Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

31 mar. 2011

Wael Ghonim: la revolución egipcia por dentro

Wael Ghonim es el ejecutivo de Google que ayudó a impulsar la revolución democrática de Egipto... con una página en Facebook en memoria de una víctima de la violencia del régimen. Hablando en TEDxCairo cuenta la historia interna de los últimos dos meses en la que los egipcios de a pie demostraron que "el poder de la gente es más fuerte que la gente del poder".

Wadah Khanfar: un momento histórico en el mundo árabe

Mientras se extiende por el mundo árabe una revolución democrática encabezada por jóvenes potenciados por la tecnología Wadah Khanfar, jefe de Al Jazeera, comparte una visión profundamente optimista de lo que está sucediendo en Egipto, Túnez, Libia y más allá en este momento conmovedor en el que la gente se dio cuenta que podía salir de su casas y pedir el cambio.

Peter's March 2011 Full Moon Update.

NTI Luke, Chapter 5

On Christmas Eve, Bill and I read NTI Luke, Chapter 5 together. Here are some highlights from our discussion:
v1-11 Step away from what you know, and come with Me. I will show you what you don't know. I will show you what you don't think is possible and prove to you that it is true.
Wow! This is quite a promise. Step away from what you know (or what you think you know) and Holy Spirit will show you what you don't think is possible.
I watched a couple of friends practice this with Christmas this year. We have a lot of ideas about what Christmas is supposed to be like. And yet, our experience at this time of year isn't always what we think it is supposed to be. When Christmas isn't what we think it is supposed to be, many people become depressed & focused hatred.
This year a couple of my friends were willing to let go of what they thought Christmas was supposed to be, and they were willing to let Christmas be what it is this year. And they enjoyed Christmas exactly as it was given! (Yay!!)
And this is only a very small example of practicing what Holy Spirit asks us to practice in verses 1-11.
The truth is this: The only thing that keeps us from knowing perfect happiness all of the time is our thoughts. If I think a relationship is supposed to look a specific way, I won't always be perfectly happy because sometimes my experience won't match the expectations in my thoughts. (for example)
But Holy Spirit tells us if we are willing to cast away what we know, He will help us pull in a net full of what we did not believe was possible. He will amaze us with our own love, joy, peace and happiness in all situations. Are we willing to take Him up on His promise?
Before Bill and I met to read this, there were some ideas in his mind that were causing some upset. He decided to write those ideas down and look at them with Spirit. Through this simple practice of looking at thoughts with Spirit, he was able to see that the only obstacle to happiness was his ideas about the situation.
This is a perfect practice. Whenever I have thoughts stuck in my mind causing upset, I write them down and look at them with Spirit. Always, always, always, always the only obstacle to my peace in any situation is my own thoughts. When I am able to look at my thoughts with Spirit and let them go, my peace and certainty returns.
v12-16 I invite your unhealed spots into the LIght that I may heal them. I will not abandon you when the unhealed spots answer my call and step forth to be healed.
A very important part of the spiritual path is was A Course in Miracles calls "purification." Purification is seeing and letting go of false beliefs. If we were detached from these beliefs, purification would be a piece of cake (easy). But most of us are very attached to many false beliefs. Therefore, when they come up for healing, we experience the pain of our belief. Because of our attachment to false beliefs, purification can be a very not-fun time.
Spirit knows this. Spirit knows that we still cling to many of our false beliefs, so purification will often be difficult. He asks us to realize that He is with us as we suffer through purification. He hasn't abandoned us. He is watching us in love and confidence, knowing we will let go of the belief that is causing our pain. He also knows that when we let go, the pain will end. He is like the mid-wife coaching us through the birth-process, knowing that although we hurt now, a great joy is about to be born.
v17-26 This is why I tell you that there will be doubt! So when you see it, you can say, "Ah, yes. There it is, just as I was told it would be."
Spirit is helping to prepare us for the purification & awakening process by telling us that we will doubt Him and the process. Those ideas of doubt will rise. They have to rise because ideas of doubt need to be healed too.
Spirit is telling us about these ideas in advance so we won't spend too much time believing our doubt thoughts. If we invest in doubt thoughts, they will cause us more pain. If we can see them, remember Spirit told us we would see them, and let them go quickly, our pain is minimized as we return to trust and the practice that Spirit is teaching us.
v33-39 Old habits must go, for old habits will not usher in a new day. ... You will catch yourself practicing the old habits, for this has been your way until now. Slipping into old habits does not ruin the new ones. So when you find yourself donig this, forgive yourself your attraction to the old by stepping away from the old and stepping into the new. Each time you do this, you help yourself to unlearn the old and to learn the new.
I told you that Bill had some thoughts in his mind that were causing upset prior to our meeting. The thoughts really started the night before. These were thoughts that used to be strong in Bill's mind, but about a month ago he had a breakthrough and saw that these thoughts were not true. Still, on the eve before Christmas eve, the thoughts came back into his mind and he fell for them again (for a time).
However, Bill soon woke up from the old thought patterns and realized the thoughts were an obstacle. He decided to write the thoughts down and look at them with Holy Spirit.
In other words, his old habitual way of thinking and perceiving returned, but when he noticed this, he stepped away from the old habit and into the new habit. The new habit is looking at thoughts with Spirit and letting Spirit show us the errors in our old thinking.
Remember, if we are willing to step away from what we think we know (the old way we've always seen things), Spirit will show us what we don't think is possible.
I think Bill was really grateful to read NTI Luke 5 right after his experience of slipping into old belief-patterns and after choosing to look at those thoughts with Spirit (the practice of the new habit). This reinforced for him that his practice is exactly the practice that is helpful. And as Spirit says, "Each time you do this, you help yourself to unlearn the old and to learn the new." ~smile~


by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost our peace of mind. It's time to find it. Finding our peace of mind requires that we build a sense of trust in ourselves. Although life can sometimes be very difficult, we have to understand that we can learn and grow from it all. From the worst that life can give us, we can find, when we look for it, a sense of meaning and purpose. It's all about learning how to create peaceful thoughts within that help us push through out fears and heal our hurts and our hearts.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost our ability to appreciate. It's time to find it. Yes, it sometimes feels as though we are drowning in bad news. But that shouldn't prevent us from moving into the light and seeing all that's good in our lives. If you feel there isn't any good in your life, take another look. It's there. In fact, as we focus on the good, the world looks rather wonderful. It's all about where we choose to look.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost our joy. It's time to find it. Where did it go? It went the way of the complexity of life. We work so hard and play so little. There's something wrong with that picture. A little play makes us touch a special part within that allows us to know that we can lighten up, have fun, enjoy our loved ones, and balance our life with many riches.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost our ability to be honest with ourselves. It's time to find it. We think of ourselves as giving people, but most of us focus primarily on the getting. We want to out-do everyone else...winning at all costs. That doesn't sound like giving to me. We need to strive to do our very best, not to outdo someone else, but to become the strongest and most loving that we can be. And that definitely includes helping the world in our own special way. By definition, that is truly winning the game of life.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost our sense of power. It's time to find it. The world has become so big, so complicated, so seemingly out of our reach. We often feel there is nothing that we can do to change the way it is. Nothing can be further from the truth. As one of my teachers so many years ago taught me, "Stand where you are, make a circle, see what needs to be done, and do it!" I have listened to his advice and it has made all the difference in the world.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost sight of all the love that could be created in this world. It's time to find it. We need to do all we can to change what is creating all the hate that puts our globe in peril these days. No matter where we live, we all have the power to take a stand on the side of love. We can't allow judgment and self-righteousness, which can ultimately lead to death and destruction, to rule our world. We all have the power to find loving solutions within and around us.

Somewhere along the way, so many of us have lost sight of the light. It's time to find it. And once we find it, we can become a model to others thereby sharing the beauty we have found. It gives us such a wonderful sense of purpose.

Let me tell you my story of finding and sharing the light. Many years ago, before I became a writer of self-help books, I had the following dream: I was standing on a little hill and I noticed that when I looked to the left there was sunshine, beach, peace, delicious warmth, and a glowing sense of life. And when I looked to the right there was a very dark sky and parched dry earth with many people shivering in the cold with a palpable sense of gloom and doom. The difference was staggering!

When I made this amazing discovery, I decided to take action. I ran over to the people in darkness and started shouting "Look, look over there! It's beautiful. Just get up and move yourself into the light and warmth!" But to my amazement, no one would listen. After a while, I realized I couldn't really control anyone else's behavior. I could only control my own. With a sigh, I decided to simply move myself out of the darkness and walk into the light...which is exactly what I did. When I reached the beautiful warm sand, I found a comfortable spot, sat myself down, and began embracing the beauty. I immediately felt at peace.

And then a strange thing happened: One person on the side of misery turned around and looked at me enjoying the light. Very slowly, he picked himself up and began walking toward me. When he reached the spot where I was sitting, he simply sat down next to me, and joined me in taking in the beauty. I thought to myself, "Aah! I'm so happy someone else sees what I am seeing!" And, lo and behold, soon another person came and joined us...and another...and another...and another. Soon the beach was filled with people spreading their joy from one person to another. It was a heavenly scene, indeed.

It was in that peaceful state that I suddenly woke up trying very hard to hold on to my dream. I thought to myself, "What was that all about?" My answer to myself was this: "I too used to live in the dark and, over the years, I had many wonderful teachers living in the light and they showed me the way. I want to do the same for others. I realize that I can't force others to see what I can see. I can only put my own knowledge and experiences out there...and then go take my place in the sun...with the possibility that others will join me." And through the many books and audios I have created, my dream has come true. I receive such wonderful feedback from so many of you around the world thanking me and telling me that, metaphorically speaking, that you looked my way and made the decision to move out of the darkness and join me in the light.

My dream is a lesson for us all:

We can't change the thoughts and behavior of others, but we can all serve as a model to others as we learn the secrets of moving ourselves from a place of darkness into the light.

And for those of you who are just beginning this wonderful journey, trust that you are slowly, but surely, finding your way into the light...and becoming a model to all those around you. Welcome!

From my heart to yours,
Susan Jeffers

Copyright © 2011 Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. All rights reserved.
Adapted from Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®

30 mar. 2011

Don't Waste Your Talent Escrito por Bob McDonald & Don Hutchenson

Talane’s Coaching Tip for the Week, March 28, 2011

Make the Right Career Decisions

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.” Carl Jung

I was just leading the Coaching Call-in hour for the members of (one of the many wonderful member benefits!) and one of the participants asked how one can get clarity and make a decision about what to do next career-wise. Career decisions are pretty big ones and getting it right becomes increasingly important as we get older because we have less time to course correct if we get it wrong. You may have a family to support as well.

There is no one-size fits all answer for this question, but there are some general guidelines. First, the more you know yourself, the easier it is to make the right decision in life. This is why we use some sophisticated computerized assessments (such as the Highlands Ability Battery) to very quickly determine what exactly you are wired up to do naturally and effortlessly and what will be a struggle. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get on the right career path is to choose one that is in alignment with your core values and with your natural talents. The problem is, it isn't always easy to know exactly what one's true abilities are. Many of us have learned to become good at tasks and skills and assume that those are our natural talents, but we are often mistaken.

For a personal example, I used to think I was a good manager until I took the Highlands Ability Battery and realized that, while I may have been able to do the job, it certainly wasn't one of my best talents. And sure enough, while I was successful at managing a financial center in downtown Manhattan, I didn't really enjoy it and I always felt I hadn't tapped into my full potential regardless of how long and hard I worked. Now that I've found work that is in perfect alignment with my abilities (coaching, speaking, writing) it feels fun and easy. Banking felt like hard work and I used to hit the snooze alarm and dread going in every morning. That is ancient history now.

The ideal is finding a job that matches both your abilities, your interests, your financial goals, your values and passions and your family considerations and needs. Not always possible, but at least you'll know why you are making the choices that you are and what are the likely consequences of doing so – much better than taking any job that comes its way and then being unhappy or frustrated later. Or spending tons of money on schooling and retraining only to discover you don't like the work it leads to in the end. A bit of instrospection and self-assessment with an experienced life coach will go a long way to helping you get the clarity you seek in any life or career transition.



Talane Miedaner, MCC
Author of the international best seller, Coach Yourself to Success (McGraw-Hill, Jan 2000), The Secret Laws of Attraction (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Coach Yourself to a New Career (McGraw-Hill, 2010)

P.S. For more information about career transition coaching, contact us at or go to the website and click on computerized assessments to learn more.

P.P.S. To join the wonderful community of supportive people at, click here - Coach Yourself to Success Online - and get 30 Days of Coaching for $1.00. (This special introductory offer will be ending April 30th so take advantage while you can!)

La sociedad necesita una reforma educativa que incluya la gestión de las emociones

Eduardo Punset ha asegurado que la sociedad de la comunicación actual necesita una reforma educativa que incluya el aprendizaje y la gestión de las emociones con materias que ayuden a los alumnos a mejorar su empatía hacia el resto de compañeros, a aumentar el altruismo y a saber reaccionar en diferentes situaciones, unos aspectos que, a su juicio, “bajaría los niveles de violencia que hoy en día existen en las aulas”.

Así, para Punset el hecho de que la educación siga el mismo patrón “desde hace 100 años” demuestra que “está obsoleta”. “Hace años el colegio estaba preparado para generar trabajo porque se vivía en una sociedad industrial, pero ahora la educación debería centrarse en que los jóvenes se inserten en la sociedad de la comunicación del futuro y eso se hace con una fusión entre arte y el resto de materias”, ha explicado.

En este sentido, ha señalado que las competencias a impartir deberían ayudar a los alumnos a concentrar su atención; a trabajar en equipo de manera cooperativa y sin enfrentamientos; fomentar el altruismo desde las relaciones personales; ayudarles a ser resolutivos con los problemas; y la gestión de las emociones.

En este último punto, Punset ha explicado que se trataría de afrontar “emociones básicas y universales, tanto negativas como la ira y el enfado, como las positivas, como el altruismo o la empatía”. “Estamos descubriendo que mucha gente no sabe que hay que tener un cierto grado de estrés, apasionamiento e involucración con el problema para poder afrontarlo de manera positiva”, ha señalado el profesor.

Esta reforma educativa ocupa “gran parte” del nuevo libro de Punset ‘Excusas para no pensar’, en el que explica la capacidad del hombre de ser infeliz. Según el escritor, durante tres años ha buscado las razones para saber por qué el ser humano tiende a la infelicidad y entre esas razones se encuentra “su incapacidad para cambiar de opinión”, una actitud que “es mucho más dolorosa en tiempos de crisis”.

Así, ha apuntado que “el cerebro detesta cambiar de opinión porque se le obliga a rediseñar una estructura defensiva”. Pero Punset también señala como razones de infelicidad que el ser humano no compagine entretenimiento y conocimiento y la “universalización” que ha bajado las prestaciones de las que puede gozar el ser humano en sanidad, educación y otros aspectos.

Como solución a esta infelicidad, el escritor catalán hace llegar al lector una de las dimensiones de la felicidad que es “aprovechar el camino hacia ella” porque, según ha señalado “hay quien no sabe que hay vida antes de la muerte” y no se da cuenta de “las pequeñas cosas que van pasando mientras se busca la felicidad. “La intuición es una fuente tan válida de conocimiento como el pensamiento consciente”, ha concluido.

Fuente: EuropaPress

29 mar. 2011


Too many things to do and not enough time to do

Too many things to do and not enough time to do them? This will help…


too many things to do Too many things to do and not enough time to do them? This will help…Do you ever feel like you are constantly being bombarded for your time and attention by nearly every single thing in your life? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the choices, or disheartened that you never accomplish the things that really matter to you?

How are we all to find balance in such a fast-paced world? How do we choose what to focus on and what to eliminate in our lives?

Life is more complicated than ever before. Doesn’t it seem that every single thing in our lives is constantly competing for our attention: Facebook, the news, our favorite TV shows and movies, spouses, children, friends, relatives, household chores, hobbies, downtime, food, sleep, entertainment, e-mail, voicemail, work, Youtube, birthdays, holidays, exercise, books, CD, and DVDs, relaxation… The list never seems to stop. Every single one of these things seems to compete with all the others for our time and energy, practically on a moment to moment basis.

What are we to do about it? How do we find balance in today’s world?

I’d like to share with you what I do everyday to pick and choose how I focus my time and energy. Every morning, I sit in meditation before I even get out of bed. I usually meditate for at least 15-30 minus, sometimes more. My first priority in meditation is to open my heart and join with God/Love within me. Once I feel connected, I let that Presence of Love fill my awareness to the brim so that I am overflowing with God’s Love.

In that place, there are no should’s, have to’s, or fears about what needs to get done in my life. When I’m connected and joined with God in my awareness, there is only a sense of wholeness, fulfillment, and peace. From this place of consciousness, I then ask God, "How shall we express our Love together today?"

This is the time when God and I create our to-do list together. We decide together what is most important to focus on, what our priorities are, and how we want to express our Love in the world that day. I literally prioritize my day with God.

By starting my day from this place of completion and wholeness, and getting clear about what is in our highest good and how we want to express the love and Truth that we are together, the rest of my day flows beautifully, effortlessly, and naturally. By starting my day from this state of consciousness, I bring that consciousness into my day and carry it with me throughout my day. I’m able to maintain my focus on what really matters, and I’m able to remember my wholeness and completion throughout my day. When I start my day from this place, it doesn’t really matter what gets done. It doesn’t really matter what falls away. I’m whole and complete and simply expressing what’s in my heart to express in this moment, knowing that whatever comes through is perfect.

Does everything get done? No. But the things that are most important to me do get done. Not only that, I feel peaceful and filled with love while I’m doing them. I feel focused and clear about my priorities. I don’t have regrets about the things I don’t do, and I feel happy and fulfilled with the things that I accomplish.

If you feel overwhelmed by all that is going on in your life, I highly recommend that you start your day in this way. Start your day off by joining with God and restoring your mind to wholeness, completion, peace, and love. Once you are joined with God, ask God what is in your highest good to focus on today. Ask God to help you create your to do list about what’s most important. Ask God to join you in moving through your day with awareness, peace, and love, remembering the Truth as you go about your day. If you start your day this way, I guarantee it will unfold in all the ways that are in your highest good … and you will more than likely have more fun and joy along the way, not to mention a pretty productive day!

If this all sounds good in theory but not possible for you in reality, feel free to send me an e-mail. This topic is near and dear to my heart and I’m happy to try to help.

Blessings to you,

DavidPaul Doyle

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  • Navamjoel13 1 hour ago
    You know ... school is sooo hard for me right now ... teachers don't care when we are sick and give all the more homework ... I barely have time to spend time with God. Please pray or suggest solutions to me :)
  • Joel, while healing uplifting thoughts and solutions can come from anywhere, YOU are the primary source of solutions for you. Please include yourself in the healing of all anxiety arising from life's demands. The first thing you can do is NOT buy into ANY negative interpretations of people and the world. Whether it comes from within you or 'outside' of you. We know how things can appear, but the Truth is there is no one and nothing which is truly arrayed against you. All life is FOR you. As you get better at only buying into only positive supportive thoughts, your life will FEEL better and better to live over time. Be gracious with yourself and others as you practice this skill.

    Blessings to you.

Entrevista con Pamela Kribbe

Entrevista con Pamela Kribbe

By Colin Whitby

Publicado el 17 de Diciembre del 2008 en The Magic Of Being -

Traducción: Sandra Gusella

Este mes hemos sido muy afortunados de poder contactar a Pamela Kribbe quien ha publicado lo que para mí fue la canalización más inspirante que he leído este año. Su trabajo está disponible gratuitamente en su sitio web, o ustedes pueden comparar una copia de su libro Las Canalizaciones de Jeshua para leer cómodamente (mi método preferido). Espero que disfruten de esta entrevista.


¿Cómo comenzó tu despertar espiritual, y cómo debiste guiarte hacia la expresión de tu propia personalidad y hacia un abordaje de la vida más enfocado en el corazón?

Mi despertar comenzó cuando mi corazón se quebró a causa de una relación amorosa. A los 26 años, yo estaba siguiendo una carrera académica y estaba escribiendo una tesis de doctorado sobre filosofía moderna de la ciencia. Estaba enredada en un abordaje muy racional de la vida y estaba casada con un científico. Entonces conocí a alguien que también era filósofo y con quien yo tenía asombrosas conversaciones sobre metafísica y espiritualidad. Yo siempre había estado interesada en la espiritualidad y en lo esotérico, pero había estado reprimiendo esto por bastante tiempo. Me sentí profundamente enamorada de este hombre y yo pensaba que era el hombre de mi vida. Sin embargo, las cosas resultaron ser de otro modo.

Cuando me divorcié, él decidió volver con su novia. Yo me sentí sacudida por esta experiencia y de repente mi fascinación por la filosofía académica desapareció completamente. Estaba tan devastada emocionalmente y tan sedienta de conocimiento verdadero – de la clase que habla a tu corazón – que terminé definitivamente con el intelectualismo. Completé mi tesis en 1997, pero dejé la universidad y comencé a leer mucha literatura espiritual y esotérica. En el 2000 conocí a una mujer que era una maestra espiritual y una lectora psíquica, y encontrarme con ella fue el comienzo de una profunda transformación interior. Ella me ayudó a volverme consciente de un viejo dolor emocional, un dolor que provenía de mi infancia temprana y también de muchas vidas pasadas que yo comencé a recordar. Con su ayuda yo reviví esas emociones dolorosas y fui capaz de elevarme sobre ellas. Me sentí liberada y libre por primera vez en mi vida. Fue como si hubiese muerto y renacido como una nueva persona, pero al mismo tiempo me sentía como si finalmente yo pudiera ser yo misma.

Inmediatamente después de eso pasé por un período de catarsis y liberación, conocí a Gerrit (mi marido) en el 2001. De casualidad di en Internet con su sitio web sobre espiritualidad y reencarnación y comenzamos un intercambio de correspondencia muy animoso. Conectarme con él se sentía milagroso. Había un parentesco entre nosotros que era inexplicable y aún así tan familiar. A diferencia de la relación amorosa devastadora del pasado, nuestro encuentro no estuvo rodeado de drama sino de un conocimiento sosegado, profundamente alegre, de que nos correspondíamos uno al otro. Gerrit ha estado siempre profundamente interesado en lo esotérico y era tan sólo natural para nosotros comenzar a trabajar juntos como terapeutas espirituales. Luego de que nació nuestra hija en el 2002, establecimos nuestro propio consultorio y yo pude hacer lo que más añoraba hacer mi corazón: trabajar como maestra y lectora de energía y explorar las cuestiones filosóficas de la vida de un modo significativo, práctico.

¿Cómo llegaste a aprender a canalizar y cuándo fuiste llevada a eso por primera vez?

Supe sobre canalización alrededor de 1995, al leer el trabajo de Jane Roberts, canal de Seth. En ese momento yo estaba pasando un semestre en la Universidad de Harvard, en los Estados Unidos, haciendo una investigación para mi tesis. Había llegado a desencantarme por completo de la filosofía académica, como lo mencioné antes. Descubrí los libros de Seth en una pequeña librería próxima a la universidad y pronto me fasciné con este “fruto olvidado” (olvidado por los estándares académicos). Yo sentía que estos escritos eran tanto filosóficamente profundos como muy amorosos e inspiradores. Leer estos libros me afectó profundamente. Ahora siento que fue el modo del universo - o de mi alma – de despertarme y mostrarme una nueva dirección en la vida. En los años que siguieron a eso, también leí un montón de libros canalizados por otros autores. Seth produjo el mayor impacto porque era todo nuevo para mí en esa época. Ahora difícilmente leo algo más.

¿Cuándo llegaste a “notar” que Jeshua estaba contigo y cómo describirías su energía?

Una tarde en el 2002, yo estaba teniendo una sesión personal con mi marido Gerrit, cuando noté cerca mío una presencia que no había sentido antes. Yo solía hablar con guías espirituales, quienes a menudo yo sentía a mi alrededor y que me elevaban con sus sugerencias amorosas y jovialidad. Estos eran guías personales. Pero cuando sentí la presencia de Jeshua fue diferente. Yo sentí como una energía solemne y profundamente consciente, muy arraigada y enfocada, diferente a todo lo que yo había conocido antes. Al principio me atemorizó un poco. Yo le pregunté a esa energía “¿Quién eres?” y entonces vi muy claramente el nombre “Jeshua ben Joseph” deletreado en frente de mi tercer ojo. Instantáneamente sentí que era verdadero. Mi mente enseguida comenzó a suscitar objeciones escépticas. Pero justo antes de eso, en un flash, mi alma había reconocido a Jeshua como a una presencia muy familiar. Mi mente argumentaba que era extremadamente improbable y presuntuoso que él estuviera a mi lado en mi living. Pero mi corazón volvía a asegurarme que era totalmente normal para Jeshua estar tan cerca de nosotros.

Jeshua realmente no es una autoridad que está lejos y por encima de nosotros. Él intenta ser nuestro amigo, alguien en quien tú puedes confiar y a quien puedes estar abierto, ya que él nunca te juzga. Como he llegado a conocer a Jeshua, él nunca me está juzgando, aunque es muy directo y frontal. Él me pide que sea realmente honesta conmigo misma, que mire mis miedos a los ojos, y que no los cubra con teorías o justificaciones interesadas.

Así que de algún modo él es inflexible, pero lo es de una manera muy amorosa. Te hace comprender de qué se trata el amor. El amor no necesariamente se siente lindo y confortante. A menudo te pide que salgas de tu zona de confort, que seas valiente y vulnerable.

Para mí, expresarme públicamente como un canal de Jeshua, suscitó muchos miedos e inseguridades, que han sido muy difíciles de superar. Por mucho tiempo mi instinto (o mecanismo de supervivencia) ha sido aislarme del mundo, al cual yo consideraba ser un lugar muy atemorizante. Jeshua me está enseñando a sentirme segura en el mundo, a permanecer centrada y autoconsciente mientras me conecto con la gente en lugar de sentirme temerosa y fragmentada. Yo aún estoy aprendiendo a hacer esto, pero pienso que he progresado algo. Debido a esto he recibido mucho: a través de las canalizaciones de Jeshua he contactado a mi familia del alma alrededor del mundo. De todas partes del mundo me han escrito personas para contarme cuánto son tocados por los mensajes de Jeshua. Me siento más en casa en la Tierra. Y lo más importante: a pesar de los miedos, siento la profunda satisfacción de hacer lo que mi alma realmente desea hacer en la Tierra en este momento.

Tus mensajes son muy prácticos y aún así explican tan claramente conceptos complejos. ¿Cómo recibes los mensajes de Jeshua, de algún modo tú los “traduces”?

En verdad, los mensajes son totalmente claros y prácticos, a pesar del hecho de que son altamente metafísicos. Yo pienso que esto se debe a un número de factores. Primero, como yo lo conozco a Jeshua, él es totalmente directo y claro al manifestar sus mensajes. Él no anda con rodeos y busca dirigirse a tu corazón, no a tu intelecto. Esto va un poco en contra de mi propia naturaleza. Yo fui entrenada como una filósofa académica y yo estaba acostumbrada a escribir artículos que eran incomprensibles para la “gente común”, porque eran tan intelectualmente complejos y abstractos. Jeshua definitivamente no está en esos asuntos.

Por otro lado, mi entrenamiento filosófico también me ha ayudado a desarrollar la habilidad de desintegrar conceptos complejos en palabras simples. De ese modo, ha probado ser muy valioso en mi trabajo como canalizadora. Pienso que mi propia educación como filósofa también da razón al modo en que los mensajes de Jeshua son manifestados. En tercer lugar, yo a veces siento que es simplemente una expectativa humana que los maestros espirituales o “maestros ascendidos” (¡no me gusta mucho esta frase!) se expresen muy solemne y formalmente. Encaja con nuestra imagen de un maestro sabio y reverenciado. Sin embargo Jeshua busca estar cerca de nuestros corazones, y no crea ninguna distancia.

Dicho sea de paso, yo pienso que canalizar siempre implica un tipo de traducción. Cada canal tiene alguna influencia en lo que sale debido a su educación, su cultura, sus intereses científicos y talentos. Algo de lo que yo me volví totalmente consciente mientras estudiaba filosofía de la ciencia es que es naíf asumir que nosotros siempre podemos percibir la realidad puramente y sin contaminación a través de elementos subjetivos. La idea de la percepción objetiva, percepción que bloquea al observador por completo, se ha vuelto profundamente problemática, incluso mucho más con el surgimiento de la mecánica cuántica. Del mismo modo, las canalizaciones siempre están filtradas por la personalidad y antecedente cultural del canal. La mejor forma de tratar con esto es ser consciente de esto y, cuando tú escuchas canalizaciones, usa tu discernimiento y escoge lo que resuena contigo.

¿Cómo describirías tu relación con Jeshua durante el proceso de canalización?

Cuando yo me siento a canalizar entro en un ligero trance. Esto significa que enfoco mi atención hacia adentro, dejo que mi cuerpo se relaje y me quedo todo lo más calma y silenciosa que puedo. Lugo siento a Jeshua entrar a mi campo de energía y a veces, mientras me conecto, siento un pequeño estremecimiento bajando por mi columna vertebral. Me lleva un minuto más o menos para que nuestras energías se fusionen y luego escucho por dentro “Adelante”. Comienzo a hablar y soy consciente de lo que estoy diciendo, sin embargo hay un flujo de energía volcándose a través mío que me “da las palabras” por decirlo así. Me siento envuelta por este flujo muy amoroso y compasivo y me siento elevada por sobre mi conciencia diaria, ordinaria. Con frecuencia siento una gran paz y soy consciente que hay mucho más significado en la vida de lo que yo ordinariamente siento y pienso. También siento que la vasta energía de amor y compasión que viene a través mío desde “el otro lado” es difícil de poner en palabras. Las palabras a menudo parecen limitarme como un canal.

Mi relación con Jeshua durante el proceso de canalización yo diría que es la de un receptor activo. Por un lado, yo estoy todo lo más abierta posible a todo lo que quiera salir. Por otro lado estoy activa y alerta, y necesito enfocarme en hacer entender el mensaje en lenguaje y conceptos humanos. Mi mente necesita participar para hacer la traducción, y yo necesito dejar que eso suceda sin interferir desde el nivel de mi deseo personal o sistemas de creencia.

Es un proceso delicado y yo no afirmo ser perfecta en esto. Estoy segura de que al traducir la energía de Jeshua al lenguaje humano, de algún modo estoy filtrando el mensaje. El problema es que es muy difícil para un humano saber qué filtros aún están en él. Los filtros más persistentes son puntos ciegos, presunciones que tú das por admitidas porque no eres conscientes de ellas como tales. Yo pienso que cuanto más crecemos y nos abrimos a la verdadera realidad del amor, más soltamos los filtros. En mi experiencia éste es un proceso gradual. En lugar de lamentar el hecho de que nuestra percepción esté filtrada, yo pienso que es mucho más alegre anhelar dejar caer más filtros en nuestro camino. Canalizar es un asunto humano, pero eso está bien. Estamos aquí para experimentar lo que es ser humano y para deleitarnos en los despertares que experimentamos como humanos.

Yo encuentro la serie de los trabajadores de la luz tan útil en poner dentro de contexto mis propias experiencias; ¿este material impactó en tu propia vida y desarrollo espiritual?

Sí, lo hizo. Fue la primer serie de canalizaciones que yo recibí de Jeshua. Él me dijo que los mensajes que contenía estaban dirigidos específicamente a los trabajadores de la luz. Él dijo que ellos serían los primeros en la Tierra en abrazar una conciencia nueva basada en el corazón. El material tiene el propósito de sostenerlos en su despertar, de modo que ellos puedan salir y ser los maestros para aquellos que sigan.

Para mí misma, esta serie me hizo comprender mejor quién soy y qué significa ser un trabajador de la luz. Yo leí muchas historias en libros y en Internet sobre los trabajadores de la luz, y sentí una profunda resonancia con eso, pero hubo algo que nunca pude entender del todo. Se dice que los trabajadores de la luz tienen una misión de traer luz y conciencia a la Tierra, se dice que ellos son maestros y sanadores por naturaleza y que han sacrificado mucho para estar aquí y hacer su trabajo.

Los trabajadores de la luz eran mucho “los chicos buenos”. De hecho, ellos casi parecían ser una especie de mártires: siempre dando de sí mismos y llevando el mundo en sus hombros. Todo eso sonaba un poco demasiado santo para mí. Yo misma sentí una enorme resistencia a estar en la Tierra, acarreando un montón de vieja tristeza e ira dentro de mí. Yo quería saber de dónde venía eso y cuál era realmente mi propósito en la vida.

La historia de Jeshua en la Serie de los Trabajadores de la luz revela que de hecho nosotros también jugamos partes muy oscuras en las primeras vidas, algunas de ellas en la Atlántida y algunas en épocas anteriores a nuestra encarnación en la Tierra. En esa era antigua nosotros exploramos la conciencia basada en el ego a pleno. Llegar a conocer y comprender las partes oscuras de nuestra/mi historia satisfizo mi sentimiento de justicia, mi sentimiento de equilibrio. También siento que me dio un sano sentimiento de humildad.

Lo que también me ayudó es que en la serie de los trabajadores de la luz Jeshua afirma que nosotros no estamos aquí para salvar el mundo. Estamos aquí principalmente para sanarnos a nosotros mismos, para enfrentar nuestro lado oscuro, para comprender y tratar nuestras propias heridas emocionales con amor y compasión. Cuando hacemos esto nos volvemos “iluminados” – entramos a la conciencia basada en el corazón. Irradiamos hacia los demás una energía pacífica, amorosa, pero esto no es algo que hacemos (como en un trabajo), sucede naturalmente por ser quienes somos. Entonces, la idea del trabajo de luz como “trabajar duro para sanar el mundo” está fuera de lugar de acuerdo a Jeshua como yo lo recibo. El trabajo de luz tiene que ver contigo no con el mundo, y es un estado del ser más que un hacer. Comprender esto me ha ayudado a liberar el impulso, a “salvar a los otros”, lo cual yo pienso es un hábito profundamente arraigado de los trabajadores de la luz. Me ha ayudado a estar más centrada y enfocada en mi interior.

Jeshua pone mucho cuidado en separarse (su vida en la Tierra como Jeshua) de Jesús como es retratado en la Biblia, ¿cuál dirías tú que es la diferencia clave entre sus retratos?

Yo pienso que la diferencia más grande es con su representación en la Iglesia tradicional. En la Biblia, hay historias auténticas acerca de lo que Jeshua hizo y dijo, por supuesto relatado e interpretado por humanos con sus propios antecedentes culturales y psicológicos. En las interpretaciones de la Iglesia Jeshua aparece como una figura divinizada, siendo más cercano y más parecido a Dios que a nosotros.

Para subrayar su posición especial, se dice que él tuvo que morir por nuestros pecados. Jeshua, como él se me presenta, quiere que sepamos que nosotros estamos tan cerca de Dios como lo está él, que él fue humano como lo somos nosotros y que él murió no para quitar nuestros pecados, sino simplemente porque las autoridades que gobernaban se opusieron a él, como se han opuesto todo a lo largo de la historia a los librepensadores y maestros del corazón. Nuestros pecados no necesitan ser quitados por otro. Para empezar no son pecados, sino más como áreas de ignorancia y miedo que son parte de la experiencia humana. Estamos aquí para trascenderlos elegantemente y disfrutar del viaje a Casa. Según Jeshua se nos concede el permiso de ser plenamente humanos, y eso está en desacuerdo con mucho de lo que ha sido enseñado por la Iglesia.

Pamela, muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de hablar con nosotros hoy.

Pamela y Gerrit están casados y tienen un consultorio espiritual en Holanda (Europa). Ellos han estado trabajando con la energía de Jeshua desde el año 2002. Pamela es canalizadora de Jeshua y Gerrit es terapeuta en regresión quien siempre acompaña a Pamela en las sesiones de canalización.


“Para mí, el nombre Jeshua no se refiere tanto a la personalidad histórica de Jesús sino a la energía Crística universal de la cual todos formamos parte. Cuando yo canalizo a Jeshua me siento profundamente atraída hacia este campo de amor y compasión y en ese estado de conciencia recibo los mensajes de Jeshua.”

Lijn in regenboogkleuren

Leaving home: the art of separating from your difficult family

Escrito por David P. Celani

24 mar. 2011

Japan-What is the best way to BE during this crisis?

Be an Oasis of Peace in the Midst of Crisis

I'm in Tokyo right now, during what they're calling the worst disaster in Japan since WWII... earthquakes too numerous to count at this point, a devastating tsunami to the north, nuclear reactors melting down nearby. Like millions of others, I'm going about my daily affairs, eating blueberries and yogurt on the 38th floor while the building is gently swaying like a tree during a 6.9 aftershock, and waiting as the news seems to get worse by the hour.

There's a sense of tempered fear in the air, on the subways and in the shopping courts, but I'm shocked and amazed to say that it's conspicuously absent in me as far as I can tell. I feel a sense of vividness when the buildings start to quake, and a deep presence to the moment. The events unfolding are all so clearly out of my control, yet my attitude and inner space are, as always, 100% my responsibility.

I am aware that my sense of peace could be tenuous, and I don't want to make myself out to be a spiritual superhero. But I've been asked to identify some of the factors that are within my control in hopes that it might serve as an "inner preparation/response for disaster" checklist for others.

If you find yourself in the midst of a crisis, but not in immediate danger, you'll want to be at peace inside so you can be clear enough to listen to your intuition (which is God's compass always pointing you to the right place at the right time). Taking appropriate, efficient action to help yourself and others is generally supported by calm, and usually befuddled with fear.

1. Breathe normally. Slowly, deeply, consciously, gratefully. If you're still breathing, you have something to be thankful for. The breath is the link between the body and the mind, and, you could even say, the spirit. When it is peaceful, you are an oasis of peace, no matter what is going on outside you, or even in your own head.

2. Do the needful. Pack your disaster bag, and all that good stuff the emergency agencies recommend. Pray, meditate, and imagine that everything will be in the highest good, definitely. And, get your own act together so you can be self-sufficient and be able to help others if the time comes, not need help yourself.

3. Trust your intuition. You can't dictate the forces of nature, but you choose your own action. Listen deep inside for your own voice of truth. It will put you right where you need to be.

4. Appreciate the beauty of humanity. Smile at people on the street (if that's not already your habit!) Let your heart grow full with the tenderness of human love, which is expressed in so many ways during a crisis. Whether it's love that can be expressed by joy, as in a reunion of family members, or love expressed by yearning, as in the grieving for the dead, it's love. By focusing on that, you can transcend the appearance of opposites and dwell in the universal constant: LOVE.

5. Say what you need to say. Be totally honest and unabashed about your appreciation for the people in your life. If you have something you need to clear up, apologize for, forgive and embrace, do it. Even if you can't reach that person, a letter can get it off your chest and free you. At the risk of sounding morbid, these times bring us to an immediate awareness of how fragile life is. Sitting around with unfinished business gives extra mental burden. If you're sure that everyone in your life knows how much you love them, you can rest easy.

6. Limit media exposure to the necessary. It's fantastic that we have access to news, warnings, etc., but unfortunately they do sensationalize the most fearful news bits to get good ratings. It's no secret that they do this, so keep that in mind if you feel yourself getting more and more stressed out when you're watching the news.

7. Keep good company. Same as with media exposure above. People who are locked in fear can have an empathic effect. If you don't have the skills to uplift them into a different mindset, or if they're determined to recycle the worst possible scenario in their heads despite your efforts to focus on the positive, take space. You don't need to subject yourself to unnecessary fear radiation.

8. Witness your fear, but don't buy into it. Our biological imperative is to protect our physical body in the face of a threat, so it's natural to have a "me first" attitude. We can also, as conscious beings, maintain an awareness of spirit, soul, the life beyond the physical, whatever you want to call it... which diffuses the intensity of the urge to hoard, fight over the last loaf of bread, etc. Watch your actions from a detached perspective and assess whether or not you're operating from fear. If you want to, shift to a loving, generous feeling instead, and see how freeing it feels to act differently.

9. Resist the urge to be a hero. So often, people worldwide respond with fundraising campaigns, prayer vigils, and all sorts of expressions of support. This wellspring of human caring is amazingly beautiful. If you participate in it actively, do so from an inner core of peace, so that your action doesn't fuel the frenzy of fear-response. I was explaining to a friend last night as we did some mantra chanting together, that I don't pray for outcome anymore. My "prayer" becomes a lifting up into a reality, an awareness that everything is as it should be. That harmonious state affects the physical experience powerfully. When you pray for things to turn out a certain way, you're positioning yourself against the reality and fortifying your own experience of duality. Who am I to know what's best? God, the Maker, Spirit, the great equalizing forces of Nature... are so much wiser than we are.

10. Do your spiritual practice. Whatever it is that lifts you into the awareness that there is much more to this story than meets the eye... mantra, yoga, meditation, tai chi, reading the Bible, looking at a flower, take time to immerse yourself. It'll be a far more useful way to spend your time than watching the same news story on TV.

11. Appreciate life. Seize the moment. If it's not already your habit, enjoy yourself thoroughly, no matter what you're doing. There's always something beautiful to see, if you're looking. Discipline your mind not to run away with doomsday scenarios, but instead, focus on the miracle of life. Again, if you're breathing, you have something to be thankful for. We only have the moment, so enjoy another breath, and give thanks.

Note: The most beautiful thing about being here during this crisis, is that the Japanese people are so amazingly kind and polite, not to mention totally efficient and capable. I have not witnessed anything but excellence. My heartfelt "Arigato Gozaimashita" to Japan, which I love more every time I come. Thank you for being exactly how you are.

Intuitive Life Coach

23 mar. 2011

The Myths Surrounding Suicide

The Myths Surrounding Suicide

by Catherine Greenleaf

There are many myths surrounding suicide. Why is this? When people don't feel free to tell the truth, due to shame and stigma, myths seem to abound. This is unfortunate because a lack of credible information can lead to misinformation, ignorance and superstition. For example, years ago, nobody talked about cancer. It was considered a "hush-hush" subject. Back then people actually believed you could "catch" cancer from somebody by shaking their hand or drinking from the same glass.

Suicide is shrouded in the same "hush-hush" attitude, even today. The roots of thisHealing the Hurt Spirit secrecy are age-old and deep. During the Middle Ages, a person who died by suicide was stripped naked and tied to the back of a horse. The person's body was dragged throughout the streets of the village for all to see. The remaining family members were turned out of their home and onto the streets, and all their possessions were taken away.

This type of treatment resulted in a great deal of secrecy in a family with a suicide loss. Families attempted to attribute their loved ones' deaths to anything but suicide -- heart attack, food poisoning -- even homicide seemed preferable to suicide during that era. We have been carrying that secrecy, shame and stigma for centuries. It's encoded in our DNA.

Thankfully, in the last decade or so, more and more suicide loss survivors have been bravely stepping forward to fight the stigma and to ask for support and services. However, several myths surrounding suicide still persist:

Myth #1: All people who die by suicide leave a note explaining why.

Truth: Less than 20% of people who die by suicide leave any kind of note or letter. And the majority of these letters are usually housekeeping in nature, such as requests for someone to care for their dog or a bequest, such as leaving a car to a brother.

Myth #2: After a suicide loss, family members rally to support each other.

Truth: Couples who lose a teenager to suicide have the highest divorce rate in the U.S. Unfortunately, due to the trauma, unresolved grief, shame and blame, suicide more often than not tears families apart.

Myth #3: People who lose a loved one to suicide are automatically given grief counseling.

Truth: Survivors of suicide loss usually must pursue their own course of treatment. Other than an initial six weeks of grief counseling granted by some insurance companies, surviving families receive no assistance or guidance in where to find support groups or bereavement therapy and must rely on referrals from friends or the internet. I should add here that not receiving counseling is the No. 1 reason couples divorce and families fall apart.

Myth #4: People die by suicide because of a big disappointment like a relationship breakup or being fired from a job.

Truth: Ninety percent of people who die by suicide are suffering from a diagnosable and treatable brain disorder like chronic depression or bipolar disorder. Research shows people don't choose suicide because of a breakup or firing. They choose suicide to end the intense psychic suffering of an untreated brain disorder.

If you are a suicide loss survivor or love someone who is, you can fight the shame and stigma surrounding suicide by encouraging an open dialogue. Urge family and friends to find a qualified sudden death bereavement therapist. Suggest they attend a weekly suicide loss survivor support group. Give them books with credible information so they can educate themselves. And most of all, encourage them to break the silence and talk about their grief.

Catherine Greenleaf is the author of the highly acclaimed book Healing The Hurt Spirit: Daily Affirmations for People Who Have Lost a Loved One to Suicide.
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Cuento sufí- Las apariencias engañan

Un rey le contaba a un sabio sufí lo extraordinariamente buenos y generosos que eran sus súbditos.

-Estás muy equivocado –le dijo el sabio-. La gente de tu reino actúa de acuerdo a las apariencias. Le dan muy poca importancia a los hechos, que son los que demuestran espíritus grandiosos. Al oír esto, los cortesanos se enfadaron y le rogaron al rey que no hiciera caso a ese falso sabio.

-Majestad, ellos dirán lo que quieran, pero en este mundo vil, todo funciona al revés: la persona más preciosa no vale nada, y la persona que no vale nada es la más preciosa.

-Demuéstramelo –dijo el rey-. Si no lo haces, mandaré que te corten la cabeza por decir cosas falsas y descabelladas.

El sabio sufí invitó al rey a que se disfrazara como una persona común y así dieran una vuelta por la ciudad. Llegaron al mercado y el sabio sufí le insinuó al rey que pidiera un kilo de cerezas que habrían de servir para salvarle la vida a un enfermo muy grave.

Fueron inútiles las súplicas del rey. El comerciante, cansado de argüir con él, lo despidió del lugar y le dijo que si no se iba pronto, lo sacaría a palos.

-Las cosas que tiene que oír uno en la vida –mascullaba el comerciante-. ¿Acaso tengo cara de idiota? Estos mendigos miserables ya no saben qué inventar para engañar a uno.

El rey estaba a punto de revelar su identidad, cuando el sufí se lo llevó afuera. Caminaron un buen rato y llegaron a las orillas de un río que corría crecido con las aguas del deshielo. En un descuido, el sufí le dio un empujón al rey que cayó al agua. Empezó a gritar pidiendo ayuda, pero aunque se acercaron muchos curiosos atraídos por sus gritos, nadie hizo nada. Ya estaba a punto de ahogarse, cuando un mendigo, el más harapiento de la ciudad, se lanzó al agua y salvó al rey.

Entonces el sufí se acercó al rey que temblaba de frío y de indignación, y le dijo: -¿Viste cómo era cierto lo que yo te dije? Cuando tú, que eres la persona más valiosa del reino pediste un kilo de cerezas para salvar la vida de un enfermo, no obtuviste nada y hasta estuviste a punto de que te partieran la cabeza a golpes. En cambio este mendigo, que supuestamente es la persona que menos vale en tu reino, ha expuesto su vida por ti y te ha salvado. No son las apariencias lo que cuentan, sino los hechos.


22 mar. 2011

NTI Mark 15, verses 16-32

Larry Seyer based on NTI Mark 15, verses 16-32. Larry did an excellent job of showing us how Jesus' demonstration during the few hours before the crucifixion apply to our daily lives. The decisions we make in our mind, possibly without even noticing, make the experience we have.


by Reja Janaki Joy Green*
[as it appeared in the April 2010 Newsletter]

“Avatar” is a movie that was written and directed by James Cameron and has earned more in sales than any other movie has ever earned in the history of movie making. It is a film depicting the clash of cultures: between an aboriginal society connected not only to one another but to all of nature as well, and a civilized culture disconnected and alienated from one another and nature and in desperate need of natural resources. As you can see, it’s actually an ancient scenario.

And yet, what if the conflict in James Cameron’s movie ‘AVATAR’ were one between the ego and the Son of God. In other words, a replay of the crucifixion which illustrates that the Son of God is not a body and cannot be destroyed AND, that the Son of God has only love and appreciation for everyONE, as taught in “A Course in Miracles”.

“The crucifixion was a complex of behaviors arising out of clearly opposed thought systems.
As such, it was the perfect symbol of conflict
between the ego and the Son of God.”
A Course in Miracles – original edition [CIMS] Ch.6, Sec II, 23

What if Avatar were a ‘movie’ in which the ONE MIND is seemingly duped into accepting a thought system which believes in blame and punishment and condemnation. And the other part of the ONE MIND believes in what it IS, the Mind of God, which never condemns but instead demonstrates the Eternal Reality of the sinlessness of God’s Son.

ANY concept of “punishment” involves the projection of blame
REINFORCES the idea that blame is justified.
The behavior that results is a
just as all behavior teaches the beliefs which motivate it.”
Ch6 Sec II, 23

The Na’vi, in the current movie AVATAR, saw themselves as ‘separate’ and chose to PUNISH the Evil Ones who ‘attacked’ them, thus exercising their ‘projection of blame’. This behavior TEACHES that the belief in BLAME and PUNISHMENT and ATTACK is justified and that the separation is real. Their behavior teaches the belief in separation which motivates it.

And the Course in Miracles tells us the message of the crucifixion is:

“As the world judges these things, but NOT as God KNOWS them, I was betrayed, abandoned, beaten, torn, and finally killed.
It was perfectly clear that this was only because of the projection of others because I had not harmed anyone
and had healed many.”
Ch6 Sec II, 13

What if the Na’vi were motivated by the belief in their sinlessness and Oneness of the Sonship instead of seeing themselves as persecuted. If these beliefs were their motivation, what would be the response to the Evil Ones, who are equally sinless and therefore deserving of love and appreciation simply because they are not separate?

The Course in Miracles teaches that the only response to your brother should be one of ‘appreciation’ since a brother is either extending the Love that he IS or CALLING for LOVE and in each instance is deserving of only your appreciation. We appreciate the opportunity to share in the Love they are extending or we appreciate the opportunity to give the love that they are calling for. “With Love in you, you have no need but to extend it.”

“APPRECIATION!”, the world will echo. “Are you saying there should be appreciation for attacking the Na’vi; appreciation for slaughtering them along with

“You are free to perceive yourselves as persecuted if you choose.
You might remember, however, when you DO choose to react that way,
that I WAS persecuted as the world judges and did NOT share this evaluation for myself.
And because I did not share it, I did not STRENGTHEN it.
I therefore offered a
DIFFERENT interpretation of attack and one which I DO want to share with you.
If you will
BELIEVE it, you will help me to TEACH IT.” Ch6 Sec II, 8

“I elected both for your sake AND mine to demonstrate
that the most outrageous assault as judged by the ego did not matter.”
Ch6 Sec II, 13

their children and destroying their sacred home!?”

I remember, when mentioning to my twin sister, that we were so devastatingly disappointed by James Cameron’s choices as illustrated by the Na’vi, she asked me, “But what could they have done? How could they have responded any other way? Their sacred homes were going to be destroyed?”

She was talking about that pivotal moment in the movie. That moment when we all held our breath as AvatarJake, now a true Na’vi, stood in front of the very connected and harmonious community and announced they would …………ATTACK!

It was the INSTANT in which the hope evaporated, that somehow the ancient memory we all carry in our Souls of our Oneness would be made manifest, if not in our lives then perhaps on this celluloid projection screen.

Instead, what we saw presented was the idea, as if it were novel, of continuing down the same maze we’ve been going down since the beginning of time BUT this TIME, the cheese would magically be there; or would it? Was it?

What COULD they have done differently? There didn’t seem to be any other choice. The choice of condemnation, blame and punishment is all there is; or is it?

And so, we are presented with the opportunity to choose once again and this time to give the LOVE that is so obviously being called for and thus heal the separation. That’s what the Course in Miracles has to offer us. It offers us a SHIFT in perception, which is the MIRACLE. It’s a SHIFT out of the current mind-set of ‘US and THEM’ and back into our Right Minds and into our Oneness.

The one thing my husband and I have noticed as Course in Miracle students is our reluctance and increasing inability to see another brother as an ‘enemy’. Once you recognize the oneness of the Sonship, the concept is meaningless. Colonel Miles Quaritch, the main antagonist of the film, was appropriately stationed as the Chief of Security of Hell’s Gate on the planet Pandora. He was definitely evil personified but what joy could there be in his ‘suffering’ and death when you see him as yourSelf?

So let’s take a look at the ‘dramatic’ situation. What did the Evil Ones want? They wanted the very valuable ore called, oddly enough, UNOBTAINIUM, from the land of the Na’vi. That ‘material’ was important to the Evil Ones since it represented their PHYSICAL well being. It promised all the things that money could buy. And to get this ore, the Evil Ones had to destroy the sacred habitat of the Na’vi.

And what did the Na’vi cherish? Their Spirits connected so beautifully with the Spirits of the plants and animals and thus they lived almost as One. They chose, however, to build the ‘external’ to house the ‘ETERNAL’. They thought their Identity lay there and thus by thinking that the perishable were real, they were unable to release it.

What if the Na’vi demonstrated that they could NOT ‘BE’ ATTACKED as Jesus demonstrated on the Cross? What if they taught the belief that what is perishable and changeable is not REAL, as Jesus did?

They became ANGRY at the Evil Ones. But what if they knew that:

“Anger cannot occur unless you believe that you have been attacked,
that your attack was justified, and that you are in no way responsible.
Given these three wholly irrational premises,
the equally irrational conclusion
that a brother is worthy of attack rather than love follows.
What can be expected from insane premises except an insane conclusion?
Ch6 Sec I, 1

‘The Way to undo an insane conclusion is to consider
the sanity of the premises on which it rests.
You cannot be attacked;
attack has no justification;
and you are responsible for what you believe.”
Ch6 Sec I, 2

You cannot be attacked because of what you ARE. You are not your body. You are still as God created you, Eternal SOUL. That was the demonstration of the Crucifixion and the RESURRECTION.

“The real meaning of the Crucifixion lies in the APPARENT intensity of the assault
of some of the Sons of God upon another.
This of course is impossible and must be fully
understood AS impossibility.” Ch6 Sec II, 6

“Assault can ultimately be made ONLY on the body.
There is little doubt that one
BODY can assault another and can even destroy it.
Yet if destruction
ITSELF is impossible, then anything that is destructible cannot be REAL.
Therefore its destruction does
NOT justify anger.” Ch6 Sec II, 7

“If you respond with anger, you must be equating yourself with the destructible
and are therefore regarding yourself insanely.”
Ch6 Sec II, 7

The Na’vi had the choice of equating themselves with the destructible body or with the indestructible Soul, just as we all do. What if their religion were basedon the destructible but only on what is REAL ~ The Holy Thoughts of God.

The experience of the Na’vi resonated so beautifully with us. It was as if we were remembering a time when there was that intimate connection with the Soul of everyOne and everyThing. When they were flying, our Souls were flying too in sheer freedom and remembrance.

WHOLENESS was the belief of the Na’vi and their lives demonstrated the connectedness of everything. That connectedness, however, stopped at the perimeter of their world. “..what you project you disown and therefore DO NOT BELIEVE IS YOURS.” The judgment is that something can be ‘other’ and also that it can be wrong.

“Projection will always hurt you.
It reinforces your belief in your own split mind,
and its only purpose is
It is solely a device of the ego to make you feel different from your brothers and separated from them.
The ego justifies this on the wholly spurious grounds that it makes you seem “better” than they are,
thus obscuring your equality with them still further.
Projection and attack are inevitably related
because projection is always a means of justifying attack.
Anger without projection is impossible.”
CH6 Sec III 27

We make ourselves feel better than the Iraqi’s; better than the American Indian; better than the person of color; better than the Na’vi savages; AND better than the Evil Ones who are coming to take our ore. All belief in separation obscures our EQUALITY.

But there is HOPE.

“Every ability of the ego has a better counterpart
because its abilities are directed by the mind which has a better Voice.” CH6 Sec III 28

The Holy Spirit begins by perceiving YOU as perfect.
KNOWING this perfection is shared,
He recognizes it in others, thus strengthening it in both.
Instead of anger, this arouses love for both

This kind of perceiving is the way HOME. To perceive with the Vision of the Holy Spirit brings us back to sanity and Reality. The challenge then is to look on what we have projected, with the Vision of the Holy Spirit and see its perfection.

The only REAL safety lies in projecting only the Holy Spirit because,
as you see His gentleness in others,
OWN mind perceives ITSELF as totally harmless.
Once it can accept this fully, it does
NOT see the need to PROTECT ITSELF.” CH6 Sec IV 42

The Na’vi had a choice, as we all do. They could have ‘seen’ the Evil Ones as separate from themselves and with the ability to harm them or they could have ‘seen’ the Evil Ones as themSelves; simply the Son of God dreaming a dream of separation and deserving only of Love and appreciation and the healing that comes from right perception.

And in their defenselessness, their safety lies. Truth needs no defense. What if the Na’vi truly knew where their Treasure lies. They would have no resistance to the Evil Ones. What if they knew that any attack thoughts would only attack their invulnerability! What if they KNEW they are safe and cannot be destroyed. They ARE Eternal Spirit. They are the Light of the World. They are still as God created them – and so are the Evil Ones.

Have you ever witnessed the miracle that comes when there is an attack and yet there is no defense? Attack gets its strength from the defense it engenders. Without that defense, it is impotent.

In the book, “Creating Miracles” written by Carolyn Miller, PhD, there are many examples of those who were in the face of imminent death and yet in that moment they experienced a clarity and a peace and a sense of unconditional love and wholeness that encompassed everything, including the perpetrator. In that moment they became ONE with the perpetrator. The would-be murderer knew that they had been forgiven and released of their guilt and in that Holy Instant they were transformed.

“The strength of right perception is so great
that it brings the mind
INTO accord with His
because it yields to His pull which is in all of you.”
CH 5 Sec V 36

What if the most important TREASURE of the Na’vi was the RESURRECTION and not ‘crucifixion’. That is, to see their brothers as sinless and deserving of unconditional love. What if they knew there is One Mind, they within it and it within them.

“The dispirited are depressed because they believe that they are literally “WITHOUT THE SPIRIT,”
which is an illusion. You do not
PUT the Spirit in them by inspiring them
because that would be magic and therefore would not be real healing.
DO, however, recognize the Spirit that is ALREADY there
and thereby
This is why the healer is part of the
resurrection and the LIFE.
The Spirit is not asleep in the minds of the sick,
but the part of the mind that can perceive it and be glad
IS.” CH7 Sec V 31

The RESURRECTION then is not of the ‘body’ but the reawakening of the Spirit that is ALREADY THERE.

And what if the result were a healing of the seeming separation and a return of Heaven on Earth. That could have been the choice of the Na’vi and that could be our choice as well.

So now it’s left to us to leave the movie theatre and dream our own movie. We are the writer and director. What will our screenplay BE?

The choice is ours.

“Remember that the Holy Spirit is the communication link between God the Father and His separated Sons.
If you will listen to His Voice,
you will know that
you cannot either hurt or be hurt
and that many need your blessing to help them
hear this for themselves.

When you perceive ONLY this need in them and do not respond to ANY other,
you will have learned of me and will be as eager to share your learning as I am.

The crucifixion CANNOT be shared because it is the symbol of projection,
but the resurrection is the symbol of SHARING
because the reawakening of every Son of God is necessary to enable the Sonship to know its wholeness.
Only this is knowledge.

The message of the crucifixion is perfectly clear:

Teach ONLY love, for that is what you ARE.” CH6 Sec II 16-18

Janaki Joy Green [Reja-Joy] is one of the founding members of the Course in Miracles Society [CIMS]; She is the CIMS webmaster, has facilitated Course in Miracles study groups since 1983 and currently resides with her husband Chris Green in Omaha, NE.

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