Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

29 abr. 2012

Just Let it Flow

Saul: When Something Disturbing Sweeps into Your Awareness, Just Let it Flow

As channeled by John Smallman – April 29, 2012
The forthcoming event to which you – humanity – have been progressing steadily for so long, with not infrequent, apparent back-steps, gets ever closer. Yes, all is on schedule, and your awakening is to occur precisely as divinely planned with your enthusiastic help and agreement.
Any doubts about it that you may be harboring are completely without foundation. Release them, and focus your attention on what you truly desire to happen, and bring it to fruition. That is your task, ably assisted by all of us in the spiritual realms who are constantly offering you advice (but only when sought) and encouragement.
To have spent so many eons in the illusory environment that you made in which to play your games has caused you to build around yourselves a hard shell to protect you from the attacks that have been an ongoing aspect of that strange environment. What you are mostly now engaged in is softening and removing that shell so that you can fully interact with the divine field of Love that surrounds you at all times and which longs to hold you in Its loving embrace.
To soften this shell, and to enable you to let it go, you are addressing all these unloving issues and attitudes as they pour into your awareness, sometimes with very unsettling effects. To awaken is to awaken into the divine Presence where all is Love. Anything that is unloving cannot enter because the brilliance of the divine Light utterly overwhelms and terrifies anything that is unloving. Any fear you may have that you will be divinely judged and found wanting stems from your deep inner knowing of this.
You know that to attempt to enter into the presence of God with anything apart from Love in your hearts is a meaningless endeavor. To enter into the divine Presence you have to desire and intend to do so with all of your heart, but if you are still harboring unloving thoughts or attitudes, then you are not doing so with the desire and intent of all of your heart, and that is why it would be meaningless.
You are so accustomed to withholding part of your heart when you relate to others, in case you should be attacked or betrayed, that it is difficult for you to release those remaining unloving elements which seem to have provided you with essential protection for so long.
And it is these remaining unloving aspects you still hold in your hearts that you are in the process of addressing and releasing as the moment for your glorious awakening approaches. Consequently, many are feeling disturbed and distracted as aspects of themselves that they had buried deep within surge up to the surface of their awareness for release.
Remember, you are constantly being offered enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms so that you can deal swiftly and effectively with these issues, and there is no way that you can fail to do so. However, it can be very uncomfortable for you. When something shocking or very disturbing sweeps into your awareness just let it flow. Do not attempt to stop it or block it – you do not need to act on it, either – just let it flow.
It will not last, and when it has passed you will feel more alive, more secure, more sure and more confident in yourselves. What will have happened is that the intense energy you needed to block it, deny it, or hide from it is now available for you to use and enjoy, resulting in a marked decrease in the fatigue and stress that its misuse had caused, and you will be brighter for it.
Truly your path to awakening has become far shorter; the main part is well behind you now, and as you release what you need to release and allow your hearts to open ever more fully, your faith in the divine outcome that has been planned since the moment of apparent separation will continue to strengthen and intensify, until you will know in your conscious mind that God’s Will and yours is assured.
With so very much love, Saul.

You will find yourselves steeped in the wonder of who you truly are

You will find yourselves steeped in the wonder of who you truly are

by John Smallman
Humanity is on course to awaken as divinely intended. So open your hearts to receive the Love that is constantly on offer to help you move out of your state of deep sleep.  You want to; you know that life is much more real, alive, and exuberantly vibrant than what you are presently experiencing, and yet there is a sense of anxiety or even dread – that to move forward towards that state is to face judgment and possibly condemnation for behaviors in which you have at times engaged.  But those behaviors never occurred, and they could not.
Your present state is illusory!  Many wise and holy ones are repeatedly advising you of this fact, and still you doubt and cling to beliefs that would attempt to convince you that you are sinners and misfits who are unworthy of God’s unconditional Love.  You are always loved because you are the children of God, created by Him as perfect beings to live in eternal joy.  That is His Will.
To imagine that any state other than everlasting harmonious oneness with Him could be your destiny, let alone be possible, makes no sense at all.  You are all of infinite worth, priceless jewels in the heavenly firmament, and without even one of you present that state would be incomplete.  And nothing that is of God, Who is All That Is, could ever be incomplete.
Your destiny is to awaken, and so you shall.  Release your fears, your doubts, and your anxieties that suggest you are unworthy because they only confuse and disturb you.  For divine confirmation go within – into your heart, into the center of your being – and ask yourselves if you are worthy of God’s Love, and you will be answered with a resounding “Yes!”  No other answer is possible because when you ask that question, it is God Who answers you!
This message is to reaffirm for you that you are eternally one with God, your Creator and loving Father, Who has nothing but indiscriminate, unconditional Love to offer to each and every part of His creation.  No one is or could ever be excluded from that divine and totally inclusive state.  Whatever your fears may be, they are utterly unwarranted.  Let them go, for they do not serve you, and allow yourselves to feel the Love that surrounds you constantly.
When you awaken, all those insecurities, doubts, and feelings of being in any way unworthy, which you have embraced with unbelievable enthusiasm over eons spent in the illusion, will be gone, and you will find yourselves infused and steeped in the wonder of who you truly are: divine beings of infinite value, ensconced in a state of permanent ecstasy with one another and with God.  You will have no memories of conflict, betrayal, or suffering to cloud the brilliance of your awakened state.  Surrounded by all who love you, and whom you love, there will be nothing to disturb the divine harmony that is your heavenly destiny.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

27 abr. 2012

Depresión infantil y adolescente

Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia Media-Alta:
  • Técnicas de autocontrol
  • Relajación
  • Resolución de problemas
  • Reestructuración cognitiva
  • Entrenamiento en habilidades sociales

Enfermedades crónicas en la infancia

Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia Alta:
  • Técnicas de control de contingencias
  • Desensibilización sistemática
  • Relajación 
Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia Media-Baja:
  • Biofeedback
  • Distracción

Fobias Específicas en la infancia y adolescencia

Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia Alta:
  • Desensibilización sistemática
  • Práctica reforzada
  • Modelado participante 
Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia  probable:
  • Autoinstrucciones
  • Modelado simbólico
  • Modelado en vivo
  • Escenificaciones Emotivas
  • Exposición en vivo gradual con juego y modelado
  • Exposición
  • Programas combinados (escenificaciones emotivas, cuento y juegos)

Ansiedad Generalizada y Ansiedad de Separación

Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia Media-Alta:
  • Adquisición de habilidades de afrontamiento (relajación, autoinstrucciones...)
  • Exposición gradual
  • Entrenamiento a los padres en control de contingencias ara extinguir las quejas y reforzar los logros

Retraimiento: Timidez-Fobia Social

 Técnicas de Intervención que han mostrado eficacia Media-Alta:

  • Exposición
  • Habilidades sociales
  • Reestructuración cognitiva
  • Resolución de conflictos

25 abr. 2012

El Árbol de los deseos

 Cuentan que aconteció hace muchos, muchos años que un peregrino tras caminar durante infinitas jornadas bajo el implacable sol de India deseó en su corazón poder descansar a la sombra de un árbol que le diera cobijo. Y así fue que, de pronto, divisó a lo lejos un frondoso árbol solitario en medio de la planicie. Cubierto de sudor y tambaleándose sobre sus fatigados pies se encaminó alegremente hacia el árbol que hacia realidad su deseo. Al fin podré descansar, pensó; mientras se abría paso entre sus tupidas ramas que llegaban hasta el suelo. ¿Qué más podría desear? Tendiéndose sobre la tierra en su refugio vegetal trató de conciliar el sueño, pero el suelo estaba duro y mientras más el peregrino trataba de ignorarlo y descansar, más duro le parecía el suelo sobre el que estaba. Si al menos tuviera una cama, pensó. Al momento surgió una imponente cama, con impolutas sábanas de seda, digna de un sultán. Brocados, lujosos tejidos de Samarkanda y las más suaves pieles cubrían el lecho. Y es que, sin saberlo, el peregrino había ido a sentarse bajo el mítico árbol de los deseos. Aquel árbol milagroso que es capaz de convertir en realidad cualquier deseo expresado bajo sus ramas. El hombre se acostó en el mullido lecho relajándose. ¡Oh, que a gusto me siento, lástima del hambre que tengo!, pensó Y ante él apareció una espléndida mesa cubierta con la más sabrosa de las comidas, con ricos y variados platos exquisitamente preparados y servidos en la más extravagante de las vajillas. Sobre las más finas telas imbricadas de hilos preciosos se mezclaban oro, plata y finísimo cristal con las más exóticas frutas y lujuriosos postres. Todas estas maravillas tomaron forma ante sus asombrados ojos. Todo aquello con lo que siempre había soñado en las solitarias noches de su largo peregrinar estaba ahora ante él. El peregrino comía y comía con el temor de que tal prodigio desapareciera en el aire tan súbitamente como había aparecido. Pero, cuanto más comía, más comida aparecía. Y cada nuevo manjar era aún más sabroso y exquisito que el anterior. Finalmente dijo: Ya no puedo más y en ese mismo momento la mesa con todas sus maravillas se desvaneció en el aire. Es maravilloso, pensó, mientras un sentimiento de felicidad le embargaba. No me moveré de aquí y seré por siempre feliz. Pero, de pronto, una idea terrible surcó su mente - Claro que esta planicie es famosa por sus feroces tigres. ¿Qué sucedería si un tigre me descubriese? Sería terrible morir, después de finalmente haber encontrado el árbol de la felicidad. Fue la milésima de una fracción de segundo, pero bastó. Cumpliendo su deseo, en aquel momento surgió de la nada un terrible tigre que lo devoró. Y así, el árbol de la felicidad quedó solo de nuevo, y allí sigue esperando la llegada de un ser humano de corazón completamente puro, donde no residan miedo, ni desconfianza, sino sólo responsabilidad y conocimiento.

24 abr. 2012

La ventaja de la FELICIDAD

Creemos que tenemos que trabajar para ser felices, pero ¿no podría ser a la inversa? En esta ágil y entretenida charla en TEDxBloomington, el psicólogo Shawn Achor afirma que en realidad la felicidad nos hace más productivos.

22 abr. 2012

Tratamientos para reducir la ansiedad en mujeres perimenopaúsicas

You are the wonder-children of God

You are the wonder-children of God

by John Smallman
Waiting to awaken is difficult for you because it seems that you have been waiting for a very long time – and so you have – and yet you have no option but to continue waiting.  It is frustrating and challenging for you, and those in the spiritual realms are doing all they can to assist and inspire you in these final moments before the great event happens, as it most surely will.
By holding the Light on high you are making this triumphal event possible.  Without you it could not occur!  Obviously, God’s Will, His loving assistance, and ours are also necessary to bring this about, but it is not something that is being brought to you while you sit idly by.  Without every being’s intent and desire it could not happen.  What you Light-bearers are doing is truly astounding as you quickly release old confrontational and judgmental attitudes that you have embraced for eons, allowing the divine energy field of God’s Love to suffuse you and then be channeled through you to all those who still remain unaware and deeply asleep.
To awaken into Reality is humanity’s divine destiny, and you are making it happen.  During the time that remains before you awaken, keep reminding yourselves that what you are doing is absolutely essential to the process that is unfolding all around you.  Make a point of connecting with others who, like you, are heavily involved in this noble and demanding task, either physically, by phone, or through the worldwide communication system that is enabling so much uplifting information and news to be widely promulgated.  Doing so will inspire you as you “meet” with others on similar paths to your own, and at the same time you will inspire them.  Mutual support for one another is essential and empowering; it strengthens the validity of your inner knowing and your faith that despite any anxieties or doubts you may be experiencing all is going precisely as divinely intended.  After all, how could it not?  This mutual support immensely intensifies the power of the energy that you are all expending to bring the divine harvest to fruition.
You cannot fail to achieve your holy destiny because it is your reason for being on Earth.  You are divinely assisted at all times as you hold the Light as way-showers, healers, and comforters to all who are, even though unaware, preparing to release themselves from the deep slumber in which they have been enveloped.  You are the wonder-children of God, the ones who are burning with the enthusiasm that His Will inspires, and which you share with Him constantly because it is also yours.
Yes, sometimes it does seem to you that you are alone, struggling with doubt and anxiety, as the world around you continues seemingly unchanged and uncaring on its path towards apparently inevitable self-immolation.  But, as you well know, all that is about to change irrevocably.  So when you hear of new sorrows and suffering, remind yourselves of this, and focus on feeling the Love that surrounds you and is offered you constantly by God.
This is a time of transition, a time of transformation, and the wonders that are shortly to be disclosed will overwhelm you with joy as all your hopes are fulfilled, magnificently.  Do not buy into the sense of individual helplessness that you often see around you because you are not helpless.  You are transformers in the process of dissolving the illusion and bringing in the brilliant Light of Reality.  That is the divine Will, and it is unstoppable!
Your loving brother, Jesus.

20 abr. 2012

Are You Demanding? Do You Hate Demands?

 By Dr. Margaret Paul April 16, 2012

How do you respond when someone makes demands of you? How do you respond when someone says no to your demand?

"If you ask something of someone and you are upset over their response, then it wasn't a request, it was a demand." - Michael E. Angier
Most of us hate being demanded of. We don’t like being put in the position of feeling we have to say ‘yes’ in order to not run into another’s upset with us. Sometimes, to delay the negative response, we might say ‘yes’ and then not do it, hoping that the anticipated anger will never come. We might even mean ‘yes’ in the moment we say it, but because most of us hate being controlled by another, we might unconsciously resist doing what the other person has asked us to do.
Whether something is a demand or a request has nothing to do with HOW it is asked. Someone can say to you in a sweet calm voice, “Would you mind doing the dishes?”, but if they get angry, hurt or blaming, when you say “No, I don’t have the time right now,” it‘s actually a demand. On the other hand, someone can make the same request in a fairly harsh tone, but if you let them know you can’t do it just then, and they say, “Oh, okay,” with no negative energy attached, you know that it really was a request, not a demand.
It’s not always easy to request, rather than demand, something of someone who is important to you. Most of us are invested in the outcome and not willing to feel helpless regarding our lack of control over others.
Brent and Claire
I often see this situation regarding sexuality in committed relationships. For example, Brent wants to make love with his wife Claire, but he is also afraid of rejection. He tends to take it personally when his wife says ‘no’ and then he responds by getting angry, hurt or withdrawn. Understandably, Claire doesn’t like being demanded of. She feels unloved when Brent doesn’t care about how she feels and punishes her instead. For a long time, Claire gave in, to avoid Brent’s anger and withdrawal, but recently, giving in became intolerable to her. She has let Brent know that she will no longer make love with him until he can be caring and understanding about her feelings when she says no, rather than angry, hurt and withdrawn.
Very distressed with Claire’s decision, Brent consulted with me. I helped him to stop taking Claire’s feelings as a personal rejection of him, and instead to compassionately care about his own feelings as well as hers. Brent came to recognize that his demands of Claire came from his own self-abandonment—primarily from his self-judgments. He saw that when he judged himself harshly, he felt so bad about himself that he wanted Claire to make love with him to let him know he was okay. When he learned to value himself rather than judge himself, he no longer felt needy for sex as validation. Now he could approach Claire with love rather than with neediness, and was fine cuddling when she didn’t feel like making love.
Claire, who deeply loves Brent, rediscovered her desire for him due to no longer being demanded of to care-take him. Now, because she feels completely free to say no without punishment, she more often than not says yes, and even finds herself initiating their lovemaking.
Brent could not let go of demanding, even though it wasn’t working, until he learned to take loving care of himself. Demands are often an indication of self-abandonment—a way of making the other person responsible for you. If you want to shift from demanding to requesting, then you need to learn how to take loving care of yourself, which is what practicing the Inner Bonding process teaches.

19 abr. 2012

Los niños invisibles: niños que viven en entornos de vulnerabilidad mental parental

SINOPSIS: Una de cada cuatro personas sufre a lo largo de su vida algún tipo de trastorno mental. Ello implica que numerosos niños, entre el 3 y el 11% de la población mundial infantil, convive con un padre o una madre con enfermedad mental. Una circunstancia que incide en el desarrollo normal de los hijos, les pone en riesgo de sufrir ellos mismos diversas alteraciones
emocionales y de conducta. El Proyecto europeo Lifelong Kids Strenths llama la atencion sobre la situación de estos niños y sus padres y propone lineas de intervención desde el ámbito de la Atención Temprana.

18 abr. 2012

Disowned Anger and Strength

Jay Earley Ph.D.

In IFS, we sometimes encounter parts that have been disowned or exiled because their feelings or behavior are seen as unacceptable. Originally the part wasn't acceptable to the family of origin (or culture), and then it became unacceptable to other parts of the client as well, and this dynamic has carried forward into the present. I will call these disowned parts.

Anger is probably the most common kind of disowned part. When clients have disowned their anger, they tend to lack assertiveness or strength. They may even be passive, pleasing, self-effacing, or lacking in self-confidence and drive. This is because their strength has become disowned along with their anger.

Let's look at an example. Donna's parents were judgmental and shaming whenever she got angry. They gave her the message that she was supposed to be a nice girl and not be aggressive or make waves. As a result, her anger got disowned, and this was enforced by managers that believed her anger was bad. Donna became meek and quiet and had a hard time asserting her needs or opinions.

Clients who have disowned their anger may occasionally have angry outbursts, due to the disowned angry part breaking through. This anger is usually extreme and inappropriate to the context. The person may feel ashamed of these incidents and believe that he or she has an anger problem. However, the real problem with the person's anger is that it is disowned.

Disowned anger can come from a protector, an exile, or even a healthy part. In the case in which it comes from an exile, the part is just responding in a naturally aggressive way to childhood insults or deprivations. However, this anger often becomes extreme because it is disowned. In other words, the part reacts to being disowned by becoming increasingly and irrationally angry.

In working with this type of anger, the goal is to gain access to the disowned angry part and welcome it back into the internal family of parts and into the client's conscious life, where it can live and express itself. It is helpful to do this even if the anger is extreme-though in this case, it should only be expressed in therapy sessions. Have the client witness the part's feelings, and encourage it to express the anger in whatever way it wants in a session. This is often a great relief to the client since the anger has been repressed for so long.

However, welcoming back the disowned anger may not be easy. There will probably be protectors that are frightened of it, and they will fight to keep it from being reowned.

IFS recognizes that a disowned part often holds a positive quality or energy that can be integrated into the client's psyche. For example, sexuality, spontaneity, and caring are all positive qualities that could be disowned if they were unacceptable in the client's family of origin. When the disowned part is welcomed back, it allows the person to reown this positive energy.

When anger is disowned, it isn't the anger itself that is the positive quality to be reowned. There is a positive quality that gets disowned along with the anger, which I will call strength. Strength means healthy aggression, aliveness, personal power, and the ability to assert oneself. It includes the ability to take risks, adopt a powerful stance in the world, and feel a zest for life.

Anger is a natural protector reaction to injustice, boundary violations, mistreatment, or frustration of one's aims. When we are in Self, anger is rarely necessary because we can call on our healthy sense of power, forcefulness, and limit setting to handle these situations. We can be strong and assertive without frightening or harming other people. This is what I mean by healthy aggression or strength.

When we exile our anger, we also exile our strength, not because we intend to but because is the way the human psyche operates.

By welcoming back disowned anger, we open the possibility of reclaiming this positive quality of strength for ourselves. This is especially true if we welcome back the anger in an embodied way that includes feeling the anger fully and perhaps expressing it. This helps us embody our strength and aliveness.

Andrzej Łobaczewski- Ponerología

Ponerología es el nombre dado por el psiquiatra polaco Andrzej Łobaczewski a un estudio interdisciplinario de las causas de períodos de injusticia social.1 Esta disciplina hace uso de datos de la psicología, la psicopatología, la sociología, la filosofía y la historia para explicar tales fenómenos como la guerra de agresión, la limpieza étnica,el genocidio y los estados policiales. La teoría e investigación original fueron realizadas por psicólogos y psiquiatras trabajando en Polonia, Checoslovaquia y Hungría durante los años antes de la institución del comunismo como Kazimierz Dąbrowski y Stefan Blachowski.2

Łobaczewski adoptó el término de la rama de teología que trata del estudio del mal, derivado de la palabra griega poneros.

  1. Łobaczewski, Andrzej, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, (Grande Prairie: Red Pill Press, 2006), p. 22.
  2. Dąbrowski, Kazimierz, The Dynamics of Concepts (London: Gryf Publications, 1973), pp. 37-40.

Saul: An Enormous Change in Perception

Channeled by John Smallman

April 18, 2012

When humanity awakens it will be to a fantastic welcome from all who have been watching and encouraging you on your homeward journey since it began, eons ago.

Time has frequently seemed interminable as you struggled with the confusion and inconsistencies of your gaming arena, trying to make sense of it and to appease the various imaginary gods with which you endowed it.

And, as time passed, the confusion and inconsistencies seemed only to grow. We have been with you throughout the eons offering comfort and support, although most of the time you have remained locked in your tunnel-vision perception, unable to bring yourselves to awareness of our presence and of our intense desire to help you awaken.

Of course you did not realize that you were basically asleep and dreaming, mostly nightmares of fear, suffering, and conflict with one another, or of judgment and condemnation from a merciless god of wrath who spent his time watching you to ensure that you diligently obeyed his endless rules and regulations.

Nevertheless, there were always a few who, aware of our presence and availing of our help, attempted to show you by loving example how to move forward and awaken into the knowledge of your divine origin and destiny.

However, these kind and generous souls were mostly disregarded as their loving messages did not conform to the overriding belief that life had to be an interminable struggle, in which frequent wars were the honorable way to show the might and prowess of those who would be leaders, kings, and dictators, and for the rest of you to demonstrate your misguided loyalty to them.

Even today many still believe in that insane philosophy, and in the need for preemptive military action to preserve their homes and their cultures. But after all these eons the majority are finally deciding that enough is enough, that there has to be a better way to live, and this perception alone is enabling you to begin the process of really listening to one another so that true communication can occur, replacing the dishonesty of endemic bluster and bluff that has for so long made a mockery of all but your most basic communicative functions.

This enormous change in perception is the driving power that is propelling you forcefully forwards towards the grand awakening that is both your desire and your destiny. And because it is also the divine Will for you, your success is assured.

Your increasing awareness that others are often well-meaning is lifting your spirits and encouraging you to look for that attitude instead of expecting to be attacked and therefore needing to be ready to defend yourselves from some kind of assault.

As you become able to release the need to be ever ready to protect yourselves at short notice, your available energy to communicate lovingly and compassionately grows, with the result that interactions with others become pleasurable and harmonious instead of competitive and defensive.

Discovering that cooperative friendly interactions achieve far greater success in resolving issues than your old confrontational methods builds confidence in your abilities deal with situations as they arise.

This further strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem, and gives you the faith to start accepting, valuing, and loving yourselves – as your Father always does – for the wonderful divine creations that you truly are.

Focus on valuing yourselves and others highly. Why would you not? After all, God does. And because He does, then you must all be of infinite worth and value, and to value yourselves less highly than He does makes no sense at all.

He will bring you all together to show you the truth of that as soon as you will allow Him to do so. Open your hearts to Him and allow Him to fill them with the Love and acceptance that you so desperately desire, and know that there is nothing that would give Him greater joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

15 abr. 2012

Something of great importance missing is from your lives

04/15/2012 by John Smallman

All are one – because the divine creation is all inclusive, without discrimination of any kind, and the energy field of God’s Love contains all that exists. Separation is an imaginary construct that you chose to build for your own amusement, and it has brought you much dissatisfaction and suffering. The time has come for you to let it go and awaken into awareness of your true nature, where you are in complete harmony and fully integrated with one another and with God.

You are always in that state, but for a long time you have chosen to be unaware of it and of the infinite joy that it provides. Now, amazing assistance, which in your present somnolent state is unimaginable to you, is available to guide you up from the depths of sleep, where all is confusion and alienating disharmony, into the Light. All that you need to do to avail yourselves of this divine and loving help is to ask for it, and then allow yourselves to feel worthy to receive it. Unless you grant yourselves the right to see yourselves as worthy, you will continuously sabotage yourselves, and that seriously interferes with your awakening process.

And you do have the divine right to know yourselves as worthy because that is how you were created. God’s creation, of which you are all essential aspects, is perfect – it could not be anything else because His Nature is infinite, divine perfection. Therefore, you are all infinitely worthy, majestic beings to whom, at the moment of your creation, He gave all that He is. He withheld nothing of Himself from you, because He is Love and Love is unitive, all-encompassing, indiscriminating, and eternally expansive – limitless. Love does not bind, and therefore you are free – free to refuse It, free to ignore It, and free to forget that It surrounds you always, waiting for you to accept It and experience once more the joy of unity with It.

You will remember and you will awaken – because you have a very strong sense that something of great importance is missing from your lives. And of course it is: the awareness and the experience of being one with God. That is what you have spent lifetimes trying to figure out, but in the illusion it makes no sense because you feel constantly threatened. And therefore to offer unconditional love to another, as He does constantly to all of His creation, seems like offering your throat to the blade of another’s knife! You do not often admit it that clearly to yourselves, but fear does drive most of your human behavior.

The key to releasing yourselves from fear is forgiveness. When you live unforgivingly you have within you a constant, subliminal, nagging anxiety that the unforgiven ones in your lives may attack you, and so you are forever ready to defend yourselves, and that puts you in a state of fear again, mostly subliminal. On each occasion that you truly forgive another, or even yourselves, you release some of that deep-seated anxiety and the stress that goes with it, and you feel better.

Recall an occasion when you judged a loved one harshly for an error, and later realized that you had overreacted and so forgave the error. Did you not then feel better for having done so? And even more so when you saw the relief that loved one felt because of your forgiveness?

Forgiveness is like a healing-balm and its effect is quite miraculous, so do not deprive yourselves of its benefits by holding on to grudges and resentments which fill you with bitterness. Truly, to withhold forgiveness is insane. It wounds you, and the wounds just fester within, causing you unnecessary pain and suffering. When you forgive – truly forgive, with heartfelt compassion – you will be able to see the Light and the beauty shining forth from the one you have forgiven. And that, of course, is the reflection of the same shining Light that you yourselves share and extend as extensions of God.

You are, and always have been, God’s beloved children. He sees the suffering you impose upon yourselves by the games you play in your illusory environment, and His one desire for you is that you awaken from the tragic conviction that it is real. All the assistance that you need to awaken has been provided; you just have to accept it. Deep within, you know that the behaviors that you regularly engage in make no sense at all as the problems they are supposed to solve just reappear in another form. If what you are doing does not work, then stop doing it! Open your hearts and allow the Love that surrounds you to suffuse you and assist you to awaken. That is God’s Will, and you all do want to do God’s Will. It is very simple, you can do it, you are going to do it, so delay no longer and move into joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

To awaken is to have only one attitude to everything – unconditional Love

All who love you are watching with excitement and great interest as humanity makes its final preparations to awaken. Yes, you are making preparations! Every time you offer a loving or compassionate thought, word, or action, and every time you make an act of forgiveness, privately in your mind or by addressing someone, you release more of the old, unloving behavioral attitudes that weigh you down into the slumbering depths of the illusion. As you become lighter your Light burns more brightly, and it becomes easier for you to continue unloading the negative baggage that can result in reactive behavior that you later (or even in the moment) regret.

The illusion was a place you built in which to play your game of separation, and part of the attraction was the opportunity to act out behaviors that are impossible – in fact, unthinkable in Reality. It was only a game, but the longer you went on playing it the more real it appeared to be, until it seemed to have replaced Reality, Heaven, your state of oneness with God. But, of course, despite the pain and suffering it has caused you, it remains unreal, and your awakening is assured.

You are like overtired children who need to be put to bed, but are stubbornly resisting because they do not want to stop having fun. But, being overtired, they are no longer having fun! It is time for their father or mother to lift them up, give them a warm and loving cuddle, and then put them into bed and read them a short and uplifting story to settle them down to sleep. The parents know that when they awaken in the morning they will be fully refreshed and full of enthusiasm for the wonder of life.

Letting go of unloving attitudes and behaviors is like tidying away your toys before going to bed – it’s a drag, you don’t want to do it, but you know that if you do, everything will be fresh and new to play with in the morning. The illusion is a tiring experience, and when you are tired it is far more difficult to let go of anger, resentment, and judgment, and feelings that you have a right to restitution for your suffering. When you are refreshed, it is much easier to see that your suffering occurs as a result of how you choose to perceive a situation, thus helping you to let go of unrealistic perceptions and the attitudes that they engender.

To awaken is to have only one attitude to everything – to all situations, to all interactions, to all relationships – and that attitude is the only true attitude, the only attitude that actually exists, and it is of course unconditional Love. You are Love because that is what you were created from, and in the illusion you have attempted to hide It while you played your games. However, your illusions cannot conceal Reality, which is infinite and eternal; they can only temporarily enable you to believe that they are doing so, and only until they dissolve into the nothingness from which you made them, which will happen upon your awakening.

The moment of that awakening is not far away, and many of you are getting strong intimations confirming that this is the case. The desire and intent, which so many of you are expressing, to find the true meaning of life is having enormous consequences that are shaking the foundations of the illusion like a giant earthquake – an earthquake that it cannot and will not be able to withstand. Its time is almost over, its end is in sight, and very soon the overwhelming majority of humans will become aware of this and withdraw their support for it – leading to its collapse.

At first, the thought of doing this is unsettling, even frightening for you, because it seems that it has been your home for a very long time, and it is difficult for you to imagine life without it, life elsewhere. And because you cannot really conceive of what life would be like without it, you imagine there will be nothing to replace it, only extreme abandonment and utter desolating loneliness, a great emptiness, a void, a terrifying and final end to existence.

However unpleasant your present situation may be, you do not truly wish for your existence to be terminated, finally, for all eternity. That would make no sense, because you believe that existence must have a meaningful reason for being – which of course it does – and that is what gives you hope. The fact that within the illusion you have yet to find that reason does not mean that you want to give up. Consequently, the idea of allowing it to dissolve, to disintegrate, is unsettling. You have done a very good number on yourselves in attempting to convince yourselves that the illusion is reality and that there is nothing else. Despite the pain, suffering, and confusion that it has caused you, you would rather have that than nothing, and many still believe that it can be made beautiful, peaceful, and safe.

The wonder of it is, that Reality, oneness with God, is of infinite beauty and meaning, and is the meaning of existence, because it was created to place you in everlasting joy in the eternal presence of God. The knowledge of this, which you carry deep within yourselves, each and every one of you, is seeping inexorably into your awareness and giving you the strength and the determination to release those old, unloving attitudes – attitudes which have kept you firmly anchored to the illusion – and to embrace the divine field of Love that surrounds you and which will assist you to awaken. Do not fear the loss of the illusion. Instead, open yourselves to the Love that is Reality – and awaken!

Your loving brother Jesus.

12 abr. 2012

THe Middle Path- Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield is one of the leading Buddhist teachers in the West. He has lived and taught with many Christian monks, nuns, Jewish mystics, Hindu saints, Sufi teachers and leaders in the transpersonal psychology . From this rich experience , he has now written a moving and fascinating work about how the modern spiritual journey unfolds, and the difficulties even the most dedicated people encounter – whatever their faith.

It is incredible the history that reveals itself in the abuses of such a peaceful teaching as the Buddha. Unfortunately, the teachings of people like Jesus, Buddha, Socrates have been turned into religious dogmas with rules and regulations telling people how they should and should not worship. He calls it spiritual materialism. The same elements of human nature exist in the spiritual as well as the material world, all ready to compete for dominance, control, power, and money. On the other hand there are many wonderful people living simple and rewarding lives. He says the sacred is found in the ordinary.

Idealism seems to be the biggest danger in religion, trying to reach an unreachable standard, and glorifying religious enlightenment and experience. The only perfection can be found in the imperfect. Ideals should inspire us to surpass ourselves. Ideals are tools for inspiration not realities within themselves. Buddha, saint, or sage pure human beings don’t exist. The following are a few examples in his book:

In awakening our whole sense of identity shifts. We let go of our small sense of self and enter the unbounded consciousness out of which we come. What becomes known with absolute certainty is that we are not and never have been separate from the world. It is as if our heart, our knowing, expands further and further until we contain everything, until we are the world.

When our identity expands to include everything, we find a peace with the dance of the world. The ocean of life rises and falls within us – birth and death, joy and pain, it is all ours and our heart is full and empty, large enough to embrace it all.

In the deeper meanings beneath the profound, the answers come only as we deepen our ability to live in the reality of the present, to open and close like the lotus, to enter the dark forest and dance in the market.

They do not point to an ideal state, but to the flexibility of the tao, the naturalness of the lotus. They teach a letting go of fear and self-consciouness of worldly and spiritual clinging, until we are free to be ourselves.

The goal of reflecting on past failures is to seek understanding that contributes to healing and redemption rather than blame.

This paragraph is my thoughts. It seems to me the hardest achievement is to find the middle path, as humans we are so prone to extremes or unbalanced thinking.

I think that for every idea we need the opposite to balance it. I am not my mistakes but at the same time because of my genetic link I am likely to repeat my mistakes. The good news is I can change and gain knowledge to practise healthy principles and evolution is then possible. We can find the freedom of our own spirit, and discover that our family history is not who we are. The truth is not found in what it confirms but what it denies.

The middle path embraces opposites. It rests between them, acknowledging both truths, caught by neither side. In this way we can see from one perspective that human life is suffering, with its inevitable string of losses culminating in sickness, aging and death. Yet from another perspective it is also grace – filled with gifts and blessings, expressing a divine beauty. Our very suffering can be seen as the grace that brings us to compassion, surrender and humility.

11 abr. 2012

Before the illusion dissolves completely, moments of doubt and anxiety may occur

To awaken is your destiny and nothing can prevent you from achieving it. Some of you may be going through periods of doubt and anxiety, when it seems that you have no connection with the spiritual aspects of yourselves during these last few moments before your awakening. Do not be worried by this feeling of separation; it is just your becoming aware of the fact that in the illusion you do appear to be separate from one another and from God, and that is painful.

You chose to play the game of separation, and you have played it so well that you forgot that you are eternally and unbreakably connected to each other and to your Father. Now, as you approach the moment of your awakening from this intense illusory state, you are remembering the rules of the game and experiencing an intimation of what the pain that separation from God would feel like, if it could happen. It is indeed unsettling, but it will pass.

You are eternally one with God; no other state is possible. Nevertheless, before the illusion dissolves completely, as you allow the glory of the divine Light of God to enfold you, moments of doubt and anxiety may occur. They are unreal, imaginary, and they distract you from living in the now moment. When that happens you can and should effectively add strength to the awakening process by focusing on moments of joy and happiness that you remember in your lives, and when doubt or anxiety arise, remind yourselves of those moments, reconnect with the feelings that were then present, and make them real now. The energy you encourage by focusing on pain and suffering from the past draws you back into the illusion, because it is only there that it is possible to experience those feelings, and that is something you do not want to do.

You are never alone. I keep reminding you of this because as you struggle with the daily issues of life in the illusion, it is almost impossible for you not to keep forgetting this. When you feel down, depressed, anxious, take time out (just a few minutes will do – even a few seconds will help), relax your mind by focusing on your breath, your love for someone dear to you or some other peaceful state, and ask your guides, angels, or God Himself, to help you release the feelings which drag you back into the nightmare where it seems that Love does not exist in any meaningful way. And you will be helped.

Never forget that you were created in Love from Love, even though in your illusory state that does not appear to be the case. Without Love there would be no life, no existence, because Love is All there is; It is God expressing Himself through His Creation. Knowing this then, and deep within yourselves you do know this, let go of your doubts and fears by reminding yourselves that this is absolutely and irrevocably true.

What you are seeing and experiencing all around as pain, suffering, betrayal, insufficiency, and conflict is illusory. Your worldwide collective cultural belief systems have convinced you otherwise as part of the unhappy game that you have chosen to play, and now is the time for you to refuse to play it any longer. And now you have more help than has ever before been available to help you do this, so engage with your faith that this is indeed so and accept the loving assistance that is being offered to you constantly and enthusiastically in every moment.

You are going to awaken. You have been asleep and dreaming for long enough. It is God’s Will and yours, as it has been since the moment of your apparent separation from Him, that you do so, and His Will will not be denied or prevented. Turn to Him in your faith as you ask for help because He cannot refuse you. You are His children, eternally beloved, sinless and guiltless, and just having a horrible nightmare. His one desire is for you to awaken into the joy of His Presence and know yourselves once more as you truly are.

With so very much love, Saul.

Zen Coaching

The Background of Zen Coaching - - - Who Am I?

10 abr. 2012

Faith Affirming


Faith is the complete reliance on the power and goodness of Spirit and the firm belief that you are always connected to this goodness. Always affirm your faith and not your doubt. When you affirm that things might not work out, that your troubles continue to mount, that your problems are insoluble, that God has not been listening, or that you are powerless in the face of so many struggles, you are affirming doubt rather than faith. The ability to know faith and affirm it allows it to manifest in your life.

In John 14:27, Jesus said, “My peace I give to you.” This is an affirmation of faith. He certainly wasn’t suggesting that peace is very difficult to have and you must struggle for it. Jesus brought peace to everyone by affirming it. Likewise, in his healing work, he didn’t imply that we haven’t been having a great deal of success lately with leprosy, but if you listen to me you have a thirty percent chance of surviving over the next five years. Instead, he declared, “You are well,” affirming faith at the highest spiritual level, and healing took place.

You too must learn to affirm your faith in the face of doubt with thoughts that things will work out, things will improve. Think, write, and say affirmations like these:

I intend to create prosperity.

I’ll do what is necessary to eradicate this problem.

I know I am not alone.

I have faith that all is for good.

I give no energy to the negative because I know all is in divine order.

I will consult with God and know that I will be guided to do what is needed.

These are all affirmations of faith, which, when practiced, will permit you to say “no” to doubt and “yes” to life.

2 witnesses caught the same UFO in St Petersburg, Russia. April 9, 2012

Do You See The Obstacle Or The Goal?

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
April 09, 2012

Where does your mind generally go - to the obstacles or to the goal? You CAN change your mindset if it is stopping you from having what you want.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford

What happens for you when you get a great idea about something you want to do—a new business, a creative project, a vacation and so on? If it really is a great idea for you, you likely feel a sense of excitement about it. I’ve learned that my feelings of excitement let me know that this idea is a good one for me—that it is on the right track regarding what is in my highest good.

What often happens next?

One of two experiences might occur:

  • Thoughts and images pop into your mind of all the obstacles—of how hard it will be to accomplish what you want to do.

  • Thoughts and images pop into your mind of how to achieve what you want—regardless of any challenges that might come up.

Which one most often happens for you?

Focus on Obstacles

Does the part of you — your wounded self, who is afraid of mistakes and failure - take over? What does this sound like?

  • I don’t have what it takes to make this happen.
  • I don’t want to make a fool of myself.
  • I don’t have the money to make this happen.
  • It’s too much work. I feel tired already.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I will never find the time for this.
  • It will never work—it’s a bad idea.
  • What if I fail—then what?
  • Who am I to think I could do this?
  • Other_____________________________.

How do you feel when you tell yourself these things? What happens to the excitement? Do you end up feeling down and discouraged? I’ve learned that feeling down and discouraged is my inner guidance letting me know that my thinking is off course. I’ve learned not to pay attention to negative thoughts—to say to my fearful wounded self, “I’m not listening to you. You don’t know what you are talking about.”

Focus on the Goal

As I said, when I’m excited about an idea, I know that this is my inner guidance letting me know it is a good direction for me. I trust my excitement, and I also trust that my inner guidance lets me know I’ve gotten away from what is in my highest good, when I focus on obstacles and feel down or discouraged.

Focusing on the goal, and the excitement about the goal, is what opens me to the ideas of how to get there. In my experience, it is this excitement and openness that help me find the way to do it. Some call this “The Law of Attraction”—that like energy attracts like energy. I have found it to be invariably true that focusing on my excitement about an idea brings me what I need to carry my idea into fruition.

My inner thought process, instead of focusing on possible obstacles, goes something like this:

“I REALLY want to do this! What do I need to do to make this happen? How can I learn what I need to learn to achieve my goal? Who can be of help to me?”

Once I see a direction, then I often pray for the people and situations to come into my life to support me in my goal. I have complete trust that this will happen—and it always has. However, it’s rarely instant. I have to stay focused on the goal rather than on the obstacles, and maintain my level of excitement about the idea, no matter how long it takes.

Henry Ford faced many obstacles before he invented the Ford. He went bankrupt before he was finally successful. We all know what would have happened if he had allowed the obstacles to stop him.

Daily Inspiration

Grace is a gift of Spirit that comes when we stay open to learning about loving ourselves and others. Grace is the feeling of extraordinary well-being that enters the heart when the heart is truly open. Grace is what we experience when love rather than fear is motivating our thoughts and behavior. By Dr. Margaret Paul

" Cosmic Love " by Kitaro

You truly are the change makers here – Michael channeled by Ron Head

We feel, this morning, your need to better understand the emerging changes that are occurring. Many are asking, “Yes, but when? When?”

You have relied only upon you’re your five physical senses for so long that you do not perceive the change as strongly as you might. And you are being given very little to go on other than our messages. The reports you do see are not coming from sources that are ‘accepted’ by most of society. This, however, does not mean they are not true. Several of these sources are reporting information that is largely correct and they are doing their best to be truthful and accurate. Since they only report what they receive from ‘real’ sources, they are also dealing with a restricted supply of information and must sort out a great deal of misinformation. That is fine. Again we tell you we are not a news service. Our messages are meant to inspire and encourage you. They are also serving to change the dynamic of your collective consciousness.

This is in agreement with your higher selves and purpose. We cannot and will not do otherwise. However, we do tell you that there are available more and more signs that something major is happening. We understand that the word ‘soon’ has become one of your least favorite words. But soon is really not accurate any longer. Quietly, softly, slowly, and hidden are better descriptive terms now. You are going to receive undeniable confirmation very ‘soon’. There, we said it. At that point, the dike of media censorship will have been breached. And soon after that the need for security will be far less. When the information barrier is overcome, you may wish for the flow to slow down again.

In the meantime, please continue to hold your visions of your new world in your hearts. You truly are, did you but see it, the change makers here. We will continue to aid you in all you are doing. Good day, my dear friends.

8 abr. 2012

Be prepared for mighty life-altering events to happen

Heaven’s intent for humanity is leading you all forwards towards this supremely auspicious event that will bring with it joy, happiness, peace, and prosperous abundance for all; and that event is, of course, your awakening into your natural and fully-conscious state. That moment is fast approaching and will not be delayed, even though it appears that many are still not ready to release the unloving and judgmental attitudes that, by their very adoption and maintenance, preclude them from accepting the unconditional divine Love that is constantly offered to them.

However, you light-holders are ensuring, by your loving determination to do God’s Will, that the necessary awareness of the insanity of those attitudes will dawn on the vast majority. A tidal wave of release will sweep through humanity as it at last embraces the incontrovertible truth that Love gently but inevitably conquers and replaces all that is opposed to it. Realizing that resistance is futile, and that it offers only further pain and suffering, the vast majority of humanity will surrender themselves joyfully into the loving arms of God.

And when they do, it will be a moment of supreme glory, and to use an analogy that cannot at all compare to what you will actually experience, it will be similar to the effect you might experience if you moved instantaneously from the depths of an unlighted coal mine into the brilliant midday sunshine on a tropical beach. And then a stunning and amazing sense of wonder will clear from your minds the last few remnants of the fog of doubt and confusion in which it seems you have been embroiled for so long.

The rate at which you are approaching this magnificent event is accelerating as the divine embrace, the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and all upon it intensifies and strengthens. There is no escape from God’s Love for you! And there is no escape from the infinite ecstasy in which It will enfold you!

Be prepared for mighty life-altering events to happen and appear before you as you awaken at last into Reality, for it will provide you with everything you need for peaceful and happy living in a most glorious and inspiring environment. All your creative talents and abilities will blossom as you start to express yourselves fully and with complete confidence in whatever field you find yourselves resonating with. And in that field, with all the amazing possibilities it offers, you will find yourselves surrounded by many loving companions with similar talents and interests with whom you can work synergistically and harmoniously to produce dazzlingly beautiful creations for the delight of all.

Once you have awakened, you will never again encounter loneliness and all the unhappiness that goes with the unnatural slumbering state you have been in; although, when the mood takes you, you will have no trouble finding a place of inspiration in which to be alone – in love, peace, and communion with Yourself and with God. Reality is a place of divine enjoyment where you can use to the full all the creative gifts with which God has endowed you, absolutely firm in the knowledge that everything you think, say, or do is a most beautiful creation of infinite loving intent that you will share enthusiastically with God and with all your brothers and sisters. And their enthusiasm for whatever you choose to create will equal yours, as will your enthusiasm for whatever they choose to create.

Truly, at present, you can have not the slightest idea of the wonders that are waiting to unfold for you. Anticipate your awakening with excitement and surety because what God has promised He will deliver, and no-one will be disappointed. For in God no such possibility exists.

With so very much love, Saul.

The Resurrection signifies humanity’s awakening from the illusion

Easter is an excellent day on which to bring to mind God’s Love for all His children. It is a reminder of His Intent that all of them return to Reality – eternal life with Him in the heavenly domains – as demonstrated by the Resurrection. In Christianity, the Resurrection signifies Christ risen from the dead, but in fact it signifies humanity’s awakening from its extensive sojourn in the illusion, because within you all the Light of Christ Consciousness is burning to light your way Home, and it is now becoming impossible for you to continue ignoring it as you have done for so long. The time you have spent in the illusion has been arduous and painful, causing you much fear and suffering. It is the divine Will that you awaken from that unhappy state. And so you will.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that your present mode of existence on Planet Earth is unsustainable, and yet those who could start to make the necessary changes to alleviate the situation and help to move you away from the brink of self-destruction are apparently insufficiently concerned with the seriousness of it to do anything about it. However, that ongoing irresponsible behavior, demonstrated by those who are in a position to start humanity’s move away from what appears to be an inevitable world-wide ecological catastrophe, and who are refusing to act, will soon cease as they are persuaded to resign, and those with the ability, the competence, the technological means, and the intense desire to correct this untenable state of affairs replace them.

You came to Earth as guardians of the planet, but due to confusion and disagreements among you about who were the chosen ones of God, you became mightily distracted and forgot your role. Many began to believe that God showed favor to some and condemned others, and so you began to compete quite viciously for His favor. And right up to the present many continue to follow this insane but well-worn path towards mutual destruction.

As you have been told, and told, and told, God loves you all; there are no exceptions. And yet this message of divine Love has been constantly ignored as you fought among yourselves for His approval. The time for that behavior to end is finally upon you, and awareness is growing rapidly that your insane, and frequently traumatic ways of dealing with one another, person to person or nation to nation, must cease if you are to survive.

It is this awareness that makes it possible for essential alteration of attitudes and behaviors to be implemented on a planetary scale, thus enabling you to live together as always divinely intended – in loving, harmonious, and respectful cooperation. These changes are now being implemented most effectively all across the planet, and the wonderful results that are occurring are being seen and reported on. Intend to become aware of this information, share it, and become part of it as you release all the blocks and inflexibilities of mind that have prevented you, on occasion, from acting as lovingly and fearlessly as your honesty and integrity demands.

To live in integrity, honesty, and loving harmony is to follow the path out of the illusion. And that is what more and more humans are realizing. A groundswell of awareness is flowing across the planet as more and more of you inform yourselves of the devastation that has been taking place – almost always in the name of progress and with the suggestion that it is leading to prosperity for all, poisoning your air and water and destroying parts of the ecosystem without which life on Earth cannot continue.

This awareness is God-sent to arouse you from your slumber, and its success is assured because of its origin. To awaken is your destiny, and therefore you will awaken, and with the help that is now available to you, you will resolve the many major issues facing humanity, and repair the devastation that the planet and its ecosystems have suffered. A new age of enlightened living is approaching when all will truly understand and appreciate the beauty of your planet as you re-assume your role as planetary guardians. You are securely on the path to a life of joy, peace, and harmony, and the Earth will rejoice in her abundant health and fruitfulness.

Your loving brother Jesus.

6 abr. 2012

El cantante Youssou N'dour será ministro en Senegal

Youssou N'dour ha conseguido entrar en política, aunque no como quería... El cantante senegalés, que intentó presentarse a las elecciones presidenciales de su país pero vio rechazada su candidatura, será el próximo ministro de Cultura y Turismo del presidente Macky Sall, declarado vencedor con un 65,8% de los sufragios del pasado 25 de marzo.

1 abr. 2012

What is about to occur is of a stunningly momentous nature

A lot has happened since I last spoke to you, as you all work to complete the final preparations that will enable you to awaken into Reality. It is an event that will soon come to pass. I know you dislike that word, but there truly is no satisfactory replacement for it, so “soon” is the word we have to use.

The Light you all carry and display continues to brighten as you discard old and unloving attitudes and behaviors. All across the world that Light is having a miraculous effect as it ripples outwards and blends with the energy of all who are working steadily and determinedly to bring about the changes necessary to move humanity forward into the long- awaited and enthusiastically anticipated new age.

As you well know God’s Love embraces all of life because He created it. Life is an eternal gift from Him, offering an infinite selection of experiences from which you can choose in order to learn about Him and understand how much He loves you. In the illusion, as you live life as a human, the pain and suffering you see and experience might well lead you to think that this could not be the case. However, the illusion is illusory and so are your experiences within it.

Nevertheless, it does present you with lessons that will lead you out of it and home to Reality if you will release yourselves from the myriad inflexible beliefs in which it appears to entangle you. More and more of you are doing this as you become increasingly aware that egoic, separatist agendas and behaviors only lead to further conflict and suffering. For life to be enjoyable all must cooperate to create a harmonious and integrated environment, while accepting and respecting the individuality that each one of you has chosen to experience.

For eons, despite the gargantuan efforts of a few enlightened beings, humans have chosen to engage in distrust, disharmony, and conflict as a way to protect themselves from the dangers with which others apparently threaten them. The destructive results of this conduct have become increasingly disastrous as your technical abilities have advanced and brought you ever more efficient weapons with which to threaten and kill one another.

As the forces of technology at your disposal have become more effective, your fear has increased exponentially, and it now seems to many of you that in order to survive you must strike your enemies preemptively before they attempt to destroy you. The fear that so many of you now embrace so massively and enthusiastically makes it very difficult for you to think clearly – or even to think at all!

However, the illusory bubble in which all this fear and suffering is enclosed is enveloped in the infinite divine Love field which is about to dissolve it. The insanity of your situation is dawning on everyone, and consequently, an ever-increasing majority of you are looking for better ways to resolve your differences and conflicts. The power of Love to change everything, as it enables you to see with new eyes and from new perspectives, is becoming recognized.

Love shows you that you all want the same outcome – peace, safety, and abundance – and that that outcome is available when you operate from love instead of from fear. Ever greater numbers of you are letting go of your fear-filled, unloving attitudes and discovering the joy and confidence it brings to you in your daily lives.

You are truly blessed as humans to be on Earth at this moment in her evolution, because what is about to occur is of a stunningly momentous nature – way beyond the power of words to describe, or of your restricted minds to imagine. Just rest assured that all will occur precisely as God intends, and that your joy when it does so will be beyond anything you have ever imagined or experienced.

All in the spiritual realms are constantly strengthening the flow of love that each of you is sharing and extending in your daily lives as you work continuously towards the moment of humanity’s awakening. You are never alone; you are constantly watched over and supported. So open your hearts in joyful acceptance of the love and assistance that is offered to you in every moment, and let go of any remaining doubts you may be nurturing about the truth and validity of the divine plan for you all.

You are heading forwards to your awakening with the Power of Heaven beside you, and nothing can prevent the glory of that moment from enveloping you in pure and abundant ecstasy.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jeshua habla sobre los hologramas, las realidades y los extraterrestres


Hoy de nuevo vamos a hablar sobre los hologramas y las realidades – con “r” minúscula –, sobre la ilusión en la que estáis viviendo. Hablaremos sin juicios de valor pero con discernimiento acerca de las creencias que tenéis sobre lo que constituye vuestra realidad, y cómo podéis cambiarla.

Os sugiero de todo corazón que viváis en la alegría, es algo que uno puede elegir libremente y sin costes para nadie, sería una sabia elección. Por ejemplo, sólo por diversión, expandid vuestro holograma, expandid lo que veis como vuestra realidad. Llevadla al momento del Big Bang, cuando la fisicalidad fue creada, y luego, si os atrevéis, imaginad cómo era antes de que ocurriera el Big Bang, porque hubo un antes, aunque todo esto sucedió fuera del tiempo.

Permitid que esto forme parte de vuestro holograma también, expandid vuestro holograma, llevadlo tan lejos como lo podáis imaginar: sentid, cread para vosotros mismos un holograma que abarque absolutamente TODO, y cuando lo hayáis hecho con lo que parece ser el pasado, abarcad también el futuro en vuestro holograma. ¿Qué queréis ver en vuestro holograma del futuro? Daos cuenta de qué expansivo puede ser. Puede ser cualquier cosa que queráis que sea.

Esto fue lo que yo vi aquella noche en el jardín de Getsemaní, comprendí que la cruz no era el final de nada. La vi como parte del proceso de la vida humana, del mismo proceso que serviría para demostrar que el cuerpo es una creación de vuestra divinidad, vuestra Mente divina – con “M” mayúscula. Me vi a mi mismo elevándome, viviendo, incluso con moléculas físicas, años después de eso, y disfrutando de las relaciones humanas, porque la amistad con mis hermanos y hermanas es algo que me gusta muchísimo. Hice esto a lo largo de unos 600 años, hasta que finalmente llegó la hora de permitir que el cuerpo que yo había creado y recreado, se fundiera con la Luz que es vuestra divinidad.

Pero hay momentos incluso ahora, cuando yo vuelvo a recrear un cuerpo, por un tiempo más o menos largo, que me permita entrar en vuestro mundo para sentarme junto a ti, y preguntarte “¿cómo te va? Parece que algo te preocupa…” o simplemente para sonreírte y decirte, “todo va a salir bien”. He hecho esto con vosotros de vez en cuando. Por ejemplo, cuando estabais pasando por alguna experiencia y ha llegado alguien, conocido o desconocido… y he hablado a través de esta persona y os he dicho: “todo irá bien, no te preocupes, todo está bien ahora.”

Y habéis llorado y sollozado, y de vez en cuando, habéis lanzado vuestra frustración al cielo, cuando os habéis sentido desolados. Alguno de estos sentimientos de abandono, se podrían rastrear hasta el momento mismo de la crucifixión. Estos sentimientos de desolación tuvieron su origen en ese mismo momento cuando sentisteis que os había abandonado, pero yo nunca os abandono. Estamos todos unidos en el nivel divino, somos una unidad. Nunca podéis estar donde yo no estoy, siempre estoy con vosotros.

Expandid vuestro holograma, llevadlo incluso antes del Big Bang, ¿cómo sería?, ¿podéis imaginar la ausencia de forma? La Mente, ser sólo Mente, simplemente ser. Esto ocurrió, fuera del tiempo. Entonces sólo imaginabais, sólo erais, y en un instante, vuestra siguiente pregunta fue “¿qué puedo crear?”, porque sois una extensión del único Principio creativo, y habéis creado las más hermosas formas. Mirad el fluir de una cascada, las formaciones rocosas, los helechos, los claros del bosque que son verdes y brillan con el rocío de la mañana; mirad la puesta del Sol, cada una distinta de la anterior: Sois creativos, y si tenéis ojos para verlo, todo esto alegrará vuestro corazón.

Permitíos poner toda esa belleza dentro de vuestro holograma y sabed verdaderamente que sois vosotros quienes la estáis creando, ¿existiría la cascada si no estuvieras allí para contemplarla?, buena cuestión, jugad con esta pregunta, se os ocurrirá una respuesta, ¿será la respuesta correcta? Desde luego que lo será, porque verdaderamente nada es correcto o equivocado, simplemente es.

Luego permitíos expandid el holograma y contemplad dentro de él el futuro. Mientas sigáis respirando, vais a tener lo que llamáis un futuro personal, vais a crearlo. Y después de que ceséis de respirar en el cuerpo, seguiréis existiendo, todavía seréis consciencia, y os llevaréis una sorpresa, muchos se la han llevado, al sentir “pero si estoy todavía vivo”, “todavía tengo y soy una consciencia”, y os habéis preguntado maravillados “¿cómo puede ser esto? Yo pensaba que todo terminaba y que yo me iba al cielo o a cualquier otro lugar después de que mi cuerpo muriera, pero todavía sigo vivo”.

Por supuesto que todavía seguís vivos, siempre lo habéis estado, y siempre lo estaréis expresando y experimentando la divinidad, así que expandid vuestro holograma, permitíos que sea tan expansivo como podáis imaginar, y después, al día siguiente, jugad con él otra vez a ver si podéis llegar a ampliarlo un poco más, empujándolo un poquito. Y cuando hagáis esto, llegareis al lugar donde os daréis cuenta y pensareis “me estoy expandiendo, estoy creando, estoy trayendo dentro de mi consciencia más y más de lo que soy y de quien verdaderamente soy”, “¡Caramba, y si soy capaz de hacer esto, es que no soy sólo una pequeña pieza de polvo sin brillo, debo ser poderoso, no como el mundo define el poder, sino en el sentido de ser capaz de crear” y realmente lo eres.

En este holograma expandido vais a recordar vidas pasadas que no ocurrieron aquí, en esta santa Madre Tierra, vais a recordad otras vidas en las que estuvisteis en otras constelaciones de estrellas y en otros planetas, en otros cuerpos celestes, como lo llamáis, donde tú fuiste un cuerpo celeste. Tu forma puede haber sido enteramente diferente, en verdad fue diferente a la que tú has hecho evolucionar en la santa Madre Tierra. Hubo vidas, y me estoy refiriendo a cualquier forma de encarnación que tu divinidad creativa te permitió experimentar, la llamaré una vida – puede ser larga o corta – donde tú fuiste cristal líquido en pensamiento, fluyendo, o donde experimentasteis la densidad de la forma, como lo son las montañas, hubo otras vidas donde fuisteis muy muy altos, muy anchos de hombros, muy grandes, o teníais un aspecto de parte animal y otra de parte humana, habéis sido el unicornio, habéis sido la sirena, con parte de mujer y parte de pez. Habéis sido todos esos seres legendarios que aparecen en vuestras historias mitológicas, de otra manera, no resonaría con vosotros, no estaría en vuestro recuerdo intelectual.

Habéis sido todo lo que podéis imaginar, habéis sido la más diminuta flor alpina, habéis sido el enorme árbol de la secoya, habéis vivido cientos de años, y habéis visto a los pequeños humanos corriendo alrededor haciendo cualquier cosa que ellos pensaban que era muy importante, y vosotros simplemente os habéis mantenido viviendo como un gran árbol secoya, habéis sido la mosca de la fruta, que sólo vive más o menos un día, y en ese día habéis vivido una vida entera.

Así que permitíos conocer que esto no es todo lo que existe, la forma humana funciona en esta realidad, por así decirlo, para estar con los hermanos y hermanas y que ellos puedan entenderos y relacionarse con vosotros de una forma que no les dé miedo como sucedería si tuvierais una apariencia extraña. Entre vosotros están quienes habéis venido de otras constelaciones estelares que no son de la Tierra, sino de mucho más allá. Los llamáis extraterrestres, y ellos están entre vosotros ahora mismo, algunos de ellos han tomado forma humana para que no salgáis corriendo, y que así podáis escucharles.

Alguno de vosotros, escuchadme bien esto, sois en verdad los extraterrestres. Ahora, es verdad que esto puede chocar muchísimo, bueno, la verdad es que, de hecho la mayor parte de los que estáis leyendo este mensaje, sois los extraterrestres que han adoptado una forma humana porque no queréis asustar a los hermanos y a las hermanas, sino que queréis ser capaces de hablarles de la vida en otros planetas, y queréis transmitirle la idea de que está bien que exista vida en otros lugares fuera de la Tierra.

Es sólo el tonto orgullo, la arrogancia, el pensamiento del ego, el que dice que solo puede haber vida sobre la santa Madre Tierra. No sois vosotros como los humanoides que sois, la única vida inteligente que existe, ¡por dios!, existen varios seres de cuatro patas que pondrían en tela de juicio esta afirmación, ellos tienen más inteligencia, más amor para dar libremente que la especie humana.

Estáis aquí porque habéis vivido vidas enteras en otros planetas, vosotros sois los extraterrestres. Tenéis esos recuerdos, este es el motivo por que os he pedido al comenzar este mensaje que expandierais vuestro holograma, y que fuerais hacia atrás, tan lejos como pudierais imaginar, y que os aceptarais como seres más grandes de lo que habéis pensado que sois en esta vida.

¿Cómo os sentís con esta revelación? “Bien,… es interesante…. Voy a tener que pasar un tiempo pensando en todas estas ideas… pero yo creía que era sólo un ser humano, y que ya era bastante con lo que lidiar, y ahora, Jeshua me dice que soy mucho más de lo que yo pensaba que era”. Y así es, a partir de ahora, cuando alguien os diga que los extraterrestres están entre vosotros, tened en cuenta lo que os he dicho. Podéis sentirlo como una verdad dentro de vuestro ser. Esto no significa que vayáis a cambiar de forma inmediatamente y que se os vayan a transformar los ojos de una forma extraña y se os vaya alargar la cara, os vaya a crecer la nariz, se os quede el cuerpo muy delgado, etc. Todo eso que os han mostrado en las películas de ficción sobre cómo es la apariencia de los extraterrestres. Vais a mantener la forma aceptada aquí en la Tierra, es la conciencia de vosotros mismos la que se va a expandir.

Esto explica porqué desde pequeñitos habéis sentido que esta santa Madre Tierra no era vuestro hogar, donde tan a menudo habéis sentido que no encajabais. Intentasteis lo mejor que pudisteis ser como los demás, pero siempre había algo un poco diferente acerca de vosotros, no sabíais bien qué era, tampoco los demás lo sabían porque no eran lo suficiente sabios, ellos no habían expandido su holograma.

Pero a medida que expandís vuestro holograma, y os permitís entreteneros con la idea de que quizás, sois mucho más de lo que pensabais que podíais ser o fuisteis, mucho más de lo que vuestros padres, vuestros abuelos, vuestros compañeros os han dicho que erais, a medida que permitís que ese holograma se expanda lleváis a vuestro entendimiento el hecho de que realmente sois vosotros los extraterrestres. Entonces, todo cambia en vuestra manera de ver las cosas. Empezáis a veros bajo una nueva luz, una luz expandida, y empezáis a invitar a otros extraterrestres para que se den a conocer.

La santa Madre Tierra es hermosa. He vivido muchas vidas en las que he disfrutado de esta santa Madre Tierra y he apreciado todo lo que creamos. Porque en verdad, nosotros creamos, – como los extraterrestres que ahora estáis entendiendo que sois –. Nosotros vinimos y juntamos nuestra luz para dar forma a la santa Madre Tierra. Ella es un ser de Luz que nació de nuestra propia Luz hace muchísimo tiempo.

Al principio, la Tierra no tenía la forma que tiene ahora. Hubo un tiempo – incluso vuestros científicos os lo pueden decir – cuando la atmósfera y lo que se llama tierra firme no era tan firme, era más como de vapor y de luz, una especie de niebla. Y nosotros, por medio de nuestra luz, la hicimos más y más solida, echando mano de nuestra creatividad le dimos forma y permitimos que se solidificara más y más, de tal modo que pudiéramos poner nuestras creaciones dentro de los mares y caminando sobre tierra firme.

Al principio nosotros éramos seres de Luz que caminaban sobre la Luz, pero entonces se nos ocurrió un pensamiento de hacer más densa la luz, de cambiar el nivel vibracional, y eso fue lo que verdaderamente hicimos.

Ahora estáis empezando a entender los niveles vibracionales, podéis sentir la vibración, como cuando entráis en una habitación y si los que están allí son felices, podéis sentir esa vibración, se siente como una vibración muy buena, y queréis estar allí. O podéis entrar en otra habitación, donde hay gente muy infeliz, que se juzgan unos a otros, incluso discuten y pelean, y podéis sentir esa vibración y en cuanto tenéis la mínima oportunidad os vais de allí.

Así que sí que sabéis lo que es el nivel vibratorio, y no sólo se trata de un mero conocimiento intelectual, sino que es algo que sentís, que conocéis de una manera muy profunda. Y esto es lo que está cambiando ahora.

Con este cambio vibratorio se están planteando muchas cuestiones acerca de la posible existencia de otras formas de vida, sobre si nos resultarán muy extraños en el caso de que existan. Se ha despertado un gran interés acerca de si nos van a visitar o si ya han visitado la Madre Tierra, también hay una curiosidad sobre qué tecnología nos podrían enseñar y si nos van a subir a sus naves y llevarnos de vuelta a nuestro planeta de origen.

Pues bien, os digo que a medida que expandáis vuestro holograma – lo que vosotros creéis que es vuestra realidad y lo que puede ser – entenderéis que su planeta de origen también es vuestro planeta de origen; lo fue y puede volver a serlo, ya que siempre existe la libre voluntad para elegir una vez que uno se libera de esta forma conocida como el cuerpo humano.

Existe la libre elección, así que podéis relacionaros amistosamente con la energía vibratoria de los extraterrestres incluso ahora. Y eso es lo que estáis haciendo cuando entráis en resonancia unos con otros. Llegáis a un grupo de personas de ideas afines y os sentís en casa. Esto ocurre porque estáis con seres que habéis conocido antes en otras constelaciones, en otros planetas que fueron vuestro hogar.

Jugad con las ideas que os he sugerido, como la de expandir vuestro holograma tanto como vuestra imaginación os permita, incluso más allá del Big Bang. Imaginad cómo se sentiría ser sólo Mente, sin ninguna forma encarnada, ¿cómo se siente el fluir sin esfuerzo? ¿Cómo se siente el expandir la Mente en su forma energética y saber que sois energía? ¿y cómo usaríais esa energía?

¿Qué clase de tecnología sería necesaria para construir una nave espacial?, y digo tecnología, por usar un término que usáis vosotros. Las naves espaciales son energía fusionada, pero esto vosotros ya lo sabéis y ¿cómo es que lo sabéis ya? Porque habéis estado en naves espaciales, y no estoy hablando de que os hayan abducido y llevado contra vuestra voluntad. Estoy diciendo que verdaderamente habéis tenido la experiencia de viajar en esas naves ¿De dónde podría haber surgido esa idea si no fuera cierta? Dejad que esto resuene por un momento dentro de vosotros.

Todas vuestras historias de ciencia ficción – que ni son de ficción, ni son exactamente científicas – vienen de un recuerdo de algo verdadero – con “v” minúscula – que vosotros experimentasteis, que vosotros creasteis. Jugad mientras expandís vuestra consciencia de vosotros mismos, hasta que lleguéis a saber que la razón de que no os hayáis sentido exactamente como en casa aquí en esta Tierra, es porque vosotros sois de otros mundos, porque vosotros sois los extraterrestres, vosotros sois quienes os atrevéis a ir donde otros ni siquiera sueñan ir y, sin embargo, el número de los que se están atreviendo a soñar ahora se está incrementando.

Hoy os he hablado muy claro porque vosotros estabais preparados para escuchar. Habéis querido saber “¿Porqué no encajo? ¿Por qué tengo sentimientos que no puedo explicar?” Es porque vosotros estáis más allá de lo que se conoce como humano, porque vosotros sois los extraterrestres. Despertaos y vivid. Ese es el encargo que os doy: despertad y vivid vuestra divinidad en toda su historia creativa y diversidad. Expandid vuestro holograma, vuestra realidad, hasta que lleguéis a conocer vuestra Realidad, como yo conocí la mía. Así sea.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesús) –

Expresado a través de Judith