Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

14 feb. 2016

Be A Divine Valentine - Jennifer Hadley

Be A Divine Valentine - Jennifer Hadley: Many years ago, during the month of February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I sat for hours in contemplative meditation about love. It came to me so clearly that my primary relationship is with the Infinite Presence. My beloved is THE Beloved, regardless of what other relationships I might have. On that fine Valentine’s Day gone by, as I continued my sittings in contemplative meditation about the nature of Love, what I came to feel was that the Beloved loves me with an infinite capacity to love. My Beloved loves me through everyone and everything, that’s how much my Beloved

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Aprendiendo Un Curso de Milagros 26 Annie Leonna Moreno

11 feb. 2016


Jealousy: If you have issues with abundance, if you’re experience lack and limitation in ANY area of your life, look within, and see if jealousy is a pattern for you. If you’d like to experience more abundance, be willing to look for the patterns of jealousy that might be blocking your experience of the flow. We’re one with each other. All is one. If you begrudge anyone anything, then you’re basically saying that YOU don’t deserve what you have, because we’re all one. You can delude yourself that you can be jealous, envious, resentful or attacking of someone and that it

Calling in "The One" - Key #1