
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Meanwhile days, weeks, months, and even years pass us by.
And so do our dreams.
Don’t let your fears hold you back. Whatever you’ve been planning, whatever you’ve imagined, whatever you’ve dreamed of, get started on it today.
If you want to start a business, take the first step. If you want to change careers, take the first step. If you want to expand or enter a new market or offer new products or services, take the first step.
Put your fears aside and get started. Do something. Do anything.
Otherwise, today is gone. Once tomorrow comes, today is lost forever.
Today is the most precious asset you own–and is the one thing you should truly fear wasting.

Fidel Delgado: Aprendemos todos

14 oct. 2012

It brings to you a new and magnificent reason for living

Your awakening process is moving ahead smoothly just as divinely intended, so do not be upset or disturbed by the mainstream media reports that focus on the pain, suffering, and disasters around the world.  They are happening, but other, much more wonderful things that are not being reported are happening as well. Large numbers of people are finding compassion, forgiveness, and love in their hearts where before they seemed to be weighed down with fear, worry, and even bitterness.  This is a gigantic step forward that many are embracing enthusiastically despite the unsettling mainstream news that is flooding your media.
A major shift has occurred.  Humanity is uncovering within its collective heart energy field the glowing embers of your Father’s Flame of Love, installed there for your protection when you decided to explore the path of individuality and separation.  Those embers are inextinguishable and have been waiting for this moment.  This uncovering is allowing the infinitely powerful breath of Spirit to blow upon them, returning them to their natural state — divine Flames burning eternally and enthusiastically, constantly demonstrating your Father’s undying Love for you.  To find them burning within yourselves is both shocking and exhilarating!  It brings to you a new and magnificent reason for living, and you want only to share it and watch it grow and expand it throughout the peoples of the world — and that is exactly what is happening.
The divine field of Love surrounding Earth and all her inhabitants is reaching into more and more hearts as you open in welcome to its loving embrace.  It has always been there for you, and now millions of you, no, billions, are becoming aware of this magnificent divine gift that will assist you to release all the concepts and beliefs that have clouded your minds in confusion for eons, and led you so often to betrayal, hatred, and war — it has been these insane ideas, so firmly held, that have brought so much suffering to the peoples of the world.  Never before in your history has there been this willingness to work lovingly to let go of these concepts and beliefs that have served you so pitifully, and with increasing numbers of you opening your hearts to accept and receive the divine embrace your success is ensured.
There has always been an intense desire within the collective mind for peace and harmony to develop in all relationships and at every level of human society. However, because distrust and extreme caution have constantly proved themselves to be essential aspects of any negotiations or agreements being hammered out (for experience has taught you that ignoring or dispensing with them has frequently led to disaster), until now no one has had the courage or the incentive to seek truly open and honest discussion.
Now, however, there are very few left who have not realized that these ancient, time-worn concepts and opinions can never bring peace and harmony because peace and harmony demand trust and always honor it; and so great changes are taking place in the mind of the collective, enabling meaningful and fruitful discussion to take place to address and resolve major issues that have caused you so much continuing dissent and aggravation.
Over the last few decades many fearful souls have been learning that trust can and indeed does work, and that has been a revelation for them.  Of course there have been disappointments on the road to trust; although it has often been sought, too often it has not been honored.  But those disappointments were learning-experiences for all involved, because those who trusted and were betrayed, instead of descending to the level of the betrayers chose to have no more dealings with them.  Those who honored trust were themselves honored, and those who could not be trusted – truly, far fewer people are blatantly untrustworthy than you might imagine – found themselves increasingly isolated as they bewailed the dishonesty of others while pursuing their dishonest ends and continuing to lie and cheat.
Those who trusted and encouraged trust found themselves engaging ever more frequently with others who trusted and who could be trusted.  This new experience was uplifting and inspiring, and with trust being honored, the love that is present in every heart began to flourish.  As a result hearts everywhere began to open, allowing God’s loving embrace to envelop them and leading to today’s situation where trust is sought and expected, and the dishonoring of trust has become utterly unacceptable.
Those who for so long have succeeded in their aims and agendas, through intents and actions designed to divide and confuse others by dissemblance, are in massive disarray because their dishonesty has been uncovered for all to see, and now few will engage with them.
Trust and honesty is now seen to be the only way forward, and those who would refute that are being left on the sidelines as humanity moves powerfully forwards towards its divine destiny – a grand awakening.  Focus your attention and intentions on this most momentous and significant event which is about to permanently alter the way you live and relate to one another.  Its arrival will astound and amaze you — as it sweeps in with an age of peace, happiness, and abundance that is presently far beyond your wildest dreams.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

In every interaction expect to find a loving response

In every interaction expect to find a loving response

Your awakening is divinely assured, and you know that deep in your hearts.  Make a point of going to that place within frequently each day, where awareness of your divine nature dwells, to remind yourselves of how dearly your Father loves you, because it is very easy for you to be wholly caught up in the distractions of daily living, and so forget your reason for being on Earth right now.
You are all conduits for His Love, and it is essential that you keep those conduits fully open so that the love within each one of you can awaken and join with His Love as It flows through you constantly to inspire, uplift, and engage with all of humanity.  This is your task; you know it.  And your innermost desire and hope is to engage with it as fully as you can.  So be open, generous, accepting, compassionate listeners, sharing God’s Love by just being yourselves – and not the masks of confidence and perhaps indifference that many of you have become accustomed to put on when dealing with the distractions of the illusion (daily life) – thus helping to bring in the New Age for which all are yearning.  It is coming, it will arrive very soon, but your open and loving input is an essential and irreplaceable part of that process.
Every guide, teacher, or mystic who has entered into your world to offer you help to find your way Home, no matter what religious persuasion they represented (if any), has emphasized repeatedly that following a path of love, acceptance, and forgiveness is the only way to go.  At last that message is being widely heard and understood, and so it is leading you rapidly towards awakening.
In every situation, in every interaction expect to find a loving response, and make it happen by engaging from the first moment openly and non-defensively, because that is the way to bring it about.  Whenever you start off defensively the other party feels it instantly – you are after all beings of spirit, pure energy, and energy recognizes energy – and will often erect their own defensive shield in response.  You came to share love, and to do so you must make the first move in that direction.  When you meet someone who is also doing this you feel it instantly and a wonderful bond is established between you.  Expect to experience this with increasing frequency as more and more of you clear out your blocked or silted-up love conduits.
Maybe you have had the experience of unwinding the garden hose in spring to water your garden, and the water has refused to flow.  You worked your way along the hose and found spots where frozen water had been retained, insulated from the warmth of spring by the windings of the hose.  Once those spots were thawed the water flowed freely.  Well, many of you have had your inner love conduits similarly blocked because you had frozen your love inside you – perhaps through fear, or perhaps because you thought it was a sign of weakness – but now, with the intensity of the divine Love field enveloping you, those frozen blockages are dissolving, and all over the planet people are opening in love for each other and for the planet.
Spring has arrived and will lead inevitably to summer because the love that is awakening within humanity is irresistibly pushing forth buds that will soon burst forth as the most glorious blossoms.  A time of great joy approaches for humanity — a time of which you have dreamed and for which you have long been hoping.  The signs of spring are all around you, if you will look for them, and you know that summer always follows spring.
Allow these wondrous signs to inspire and uplift you so that your hearts sing! Then your energy frequency rises, and the uplifting effect you have on all with whom you meet and talk intensifies, encouraging them to explore and expand their own visions of a society in which all are honored, respected, accepted, and loved.  As the visions of a beautiful and harmonious environment in which all live well, creatively, and abundantly absorb your attention, the intention of the collective, of which you are all part, changes to bring it into effect.
The divine field of Love that enfolds you is guiding you steadily and purposefully homeward, because you have set your intentions in alignment with your Father’s Will for you, which is that you hurry Home to take part in the celebrations that He has prepared to welcome you.
With so very much love, Saul.